Conquer a woman, keep in mind the principle of "three do not", better than everything

Wen: The guardian of emotions

Use the simplest text, write all the people's cold and warm, and heal the heart of the lonely.

In fact, after encountering the opposite sex, it will only let yourself be worried, sneak tears, and wipe it, it is impossible to have happiness.

Reduce your own price, humblely, very easy to be despised, becoming anyone who can replace.

A person who ignores his feelings, completely with anisotropy, often has such an ending: not only has anything to have anything, but also lost a lot.

When you like the above, and the opposite sex is frequent, you must not blindly pay, you can't think that you can touch the opponent's heart.

As Su Susu said: "It is not a good person to be alive, that person will love you."

No matter how love, I hope that the distance between the two people can continue to be shortened, and it is necessary to realize that there may be problems with their own ideas and practices. It should be corrected in time.

Love, not discuss, don't think that you can pay attention to the other party and receive the other party's response.

Telling, whether the two people develop into a couple, whether the feelings can be stable, whether it will last, and do not depend on the good. To put it bluntly, there is no relationship with it.

You have to know that only know how to manage, you can really retain each other.

It can make the other party feel comfortable, practical, and see your advantages, and the possibility of moving the other party is very large, and the two people are likely to come together because one thing is coming.

The opposite sex, want to conquer a woman, let her completely fall in love with you, and keep in mind the principle of "three not", because this is better than everything.

"no one is perfect."

In this life, there is no perfect thing, there is no perfect person, don't want to do everything, don't think that this is controllable.

When you interact with people like, you should slowly hand over this sincere, not over-camouflage, that is, don't let the other party feel that you only have advantages.

Because you are not true, you will be discovered by the other party sooner or later. If you don't even make it in the most common opposite sex.

And the hypocrisy, there is a collection, which will be tired and will take the initiative.

The truth is true, there is a shortcoming is not terrible, no matter how much there is a person, don't deliberately hide, don't think this is the most correct.

Looking for a chance to talk, let the other party see your flash point, let the other party know that you also have some shortcomings, let her believe, don't think about it.

Madness to pursue a person, may be rejected.

Because of being pursued, there is no intention, I don't know how to face it. If you have been active attack, the other party will feel that your behavior has seriously affected her life.

I don't want you to appear frequently, I will decisive, I will not give you any chance.

So, how to like it, but also to restrain, first beside her, let her see your true heart, and have a sense of security with you, then pursue.

I will slowly accept you in my heart, I will try to be with you, take the initiative to put emotional and time on you.

To cultivate your feelings, it is the most critical point. Be sure to get more, find the best way to get along, not just say something.

Women most needed is that there is a sense of existence, and it is not ignored, and I feel my value.

When you like a woman, you have to keep in mind what she is most intended, which method can make her recognize you, depend on you, want to stay with you.

Respect her, listen to her speech seriously, and answer it with your heart.

In addition, I have to know how to pet to love her, accompany her, laugh together, cry together, do childish things together, plan for future life.

When you get along, you can warm women's hearts, causing women's attention.

Everything in front of the people who like, everything you have is correct, the ending is often the same as you imagined, will have her, will also harvest happiness and happiness.

Emotional message:

Women get along with you and have not been comfortable, then she can't choose you.

In fact, everyone's ideas are the same, feeling most suitable, will be more contact, try to change the relationship, have special identity.

When you like women, I want her to be with you, first to do it, then I will find a way to walk into her heart, let her think you are the right person, fully compliant with her gathering standard.

If you want to win your heart, you will have more analysis, know which you are doing first.

That is to say, don't have a confession, Zhang mouth is "I like you, be my girlfriend", don't always surround her, don't give her freedom.

You have a sincerity, you know how to get along with her, the two people will come together, they will love each other, will silently guard it next to each other.

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