After a murder near the home, I received a terrorist letter. I decided to frank with my husband.

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I have a heavy rain in the sky, and the black-compressed dark clouds cover a layer of fog, the cheongsam woman holds an umbrella standing in front of the bus stop, and the rain on the ground is almost immersed in her high heels.

I don't know where to have a car, and the wheel that is quickly turned to roller the rain on the road, and the rain is splashing. The woman screams and retreats two steps, then patted the rain to the body.

The car did not stop, almost a moment, disappeared in the rain fog, looked at the blurred car tail light, the woman complained about there.

Although the woman can't see the people of the car, I can't see the license plate number of the car, but she remembers that this car is a Mercedes-Benz.

Before the bus stopped at the platform, the woman went to the bus to the bus, and she looked up at the door of the bus, she suddenly looked at the four weeks.

There are only a rain fog around, and there are several people who hold umbrellas like her, and there is no different, the woman took the car, and took a ten dollars to the last row of the bus.


In the hotel's room, Luole waited for a long time.

"What are you rushing?" He Jiao gently pushed the music.

"I haven't seen it for a month, I can't wait for a moment."

In an instant, the two played together.

When the phone's ringtone is not engaged, He Jiao has already entered the state, and she chose to ignore the phone.

But this phone is like deliberate and she is average, and once again, He Jiao wrinkled, and reached out and put it on the phone on the bedside table.

When I saw the caller display, He Jiao's face suddenly changed, a sin of guidelines and sinful, she stated that Luo Li did not pay after the movement, and did not answer.

"Why did you pick up the phone so long?" The phone came to the voice of the husband Li Hao.

He Jiao is not afraid to answer immediately. She strives to calm her own nervous mood. Finally, she said with the most normal tone to say: "Sorry, I just wash your hands."

"Oh, I arrived at home after two hours, remember to make tea bubble, have guests."

Hanging up the phone, He Jiao will give up and think, Luole is somewhat unfamiliar, "Is it going?"

"My husband is going back, I have to go back." He Jiao said.

"Do you really can't leave him? We don't know when we hide this."

He Jiao looked at Luole, she didn't answer his words. If she wants her to leave Li Hao, it is almost impossible, because she has not yet supported her work.

Li Hao is a manager in a big company, and a lot of income can make her a guarantee of life. How can she leave him?

Leaving the hotel, still under heavy rain, she holds the umbrella on the bus, in the bus, He Jiao suddenly gave birth to a bad feeling.

This is no longer the first time. This feeling is like a pair of eyes have been watching yourself. My secret seems to be exposed to the air, which makes her very uncomfortable.

But when she looked at the passenger in the car, a couple with a child, a couple dressed up, and a woman wearing a green earrings low looking at mobile phone.

Nothing in these people is suspicious, she is only because she is sorry for her husband, and the sin in my heart makes her suspicious.

The bus started to start, and He Jiao also gently narrow his eyes, let himself relax, no longer think so much.


Night, heavy rain has stopped, only drops of water under the eaves, in the outskirts near the Jiangnan City A district, surrounding several police cars, the lights on the police car flashed on the color.

"The deceased was killed by a knife, because the rains, the surrounding traces were destroyed, except for mobile phones on the deceased, it is difficult to find other useful clues." Lu Ting squatted in the body Next, while watching the wound of the deceased, he said.

The sword stood on the side did not speak, although the rain was rushing, but he still saw a soft blood on the deceased.

The sword squatted down, take a closer look, really .......

"This ... I can't see it, the murderer should not be a woman?" Lu Ting said that the ghost said a word.

The sword slightly, "Why do you think so?"

"Isn't it what you said to start with these things?" Lu Ting said.

I heard the words, the sword smiled and smiled, "Yes, I said this, but I don't rule out the murderer is a metamorphosis, and the metamorphosis is likely to make it."

"Then what do you think this murderer will be a woman or metamorphosis?" Lu Ting asked.

"I don't know, I don't care about who the murderer is, I hate him. These people are always like this. I always pick it in the middle of the night." The sword has a smoke, and I said helpless.

After processing the case site, Lu Ting took the team to return to the police station, and the sword did not go home, but to the police station, when Lu Ting took the case, he was lying on the bench outside the office. .

