The colorful (142) Terrier mother wants her daughter to get married, but it is unintentionally found that the future female in-law is not good.

Lin Yunning looked up, he looked around, see no nurse nearby, and said low voice: "Lu Yunfeng is not a real boyfriend, he is original ... Cowherd, oh ... is a duck."

His face is dignified

"What? Cowherd ... Duck, this is true?" Liu Suping was shocked by it, and she lived in this beachfront city for decades. Of course, what is the meaning of the Cowherd, It is the kind of man who is going to sell the body, the most distinct man.

If you are sunny, she is shocked by it.

Liu Su Ping listened to her eyes straight, the brain was shed, she asked: "Is it true?"

"It's true, my sister told me. She is to let you feel at ease, only to find Lu Yunfeng to help." Lin Yin Ning looked at the mother, and the concern of his face, afraid that the mother faint because of over-shock, but Liu Suping He is better in thinking.

"Help? He is a cowherd, how can I help late?" Liu Suping said weakly.

"The sister saved his life, so he came to help, be her fake boyfriend."

"Said, my good daughter, can my boyfriend can pretend? How can you be so confused!" Liu Suping said with tears, she cried and cried, and I remembered it, asked: "How do you know that Lu Yunfeng is ... Cowherd? "He turned to ask a child:" Peiyu, you also said that he made a sorry late last night, what is it? "

Jin Peiyu seems to have some hesitized.

Liu Suping also shed tears: "What do you have, all say it, don't hide it, no you, your sister's life may be discharged in my hand."

She accidentally discovered things when shopping

Jin Xiyu looked at Liu Suping, saying: "Seven days ago, I saw late and Lu Yunfeng when I was shopping, I was thinking that there was a crazy woman in Lu Yunfeng, and he was a cowherd. Liar, saying that he rolled her tens of millions of money. Of course, the words of the madman are not credible. However, why is a crazy woman who does not find another man, is it looking for him? The mad woman is already very old, there should be four 50 years old, I have a female friend, oh, it is not a cooked class. She told me that Lu Yunfeng is a cattle, and the mad woman is eight nine is his ... guest. "

Liu Su Ping first trembled, heard she was slightly tone: "Peiyu, you can prove that Lu Yunfeng is ... Cowherd? Do you say that he is samful? No, I believe Lu Yunfeng Will n't make this kind of thing, if he really does this, it is fine in the late feature, she will never be with him. Also, Pei Yu, you have to know, there is no money in the evening, the long phase is not Very beautiful, she really didn't make the small land, but the Xiaowei helped me to take care of me in this month, have a few nights he still guarded the night, I didn't have no eyes without heart, small The land is good for my daughter, I can't see a clear two Chu. Pei Yu, don't believe in rumors, you also said that your friend is not very familiar, she said, did not see it. "

Jin Xiyu's debated: "Mom, I started the same as you, I don't believe her, but my friend tells me that Lu Hao is at the Yulong Hotel, what is his woman is going, there is no virgin And the evening is a virgin, is a real good girl, he wants to get her body, mother, you also know the late Qing character, she will not do that with men before marrying, Lu Yu is still there yet. And he is the head of Yulongxuan's leader, never lacks women, self-recognition charm, so he will never use strong to women, he hopes that it will be willing to be willing to be willing to be willing to give him. The body and mind of late Qing, he became the most perfect boyfriend in the morning, became the best future son-in-law in the mother. However, how can someone who may be only loyal to a woman in the body? Once late, he got a bed, I believe that he will soon be sunny, you have to know, he is the most famous night, he never followed the same woman two beds. "

Today, Changlin called Jin Peiyu, and chatted with her is that she now gives her mother-in-law, Jin Xiyu is only slightly changed.

Liu Suping seems to be ignored by the loss of consciousness: "Lu Yunfeng is Yulongxuan's leader, his name is Lu Wei? He is a sunny is because she is ... Virgin?"

Jin Peiyu nodded: "Yes, my friend also said ..."

I didn't wait until she finished, Liu Suping suddenly interrupted her words, and the voice was very accepted: "Which channel is your friend know so many small departments? I see that she is catching the wind and catching, talking, saying that there is no half of evidence, no one Fabrication. Peiyu, this kind of friend don't want to contact.

"How can I have evidence? Chang Lin is Lu Hao's bed guest, this is what she talked." Jin Peiyu's least like thing is to be misunderstood, Liu Suping is not believed, the more she wants, she is still " My female friend "instead of Changlin, this time no longer hide, it is out of mouth:" She also knows that there is a plum fetus in the chest of Lu Hao, and the woman torn the clothes of Lu Yunfeng when she was mad, and the woman was shielded. Also next to it, just seeing his body with a plum tire. "

"Plumi Tema, he and Changlin ... really have that kind of relationship?" Liu Suping heard his eyes: the chest has a plum fetus, this private thing, only people who have an intimate relationship will know. Is it ...

See Liu Suping and gradually shaking in the eyes, striving to defend Jin Peiyu and hurried: "Yes, plum fetus, when I saw it alone, many people saw it, because the mad woman came to chase Lu Yunfeng, tear His clothes ... At that time, she was very moving. The traffic was blocked. Chang Lin also said that Lu Yu and her drink together last night ... "" Last night, Xiaowei is in The hospital accompany me, how can I be with other women? "Although Liu Suping said that the words were more and more powerless, because she knows that Lu Yunfeng last night is less than half an hour in the hospital, I will go at 8:30. .

"Mom, you forgot, last night, I just came to the hospital Lu Yunfeng. Listening to Chang Lin said that she met Lu Hao at 9 o'clock last night. At that time, Lu Wei was drinking together, Chang Lin like Lu Wei. One of the two people went to the past bar, they took the shoulders, very intimate. But how long, Lu Hao saw the boss of the bar, he went to please the boss, Chang Lin saw this especially angry, just talk to me. Lu Yu's things ... At that time, I didn't believe it. You can say that Lu Wei ... Lu Yun ... There is also a kind of relationship with the bar boss ... Relationship, the boss is also very old, you can be the mother of Lu Yunfeng, more crazy The woman is still old. In fact, I want to verify that Lu Yunfeng is very simple, you just look at his chest, there is no plum fetus, Mom, you have to believe me, I said all true, I didn't lie you , Just ask if you ask. "

"My head is very painful, Pei Yu, don't say, don't say it again." Liu Suping hugged his head, her body trembled in pain.

Liu Suping learned about the sex of the daughter-in-law. Jin Peiyu is a bit too irresponsible, but her is not bad, people are also simple, always have a heart, and then she is in the end of Lu Yunfeng, really does not need to say his bad words. .

If the daughter-in-law is true, the Lu Yunfeng is more dirty than her imagined, but also, God, how can her daughter can find this man?

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