After the beauty blogger originally forgive her husband, the ending is very strong.

Recently, there is a video on the social platform to attract a lot of people's attention, and a beautiful makeup owner shared his 7-year real marriage experience.

This blogger, the blogger, the blogger, looked very young, helplessly shared her painful divorce experience.

This video attracts a lot of people, one is because of the special attractive: "Why divorce".

The other is that the blogger said that many women have been uneasy: "Once doubt, the crime is the track."

These two attractive points make her video frequently praise.

Nowadays, the praise on multiple platforms has accumulated more than 10,000.


Double-way rushing love hidden time bomb

It is true that people who can get married to exotic love are undoubtedly.

Because if exotic, not only is difficult to accompany, but also have many difficulties in the way.

Two people have a variety of tests such as time, geography, and different situations.

And since Zhou Xiaobang was first day of her boyfriend, I felt this man's favorite favorite.

Because the other party will make surprises, it is also very careful.

After two people, foreign countries, boyfriend has always supported and understood their ideas and decisions.

After graduating, the two have broken the difficulties, seeing the parents, and finally laughing together and marriage.

At that time, Zhou Xiaoyang looked at each other, and it was a smile in the eyes, thinking that this is happiness.

I didn't expect to get married for three months, Zhou Xiaobi found nearly 400 records in the other mobile phone.

Six years long run, the other party is careful, it is concerned about it, no slight.

I didn't expect this perfect lover in my eyes, actually have time to handle multiple anisotropy relationships, and Zhou Xiaoying is panicked.

After the card, her husband smashed, she was sorrowful, and she walked in the year, and Zhou Xiao smiled softly.

She is innocently thought that since she really regrets, she should give the other party a chance to change their own, but I didn't expect that since the heart gave the other person to hurt her deeper opportunities.

Nowadays, this social information is so developed. At the same time as obtaining information, some people learn to disguise themselves.

This kind of person must be very smart because he is very understanding of the morality of the partner. The value presented in a relationship.

Also very clearly understand the needs of the opposite sex, it will be aware of the color, and I know what kind of time does what kind of time.

However, the perfect coat of his camouflage is just his "fake me".

Long-term love, even exotic love gave this person a lot of time and opportunities to play the "fake me".

And true yourself, because they have never been manneited, so you can hide many secrets with your partner.

Many people think that after the two people have determined the relationship, whether they are different or exotic, as long as they spend a long time together, they are equal to each other.

And really ignored is not in a space, and the other will make a lot of false icons, keeping a lot of secrets.

Only if you live together in truly, you can notice that the behavior of the other party is true or false.

Because there will be traces and express emotions as soon as they live together.

After the day and night, people always have a relaxation.

Sometimes it will relax too much because it is too comfortable, sometimes relaxing because of the factors of the environment or food.

After all, there is no way to play a "fake me" for a long time.

So, this is also a lot of differences in many different sitting couples, and after living together, it is constant.

The most important thing to get along and marriage is to understand all the other.

No matter whether it is good or bad, you must understand the most authentic side, it will not be blinded as a deceived.


I don't change the divorce

When I was admitted, Zhou Xiaoyu's husband deleted 400 women. The in-laws also sent her husband to the temple.

Because this feeling, Zhou Xiaobang has always reflected himself.

I want to be too busy to ignore my husband, so that the other party is so eager to look for comfort from the outside world.

After thinking about three, Zhou Xiaoyu decided to give the husband a chance.

I thought that this thing has passed, I thought that her husband finally saw her value and learned to cherish.

But soon, Zhou Xiaoying picked up the luggage at home, and turned out a thick heterosexual panties in the corner.

But there is no one is your own, it is so high that there is a calf.

Looking at these crimes, Zhou Xiaobi was shocked, and she understood at that moment, her husband was a full-end liar.

With a different woman who sleeps, there is a hobby that collects the trophy, and can add the deleted 400 Sau Sao to another one.

When Zhou Xiaoyou did not live at home, she took another woman back to fight three hundred rounds.

This man is not only a special kind of good, it is already fully addictive.

Zhou Xiaobang shocked and disappointed, I chose to divorce, but this pain did not know how long it was in her heart.

Zhou Xiaoyang as a master of beauty, and is another study in Singapore. It is necessary to have a diploma.

She is a million blogger, she can make their own money.

Cruel is that even such a good and excellent woman in life is also difficult to escape the camouflage traps.

Zhou Yangqing met Luo Zhixiang, Mao Xiaotong met Chen Xiang. Nowadays, women in this era are already excellent from all aspects, which knows how to manage, and understand the value, make money.

Some men still stay, they have a particular superior sense of being a male.

It is considered to do anything, it is right, and can be forgiven, or even the other party should understand.

This kind of deviation that cannot recognize the reality, creates some of the people's game feelings, and uses sex to fill themselves.

Women can only improve their alerts.

If you have doubts, you must have an inappropriate place, where you are suspicious, you will inevitably leave the horse.

Wipe your eyes and see each other to better protect yourself.


Men immersed in the essence of Sao

Men have a second time, there is a second time, and it is easy to commit a second time.

Men like Saxi is hoping that they can cause more attention.

Because pleases the other party, you can prove your own value, you can make yourself more confident.

Men like Saxi is because of their own unconfident, so that they can demonstrate themselves from many ways.

At the end of the roots, there is still a woman who is idle and constantly chasing other women after marriage, essentially because the man itself is empty.

Life is not a target, no motivation, no things do, too much time I don't know how to send.

A person who does not overcome will play things, a person immersed in playing, naturally requires a lot of things to fill his heart.

A man who likes Sao, not only does not have a career, and there is no goal.

Only such talents will take time to come out, and we will give our feelings.

In fact, it is actually sick.

There is a disorder called sexuality, and patients can't control their own desires, and they are very difficult to act. There is no sexual behavior.

If the other party really has sexual intermediary, it does not accept treatment, only by apologizing and punishment is unable to change.

If you really encounter a companion that specializes in Sax, it is be careful.

A person who is unable to emotion, his commitment and repent are just a moment of lies.

He can use the affection to escape the suspicion, but can't control yourself not to make mistakes, one more, and then three, the harm can only be each other's feelings.

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