When Lu Ting woke the sword, the sky was already bright, the sword was blinking, sitting in the bench, hooking yawn: "How?" "The identity of the deceased has confirmed, An unemployed visitors, we found several women's phones on his mobile phone, and he contacted him the most frequently called He Jiao's woman. They contacted the last day before the deceased was. "

Lu Ting sat next to the sword, and said the situation once again.

"What is the one?" What is the identity? "

"A housewife, she no longer works since she got married two years ago. His husband is a company manager, and it is also a successful person. The most important thing is that the place they live is only one kilometer."

"So, this name is that Ho Jiao is likely to have a relationship with this case."

"It is also possible to have a marriage of Ho Jiao exposed, his husband has enough murder motivation."

The sword took a smoke and sucked a bite and said: "It seems that this is called Ho Jiao."


In the morning, there is a morning run. When you come back, you have a very bad premonition. Just enter the neutral gate, you are attracted by a woman.

The woman's hair is loose, the clothes are tattered, the woman stands in the building of her, this woman is a madman, the people in this community know, but no one knows why she will be crazy, He Jiao still remember himself The woman is still good when I just live.

The woman is still sitting in front of the building in peace, it seems to be waiting for everyone, but He Jiao feels that under the loose hair, there is a pair of eyes look at themselves.

She and this woman are not familiar, except that her name is like it is called Red Mei, I don't know anything.

That woman is watching himself, this feeling will not be wrong, He Jiao dares to affirm the woman's eyes have been staring at them under the hair.

He Jiao didn't know whether a woman was crazy, it would be stared at himself, or because of other reasons, she felt very disgusted on this kind of loving, she hurried back home, revealing the door, but that feeling Still can't play, it seems to look at yourself through the door.

Husband Li Hao is undergoing the clothes, and He Jiao took the briefcase for him, after the "coming back!", The husband walked out of the door.

He Jiao picked up the room and lie on the sofa and looked at the TV.

"Hey!" The door was ringing at this time. He Jiao had some doubtful walking behind the door, and the door is standing outside. Luiting and the sword.

"Hello Mrs., may I ask Mr. Mr. at home?" Lu Ting asked politely.

After watching Lu Ting, after determining this is a policeman, He Xiaoxiao's doubt is deeper, when he heard that the other party is looking for his husband, He Jiao's heart suddenly has a bad feeling.

"My sir has already went to work." He Jiao is truly answered.

"Then can we ask you some questions?" Lu Ting continued.

"Of course, as long as I can answer, I must cooperate." He Jiao nodded.

"Do you know that a murder happened nearby yesterday?"

"Killing?" He Jiao's face was shocked, "Is it happening near this?"


"Sorry, I don't know, is you because this is coming to find my husband?" He Jiao is obviously nervous.

"you could say so."

"I am sorry, if you are because I have come here because I have a husband, then I can tell you that my husband is innocent.

Because my husband is coming back after a business trip, I can testify that if you don't believe me, you can ask my husband's friend, because they have been drinking alcohol at my house last night. "

"Friends?" Lu Ting was slightly frowning.

"Yes, a business friend, my husband took him back yesterday."

"Can I take the liberty to ask the name of the friend?"

"Yang Jian, he is Yang Jian."

"Good wife, your husband is over, now I can ask a few questions about you?"

"Yes, but I think my answer should not be a lot about you." He Jiao said although some unexpected Lu Ting's move, it is still very willing.

"Where are you at ten o'clock in the evening?"

"sleeping at home."

"Do you know this person?" Lu Ting took the photo of the deceased in the scene.

When I saw this photo, He Jiao's face suddenly became awkward, and Xu Yusai shook his head slightly, "No, don't know."

"But we saw your number lady in his mobile phone, and you also contacted yesterday."

"No matter what you believe, I don't know him, do you have other questions? If you have no words, please return it back."

"If this is the case, I think we need to find your husband."

"Looking for my husband, what do you do?"

"Mrs., thank you for your cooperation." Lu Ting did not answer He Jiao's words, he said, he turned and went to go.

He Jiao said that he can't say tension, but she is not a husband who will be a murderer, but afraid that her husband knows her secret.

When you close the door, He Coiled on the door, Luole died, the husband will not know their things, so he killed Luole, if the husband already knows those things, then what should she do?


