28-year-old woman private confidence: I am married 3 times a year, my husband let me get went to the home, I don't want to divorce

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I am 28 years old this year, now I have been married for a year, I have no children.

I am with my husband is aware of my work. I used to be sold, mainly selling a house.

When I first entered this industry, I feel very simple, the salary is also high, but I have been doing two months, and a house has not sold, I know how stupid it is.

That day is the weekend, I am in the sales department, others are either a break, or it is to take customers to see the house.

At this time, I came to a 40-year-old uncle. He was very ordinary, just like migrant workers, who can't think of him, but I have a house, but I didn't disgus him because of his long.

I am very patiently explained to the advantage of our house. After I explained an hour, he didn't say something to buy a house, just when I was about to be bored, he suddenly said: "I want to buy ten houses" , This can be happy with me.

Because I bought so many houses at once, the procedure is definitely very complicated. During this time, all, I am responsible for contact with him.

From buying a house, get it officially delivered, get up with a few months before and after, in this month, we have a very happy, he asked me when he asked me, he asked me.

Although he is more than ten years old, but I have been married, I didn't mind, because he knew that I care about me, I know that I will take care of me.

After getting married, I haven't been going to work, all day is to go shopping with friends, eat, drink, drink, there is still a lot of reasons.

Under a chance, I met a boy who was 5 years old than me. When I saw him first, I liked him, and I would be together later.

Later, this thing was found by my husband. In my great mistake, he forgive me.

Later, I was derailed twice. When my husband found, I didn't say that I didn't say that I brought me a divorce, but also made me net, I was completely panicked, I don't want to divorce, I don't want to lose this good life.

Yao Yao sister parsed:

I know today, why bother?

If you want people to know, unless you are!

Your husband is so good to you, then love you, let you eat, but you don't know how to cherish it, but don't think about him, do you not feel embarrassing?

What's more, your husband restores you once, but you don't think it is, continue to make mistakes, this is an irresponsible for marriage, now the results, it is caused by you.

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