It seems that the whole network is teaching a child to talk about love.


"Be sure to solve the problem, not solving me,"

Every time I think of this sentence, I can think of the scene at the time. His gentle tone seems to take some requests, and a bit of grievance looks at me.

Perhaps because of the personality of the only Nord, each time you encounter some difficulties, always habitually retreat, the love has become the one "often said to break up".

So every time I encounter difficulties, I will always tell me this in advance, I am afraid that I will abandon him again.

Come later, we still broke up.

Because I repeatedly said, because I haven't been able to have some things, there are quite a lot, just a thousand words, I'm coming down into a "inappropriate".

"I am at home is my parents' baby. How can I get a thing here? I will become worthless, I am because I love you, not me."

"I can say that you can say that you can say that you are very normal, just should not be you fight me, but we face the problem together, but you will treat me as an attack object every time."

After becoming the "Outside the Older" of the emotion, I used to be unreasonable, and those who didn't want to listen to it suddenly.

It seems that the whole network is teaching the male child to be a qualified boyfriend, but there are very few people who teach the girls to talk about a love.


The most in the shake is the emotional segment of the realistic real thing. See "Three skills let the boyfriend will be willing to spend money", "Don't give you a package that is because you don't love you" this video usually One more.

In order to attract the eyeball chapter, it is a matter of guys, and the ideal love standard for the video requires boyfriend, and the video does not match the label of "he doesn't love me", trial is not unhappy.

Deliberately calling your boyfriend to see the sexy beauty next to the side, see his "domestication" level through the result of your boyfriend.

Intent to manufacture controllable "small dangers", observe the nervousness of your boyfriend, to prove whether he loves himself.

I have seen something more absurd is a couple quarrel in the street.

The girl blames whether the boys don't accompany her all day, I know how to work, the only way to understand is that boys should resign to accompany her.

Boys disagree, the two people are in the street, and they will fight.

"You buy a package to buy a cosmetics each month, I don't work, who doesn't pay for you, I don't care, who is raising you, what do we buy a house?"

But she didn't care about what to eat, sleep, and the firewood salt, as if they look for the dead:

"Online, I love a girl, I will accompany her, you can't even give me something to love me, tell your job to be around me."

The ideal beauty and reality are not as good as the sparks that will always end, it seems that it is the same as the last thing to be the same, no one will be willing to be will be willing first.


No one stipulates that the luxury goods for sending the code price is love, and no one has specified how much money is to meet the standard.

People who love you will give you the most rare and precious things, such as people who have no money will give you money, no time people will spend time.

His love for you may be a bowl of porridge to boil up early, it may be a horned angle that is in the middle of the night.

It may also be afraid of black and give you a sound control light on the side of the night.

The words are what others say, you can live yourself, they are not responsible for what they say, you have to be responsible for your life.

Talking about falling in love, there is no such thing as a standard answer, everyone's lover is different, you feel suitable very well, don't use the standards of others to follow your hard sleeve.

Boys do the same as the girls, they need to understand and understand.

Need a bunch of romantic and unexpected little surprises, girls may make trouble, but the boy will not.

The position of the male child is always brave, powerful, strong, not weak, so they rarely say their mood like a girl, nor will it easily tears.

Girls need a sense of security, in fact, male children are also.


"Every quarrel, you are so stuffed, I am so angry, I have been talking to you, I want you to make me, but you will not do this, do you not love me at all?"

"I want to be quiet, can you?"

"No, you must be clear, don't you want to leave"

"The line of travel, clear, break up, satisfied?"


Is this quarreling scene is also familiar? Will quarrel because of the small things of the chicken fry, then cause more or even irreparable contradictions.

A long time ago, I learned that a word "man's cave time", the above scene can be summarized in this word.

That is to say, men will often think about themselves in their own time because of various reasons, and restore their enthusiasm for women.

For example, after get off work, take the smoke in the car and go home; when you quarrel, you will calm down, and then go to the girl after adjusting your emotions.

But girls often understand that they will communicate with themselves, so they are not willing to let boys calmly calmly, and finally, the more fierce, the result is unpacking.

The boys in our eyes often don't pay attention to the details and nerve bar, but he is willing to pay attention to you, pay attention to your various emotions, this is the inclusiveness because of love you.

Don't take the so-called standards and small tests to test him, test failure is angry, the test is successful, and the time is long and the most basic trust is exhausted.In fact, love is like a balance, the same amount of pay can last for a long time, and the superior love is that he is holding it, but the relationship between the other party is on the other party.

I hope that you can try to understand and understand while feeling love.


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