"It seems that she is really not to know that Luole is dead." Outside the door, the sword has a smoke and said.

"What should I do now?" Lu Ting asked.

"Go and see Li Hao, see if you can gain something." Tell, the sword wants to leave, but at this time he suddenly wrinkled.

Opposite, the sword saw that crazy woman, the woman has been looking at himself, which makes the sword have a different feeling until the woman turns around, and the sword will come back.

"What happened?" Lu Ting asked in a question.

"Nothing, let's go."

Leaving the community where He Jiao, the sword and Lu Ting went to Li Hao, and Li Hao fell a cup of tea for the two.

"Mr. Li, we come this time, mainly some things want to ask you." Lu Ting said in front of Li Hao.

"As long as I know, I must cooperate."

"Well, Mr. Li, do you know this person?" Lu Ting put Luole's photo on the table and pushed to Li Hao's body.

Li Hao took photos, just looked at a few eyes back to the table, he shook his head, "I don't know."

During the whole process, Lu Ting's sight has not left Li Hao. Li Hao's overall response is normal, it seems that I really don't know this person.

"Where are you at 10 o'clock in the middle of last night?" Lu Ting asked again.

"I have been drinking with my friends last night, and I will be separated from about 12 o'clock."

"After drinking the wine?"

"I will sleep after drinking wine."

"What about your friend?"

"He went home, I sent him downstairs."

"Convenient to tell us where he lived?"

"Of course, I want to know why you know these."

"I had a killing incident in the suburbs of only one kilometer from your community last night, so we need to know some situations nearby residents."

"Oh, it turned out to be like this, he lived in No. 406, Yulong Community, where it is not very far away."

"Okay, thank you for your cooperation."

Leaving Li Hao's unit, Lu Ting and the Sword have come to Liha, Yulong Community that Li Hao said. In the consent of the security guard and led the two, the two came to a 406 door.

The sword pressed the doorbell. After a while, there was a subtle footsteps in it, and the door was a fluffy man, and the man's look was obviously just awake.

"Who are you looking for?" The man hurts, and some questions asked.

"Hello, is it Mr. Yang Jian?" Asked the sword.

"It's me, which is you?" Yang Jian's doubts deeper a little deep.

"Mr. Yang, hello, my name is a sword, it is a policeman. We have some questions to ask you." The sword laughed out of the right hand.

Yang Jian said, and then reached out and the sword held a grip, "come in."

Entering the house, Yang Jian recruits that two people sit down, they are going to pour two glasses.

"Mr. Yang is married?" When Yang Jian poured water, the sword suddenly asked.

Yang Jian returned back and turned back.

"Oh, I will take the liberty, just when I shake hands, I found out that you have a name with a ring." The sword smiled and explained.

Wen said, Yang Jian's right hand moves, "It doesn't matter, this is not a secret, three years, I and my wife, I should say that it is ex-wife, we have been married for three years."

"You, are you away?" The sword asked with a brow.

"Yes, just after we got married, so wedding rings unplugged." Yang Jian put the two glasses of water in front of the sword and Lu Ting.

"Sorry." Sorry, Sword said.

"It doesn't matter, you come to me, should you not ask me?"

"This is the case, because there is a killing case in the vicinity, so we want to ask some of the situations nearby." At this time, Lu Ting is open. "

"Oh, this way, then you ask, I will definitely work hard." Yang Jian revealed the expression of sudden real.

"Do you know this person?" Lu Ting took Luole's photo.

Yang Jian took photos to see a few eyes, then shook his head, "don't know."

"Where is you at ten o'clock in the middle of last night?"

"I am drinking with friends, just in his home, yes, my friend is Li Hao."

"What time do you have?"

Yang Jian seems to be thinking, and will say that he will say: "It should be around 6 o'clock in the afternoon, I haven't paying attention, but it is already a little black."

"Do you still remember how you go home?"

"It's about 11:00, because when I got home, I just rang the haveler on the wall, I only rang at that time."

"Do you make sure you only sound?"

"Yes, I am sure."

"Is there any suspicious person in the process of your home?"

"I drank a little bit last night, and I still rain in the sky, because I am very vision, I don't remember what is suspicious."

"Thank you for your cooperation. If you want to do something, please be sure to inform us in the first time."



