Huo Zun wants to learn from Wu Xiubo?Did the former girlfriend Chen Luo Lou into prison

Some people say Wu Xiubo has opened a bad head to the entertainment industry. In 2018, Chen Yuxi exposed himself by Wu Xiubo. It was 7 years. Finally, Wu Xiubo jointly sent her to the prison with extortion.

However, this thing is to kill the enemy for a thousand self-loss, Wu Xiubo, and therefore, all endorsements have been withdrawn, and the film and television drama of the participating and television will also become out of date.

Wu Xiubo was originally a very uncomfortable thing. Even Wang Si Cong was publicly ignited: "What men? Send a woman who accompany you to the prison!"

But there is really some people to learn Wu Xiubo's practice. According to media reports Huo Zun and family have reported the case in Shanghai in late August. On December 23, the news report said that Chen Lu was arrested, and it was understood that Chen Lu had approved it.

When some reporters contact Huo Zun, he responded that it is currently working at the mother in the bed at home, and he will wait patiently to be a fair. The father of Chen Lu responded to the reporter "no need", his friend Wang Meng only sent a word "huh" at noon.

To say that the singer Huo Zun and the ex-girlfriend showed that the social concern is concerned about this, but also to tell the Lunar Valentine's Day in August this year.

On August 8, Chen Lu took a photo with Huo Zun, and the two relied together: his young and young, she laughed very sweet, it is a favorite look.

Chen Lu is a card point public photo, because 9:18 points are just Huo Zun's birthday, and I. Huo Zun, with a love expression.

So Huo Zun and Chen Lu's love on the hot search.

Everyone is waiting for Huo Zun's response, but Yohuou has not moved.

There is a variety of discussions on the Internet:

"The first time I saw a single declaration, I was gone!"

"Is this forced to respond? I didn't see him forwarding Weibo?"

"It is estimated that this is a doctor!"

"Amount ... good, men have not moved, don't be self-satisfied!"

On the evening of August 10, the long text of Chen La revealed the truth: Time will steal everything, will make a person become unfamiliar.

Chen Lu first said in the text that she is just a pretty girl, and it is no longer young. Sadness is revealed in the text.

When Chen Lou and Huo Zun started together, it was 2012. She is still a silent dancer, and Huo Zun also has no name, and there is no money. But she fell in love at him at first sight. At the beginning, she found that he was his future husband. I liked his talent. I believe he will be a lot of color one day.

She also strives to practice dancing until they become a national second-class dancer, I feel that I can only match him.

At that time, he rode his bicycle and talk to her, dating, holding hands, kissing ... she accompanied him from one place, to a small name.

For Huo Zun, she has done his position in his own cause, she said that Ho's love, married Mr. Huo, and he has his own family and child, which is her life planning and dream. They even thought about the name of the child, and the little name is sugar, because Huozun mother likes this name.

At that time they didn't have any name, but from Cambodia to Las Vegas, from the sea to the mountain, left the figure of each other.

They live together, Huo Zun often hangs her in the mouth, and often sighs with friends around me. I can take Chen to do my wife in this life. It is his greatest wish.

Love is always very sweet at the beginning.

In the small composition of Chen Lu, she quits all the beautiful times in Huo Zun nine years. She said: It is nine years, she is wearing a few hundred dollars on Taobao, and give him the best clothes. The best shoes, the best watch in her ability ... He is poor, often a cold, knee also moved, she bought him health products and treating her knee all the year round, broken heart. I have to endure some fans of Huo Zun to her network.

She waited for him to marry, waiting for him to marry her, waiting for him to change my heart, waiting for him to try with friends how to force her to take the initiative.

Recalling that he has been good for him, Chen Lu is still an angry, I want to go back to Huo Zun, Huo Zun said faintly: you open a price.

From 20 to 30 years old, I sincerely pay one of the torches for nine years, Chen Lu thought didn't think, and I said: 9 million.

Because Chen Lei Dinghuzun can't get these money, they signed an agreement. You can then wait for Chen Lu, Huo Zun's female friend, Huo Zun and others, force, intimidation let her automatically abandon the agreement, delete black material.

Chen Lu sighs that all commitments are doing play, all truths are trampled.

One of the stories of a life in a lifetime, she is such an ending.

After three days of posting online, Chen Lu's small wood was released online. Huo Zun responded to a handwritten letter, but it was obviously inadequate, too much.

First of all, personal private affairs have used the name of the studio to send a message, which is sincere, and once again, the feelings of nine years have been light and light, so it is not worth mentioning, but also feels cold.

Simply said that Huo Zun's handwritten letter is only three sentences: "What you said, I think it is not your original intention;" The true emotion is paid, we know the most ";" When you are, I will say it again. I hope we are all happy. "

Being interpreted by netizens as a seemingly empty talk, there is a threat implied.

After Huo Zun responded, Chen Lu only used a omitted number to respond, indicating that he was speechless.

She must be immersed in the pain of breaking. Chen Lu's girlfriends Wang Meng said that she didn't dare to live in her home now, I can only live in my own home. she says:

A girl is nine years, it is not unclear ...

If you want me to say, slowly say

Wang Meng said: "When I started to know Luo, she did her life every day. He had already died, and she didn't think about it. So she accompanied her almost every day. Give her a photo and Video keeps ask me, Ameng me, I am really good, why do I still don't want me so well ... "

Chen Lu also describes the case of lawyers who have been intimidated by lawyers who have been intimidating by lawyers: "I have to go out of the door. My leg is soft. Now I just have a nervousness. ".

Now, Huo Zun is really impressed by Wu Xiubo as an example of Wu Xiubo, really not a hole.

Wu Xiubo is a small three from the marital derail. Since the law is not in the law, it is not worthy of compassionate girlfriend to the prison, which is not worthy of compassion.

However, Chen Lu and Huo Zun are different. They were originally young and young, and Chen Zuli was 60 years. She said she fed dogs. After the emotion was paid, I sent myself into prison. It is really not worth it!

Love this matter, there is no first to come, there is no kind of contract spirit, one goes, the other party, I will don't pull it back.

If you sleep, you are called, you can't stay, you can't stay, if love is really not there, then you will get together! Why bother to get two defeats!

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