The grandfather is beautiful, the mom is 300,000 lottery: do not give the gift, explain you unhealthy

The color gift is the topic that is not open, less than two million, more than two or three thousand, which can make the celebration of the celebration of the wedding, but also make the two sides have faces, why not?

Young people are essential, this is the necessary form when married, and everyone is often accustomed to this. The elderly will rarely mention the gift, because the elderly pay more attention to the health of the body, can be taken care of each other, can enjoy a happy life, such as color gift these forms can be available.

Some old people are extraordinaries, think that the gift is a face problem, must have. This idea is unlikely, after all, marriage is a big thing, and it is very important to be happy, and the face is also important. However, the premise is to obtain the consent of the other party, otherwise it is easy to make a conflict.

The grandfather is beautiful, and the aunt is 300,000 color gift. Successful?

Grandpa Yang is 65 years old, living in rural areas, is a honesty, and there is a real person of young words. Grande is healthy, can eat hardship, although Yang Dawei has no pension, but the days are very good.

Grandpa Yang contracted a fish pond, a year income tens of thousands, coupled with the harvest of the ground, earning more than 780,000 per year. Grande's old house is facing demolition. It is expected that Yang Uncle will get more than 1 million demolition, so that Yang Dafa's day is better.

Yang Dafa has a house and has money, life is rich, and the beauty is not a wife, and Yang Dai has no wife, and the villagers have worked urgently. The villagers said: "Yang Da Ge is very good in the village. If you have anything, he is willing to help, it is a good person, which old lady married him is a blessing!"

Grande is not high for the other half, he wants to find a warm body sticker, a good temper, he said: "There is no living in my family, and I don't need her. I am busy going home, as long as I can I have a hot meal! "

Grandpa and Liu Aunt were blindd under the arrangement of the red bride.

Liu Aunt is 63 years old, widowing, and rural people. Liu Aunt maintained well, love said that I love, my temper is very good, Liu Aunt wants to find a practical and reliable, I can really wait for her wife. Liu Aunt and Yang Dafa were unfolded, and as such a red lady took the bridge.

After Liu Aunt, Yang Dafa took Liu Dafa to his feet, and he saw that Yang Uncle was quite satisfied with Liu Aunt. Yang Dafa spares no effort to show his advantages.

Grandpa said: "I have quite a lot, I can take it alone, I am clean, my family is a good hand, you follow, I will definitely not suffer!"

Uncle Yang, Yang, Yang, is not awkward, he said: "What do you want to eat? What to buy, what to buy, don't pay for it? Don't you spend it? I am in your body, I can't hurt! In the future, we went out to travel, go outside to see the scenery, where is it beautiful, how can we happy! "

Grande's mouth is like a machine gun, talking about a lot of future plans, the protagonist of planning is undoubtedly Liu Aunt and Yang Uncle. Grandpa Yang showed a superficial strength in the "painting big cake", just gave Liu Aunt's lottery, Liu Auntie has seen such a battle? Liu Aunt directly went straight.

Mom, privately told the red mother in private: "I think this man is not bad, he is willing to give me money, and I am willing to buy this. I bought it. Where is this person to find? I still want to pick the magic, this seems to have it. It's so pickless! "

There is no doubt that Yang Uncle's tactics are very successful, and Liu Aunt is directly dizzy by Yang Uncle's attack. Do you think Yang La only has these two brushes? Then you are too small to see Yang Uncle, Yang Uncle will then show the second killer.

The neighbors around them came to Yang Damei's home, and they said "just passing through", I am afraid they are all "assists" in advance. The neighbors boast Yang, what is so good, Liu Ai has improved a height of the great feelings of Yang.

Ded to the neighbors, Yang Lan, the victory, chasing the big cake, Yang Uncle said straight to the local: "I am in the middle, I want to be old in the old, I will see you, no second person. I have a second person. I have a solid purpose and you. After half birth, you only need to promise me, I will let you live in the future! "

Aunt Liu heard for a long time, Liu Aunt thought that Yang Uncle is good, but Liu Aunt did not promise, and Liu Aunt put forward a request. She said: "Anyone who is looking for my wife in the countryside, I have to give 30,000 yuan in the rule, these Can you see if you see? "

From the beginning, the grandfather only knew the painting big cake, no "dry goods", Liu Aunt he tired, Liu Aunt asked Yang Uncle to give 30,000 lottery, Yang Uncle can promise?

This kind of small scene is difficult to fall Yang Uncle, Yang Dang Zhang is coming: "I have some money in my hands before, but I have been used for my child. After a while, I have money, I will give you. You will follow you later. I, is my money is your money? How do you think about how to spend, I can't afford you ... "

Grande's routine is too deep. He does not agree on Liu Aunt's request, but he wants to play a long line to catch big fish. He will give Liu Aunt's big cake. He hopes that the empty gloves white wolf, let Liu Aunt hook himself.

Liu Aunt gradually slowed the god. Liu Aunt told the red mother: "He only knows how good, how is it, the actual thing is not. He doesn't give 30,000, even if you give 20,000! He does not give the gift It's my heart, I can't marry this, so I am too faceless! "They did not talk on the problem of the gift, Yang Uncle took the initiative to ask Liu Aunt to leave the phone, this time the blind date is successful or not, depends on Grandpa next action.

Yang Dawei wanted to find a gentle body sticker, diligent, and a woman who had a year with him, Yang Dafa is very in the best. Yang Dawei made a good feeling that he wanted to win Liu Aunt, can not deny that Yang Uncle's tactics are very successful, Liu Aunt is deeply attracted by Yang Dafa.

Liu Aunt is also the old rivers and lakes. Liu Aunt has insisted that the bottom line must have a gift. On this issue, Yang Dawei began "playing Tai Chi", and Yang Dawei's ambitions caused Liu Aunt's dislike, this is the most important reason for the blind date.

Liu Aunt is very simple to have a gift, and Liu Aunt thinks this is a face problem, and it is also an embodiment of man sincere. Yang Daoye's economic conditions are very good, take 30,000 yuan is not a problem, the reality is Yang Uncle not willing to take this money, the reason is incredible.

Grandpa, who said after marriage, will buy clothes to buy clothes, and Liu Aunt is traveling to travel, and the money in the family gives Liu Aunti, let Liu Dam will live a good day. Grandpa plans a lot of wonderful things, and willing to spend the money on Liu Aunt, and the grandfather suddenly falls the chain in the problem of the gift. Is his "big cake" empty talk? Do he worry that Liu Aunt has gone to take the money? What is the truth?

Do you think Yang Dai should promise Liu Aunt's request? Do you think the elderly is married? Welcome to the message discussion.

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