In the evening, He Jiao picked up the tableware on the table, Li Haishu sat on the sofa, suddenly, he seems to think about anything.

"Is there a police in the home today?" He Jiao's hand suddenly shaken, the chopsticks fell to the ground, she quickly picked up the chopsticks, and the hands of the chopsticks were slightly white.

"Why did you ask this?"

"Oh, today's police found me, saying that some people near this are killed, and to investigate this nearby residents."

"Yes, they have been there." He Jiao is trying to calm his mood.

"You seem to be very nervous."

"Is there? Maybe because the case occurred in a nearby reason."

"Is this?" Although Li Hao is a little doubtful, there is no more thinking, "" It is best to go out of the door recently. "

He Jiao nodded, pick up the tableware to go to the kitchen, next to the sink, after putting the tableware, He Jiao finds that his own hand has already taken a layer of sweat, but she is also a bit fortunate, because Li Hao seems There is no doubt itself.

The next day, Li Haozhao often went to the company, and He Jiao is doing some housework at home. When sweeping, the doorbell suddenly rang.

He Jiao put down the mop to go to the door, there is no one in the outside, and he is looking forward to the door. It is still a person who has not seen it. She turned around to go back, but she saw it. There is an envelope on the ground at the door.

She pursued the envelope into the house and closed the door. She broke the envelope. When she saw something in the envelope, she screamed the envelope in the ground.

A red white paper in the envelope slipped out, wrote a few words on the paper, and He Jiao went into some words: "People who destroy others live, should accept God's trial!"

Seeing these words, He Jiao is almost syncope, Luole died, but now he received this kind of threatening letter, what is the representative?

Is there a man who killed Roland, if this is the case, why do he send yourself a letter? Is it the target of the murderer?

He Jiao was very collapsed, and he suddenly had a fear in his heart. She found the phone in the room, giving her husband, ready to frank. After a murdered case near the home, I received a threatening letter, I decided to frank with her husband.

Li Hao sat on the sofa and smoked his smoke. He Jiao lowered his head and did not send it.

He Jiao did not answer, just a little slightly sobbing, and the shoulders shunt slightly.

"What is your relationship with the guy named Luo Le?" Li Hao's voice has increased slightly.

"Sorry!" He Jiao low his head and said three words.

After hearing Ho Jiao's answer, Li Ha took the hand of the smoke, but when he saw He Jiao low his head, he recovered his hand and sent his smoke to his own slightly trembling lips.

After smoking a few mouthfuls, Li Hao slowly opened, "alarm, your current situation is very dangerous, only the police can guarantee your safety."


"Mrs., when are you receiving this letter?" In the police station, Lu Ting asked He Jiao, who was embarrassed.

"Yesterday, eight o'clock in the morning." He Jiao said.

"If you see what is suspicious when I receive a letter?"

"No, I didn't see it when I came out, only this letter."

"Before, I mean, when you were with Luole, did you find any suspicious people?"

"When I used to ..." He Jiao said in a contemplation, and she shook his head for a long time. Getting to the feeling. "

"What is the feeling start?"

"I have this feeling half a year ago."

"What is the most intense when you feel the strongest."

"This should be at home, it is when every time and Luo Lotus will return home, this may be because betrayal husband is afraid of discovered reasons, at that time, my feelings are strongest."

"Okay, you can go back, you will live as before, and our people will protect you in secret."

After sending away He Jiao, Lu Ting sat in his desk and smashed his head.

"The red liquid on the letter is detected, that is the blood, belongs to the blood of Luole." The sword took a cup of hot coffee and put it in front of Lu Ting.

"Why do you say that the murderer does this?" Lu Ting looked up and asked toward the sword.

"If the murderer murder is just to punish these people who have been married, the murderer must be hurt, only if he is hurt by these people, he will hate these people, this is human nature."

"But punishment is not necessarily killed like this."

"So this requires us to investigate."

"Survey, how to investigate? We have no clues now."

"Who said that there is no clue, I still remember what did we say when we went to Yang Jian?"

When I heard this, Lu Ting suddenly remembered, "he just divorced."

"Yes, divorce, but why do he divorce?"

"Don't you doubt what is her wife?"

The sword nodded and nodded.


He Jiao took a bus from the police station all the way. The husband has just been away because of the company, and she is a little scared in her heart.

