Write on the side of 30 years old?

Yesterday, I climbed the mountain and walked to the huge BMI body weight index. I touched the meat on the stomach, said: Let us get the most ideal weight before 30 years old! Zhou classmates ask: Isn't we already 30? Scared me, silently did a age-based arithmetic question, 呸, another year. It's not much for us, after all, in my anxious parents, I am 31 years old.

I didn't have so many messy. Yesterday, I watched the mountain wax, and today I was grateful for half a day today. Who once thought that Tmall wizards were pushing songs, let People EMO. Recent pessimism, one of the bad news, the departments, the personal war, the epidemic is repeated, but the lyrics can't say anything specific, the lyrics "people are very bitter The most bitter "is fast, I am in orally. "I", is it very big for people who often use this word? "Father and Son" said that people who want to end their lives are certainly unwilling to face their own, so it is impossible to use "I" words frequently in words. However, I really like to use "I" word, I use it to express a lot of emotions, many times it is used to hide my nervous. However, I really know myself? I don't understand how it will become entangled and angry. Indeed, a person is negative, it will forget and distort some important things. For example, I will forget the lyrics, I have followed the song, "I don't regret nine death." Maybe you will do it yourself first, and others are naturally good.

When you wrote here, the school jumped to my keyboard. Putting a series of "K", rushing him, I have to call me two times. I am thinking, perhaps the most correct thing to do this year is that from the little aunt, I received the school school, I thought the impulse decision, but it became a lot of happiness. When I got with the cat, I didn't know what I had to write next, and the question was almost the same, and I also came. Sometimes I think that the age is growing up to me, I really can't say it now, I always feel that anyway, my heart is not changed. However, compared to the original fax machine, I can't help but hide in the office. I have a lot of growing up, just, I still have grown. Don't write, write a formal summary next year. This year, this year, take the end of the idiom on the mountain road!

Women in the mountains and water, Yanghua flowers, flies, rain, sunny, sunny, big, no, don't catch, wood, chicken, swing, dog, do not catch, wood, chicken, pirate, listen to the road, three four four seas, the four walls of the four-fourth, all the best, I am not doing the person, I'm going to pay attention to the sea, the needle, the shortest, the difference, everyone is a knife, I am fish meat The naked eye will be too unhappy. . 欸 Do you like to eat a scorpion?

Mr. Ji Yulin, my pursuit, I didn't do it ...

I still don't do it ...

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