Just returned to the cell door, where Johnson's heart and give birth to a kind of feeling, that feeling of being watched people, this feeling frightened her, but also her very disgusted. She feels that her behind is always followed by a pair of eyes, she turned around, the door of the cell is a road, few cars on the road in the fast shuttle, which is standing at traffic lights across the two young men such as green light.

Not far from the parked car next to two young men, a white Mercedes-Benz, the car quietly parked there, black windows let what Johnson can not determine whether someone inside.

White Mercedes-Benz?

Jiao it suddenly thought of what she had seen one too remember, it was in her and Luo music tryst that day, that world of heavy rain, she stood at the bus station car encountered in the back.

At that time she did not care about the car, but because she was a splash of water passes through the car, so she remembers the car, but the car was bound for the direction that she and Luo Yue meet the hotel direction.

Think of it, how tender heart suddenly shocked, this time the kind-eyed and feeling a little more intense, and this feeling came from inside the car, where Johnson even feel that being black car window those eyes staring at her.

What Johnson shaking out the card, quickly ran towards the direction of home after brush the card, at home in front pulled out the keys, but the tense mood to let her rush, when the key is inserted into the key hole, where Johnson looked back look, she saw a man wearing a cap and hat low for a man walked into the cell.

What Johnson quickly twist the key, opened the door just a person can make a go of the seam, where Johnson will immediately get a look into the house, they immediately turned to what Johnson wants to shut the door, but just like a finger in the door only when the size of the seam, an enormous force suddenly came from the outside.

He pointed at the door by Johnson himself, but obviously outside forces beyond her powers plus the weight, power door suddenly some slack, but soon, an even more tremendous power and pass over.

He Jiao's body at this time lost focus toward the front tossed away the whole person, her forehead just hit the front corner of the table, a surge of pain through my body and feeling dizzy from the head.

The door was open, and a man appeared in the doorway, almost cover the whole face of the cap where Johnson could not see his face.

That man is like death as a heavy pace toward her slowly around, looking at the man in the hands of shining fruit knife, this time what Johnson eyes full of despair, a man walked in front of her, but then she saw the man turned toward He poured himself down.

Came the head of vertigo what makes Johnson's extremely heavy eyelids, she slowly closed her eyes, at that moment the man fell, she seemed to see the other man's back, the back of her very familiar, as if the husband Lee back.


He woke up when Johnson, they have in a hospital bed, her husband Lee was sitting aside, what Johnson looked around, softly opening: "? I'm still alive."

Lee reached out and touched her face, smiled and said:. "Alright"

Feel the gentle face came, He Jiao's face shed two lines of tears, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I made you something."

Lee's hand paused, then with a smile, "all gone."

"We still have a future?" I asked tentatively Johnson.

Lee was silent, long time before he slowly withdrew the hand, head down, said: "! I'm sorry."

Upon hearing this, I smile tenderly, but the tears in the eyes of more and more up, "I was wrong, do not blame you."

They fell silent, finally, what Johnson spoke up, "Finally, you can then do me a favor?"

"You said." Lee said.

"Do you remember that on the ring when we get married?"

"Why did you suddenly ask this?"

"That's very nice pair of rings, I also like, but not long after the marriage, I have never seen you wear too, and finally, you can take time for me?"

Silent, Lee nodded, "Good."

He smiles tenderly, she took out the body of a ring, the ring she has worn on the body, she let Lee held out his hand, and then for him to wear.

"Look good." Lee said, laughing.

"This is a pair of rings, only two appear together, that is the best looking." He also said Johnson stretched out his hand, but it would only hand but made no ring.

"My ring?" Jiao suddenly sat up, look for a lot in his body, but she found nothing, "my ring was gone."

Lee Johnson See what a little nervous, afraid to move her wounds, he quickly comfort:. "Do not worry, it might be at home when knocked off."

"How to do, my ring was gone." He did not listen to Lee Johnson and persuasion, but even more worried again.

"You get excited, I went back, I went back to help you find." Lee hastened to comfort, what Johnson this calm a lot.

"What are you waiting for me, I would definitely put a ring you get it back." When he finished, Lee left the room.

Lee looked at the back left, where Johnson's eyes extremely calm, two lines of tears fell from the eyes, mouth and muttered, "I'm sorry!"


He Jiao admitted to the hospital, and when criminals are prepared to start what Johnson is blocked Lee, Lee in the process to prevent the murderer because of some mistakes, the murderer is the end of life in my own hands knife.

The gangster is Yang Jian, he waited near He Jiaojia, until He Jiao home, he wanted to do it, he hit He Jiaojia's door, but fortunately at key moments Li Hao forgot to bring work information in time. Due to the savings, Li Ha took the moment to ran Yang Jian, but in the moment of Yang Jian, the knife in his hand was just got from his own, and Yang Jian was killed.

After Yang Jian died, the police found some photos in Yang Jian's residence. The protagonists on those photos were Luole who was dead, and he did not kill He Jiao.

The case is almost the case, Lu Ting is dealing with some subsequent information for this case, and at this time, the police station has a woman, and the woman claims that he is Yang Jian's ex-wife.

"I heard that I kill people before?" The woman asked some doubts in front of Lu Ting.

"Yes, all evidence has proved that your ex-husband is a murderer." Lu Ting replied.

"I didn't expect it. He has already evil to this point." The woman sighed and said.

"Evil? Lady, is your ex-husband have done other evil things before?" Lu Ting asked someone.

"Oh." The woman smiled and did not answer Lu Ting's words, but asked: "The deceased should be killed by him or drowned. In short, it should be no blood?"

"Why do you think so?" Lu Ting asked.

"Because he saw his blood, even his own is the same."

"Lady, do you determine your husband fainting?" Lu Ting's brow wrinkled deeper.

"Of course, although our relationship has always been very good, after all, the husband and wife have been so many years, I am still very understanding for him." The woman said affirmatively.

"Lady, can you tell me that you and your husband is because of the divorce?" Lu Ting almost stood, because this amount of information was too big.

If Yang Jian really said, the case has not ended yet, but just started.

"This ..." The woman hesitated.

"Lady, this is about your ex-husband's innocence, do you want him to die?"

"Well, actually ..."


He Jiao lies in the hospital bed, watching today's newspaper, a string of footsteps from the outside of the door, He Jiao put down the newspaper back, but see Lu Ting and other police officers come in.

"Police officer, what is there?" He Jiao is ready to sit up from the bed, but Lu Ting is to tell her to continue lying.

"Is it better?" Lu Ting asked carefully.

"A lot, thank you for your concern." He Xuo said with a smile.

"He Jiao, I have some things to talk to you." Lu Ting's face suddenly sinked.

Seeing Lu Ting's face, He Jiao's heart suddenly had a bad premonition, "What happened?"

"Your husband ..." Lu Ting Don suddenly, continued: "Your husband is dead, I am sorry, we found him that he has broken."

"What?" He Jiao's face suddenly walked, she grabbed Lu Ting's hand emotional excitement: "You are lie, he is still good this morning, how do you suddenly die?"

"I am sorry, this thing happens soon, your husband is killed, just at your door, and the murderer murderous method and the way to kill Luole."

"How can it be?" He Xiangli blocked tears, "He is still good in the morning, he also said that he wants to help me find the ring, find a ring, he went home to find a ring, I harm him, I am Let him help me find the ring. If I don't let him go back, he will not die, it is mid to death. "

He Jiao's mood is close to crazy, Luiting quickly pressed her, comfort: "Don't be excited, your husband is dead, but the murderer is still in the unhappy law, we need your help now."

He Jiao hugged his head, after a while, her emotions gradually be recovered, she slowly looked up, and the pale face printed two tears.

"Police officials, I can help you, you can help me, I will help." He Jiao said firmly.

"He Jiao, have you had anyone in his husband, or there is any enemy?" Lu Ting asked.

"No." He Jiao surely shook his head, "My husband's husband is very good, and I have not sinful, let alone what the enemy is."

"Then you recall, your husband has no abnormal move recently, or frequently with a unfamiliar person?"

"Unusual move?" He Jiao returned, then shook his head, "he did not have any particularly unusual move, but he recently and Yang Jian's traveled is a bit frequent."

"What is your understanding of Yang Jian and your husband?"

"I don't know much about them. I only know that Yang Jian is a husband's business partner. Their relationship seems to be very good, but my husband doesn't like him."

"Don't like it?"

"Yes, although they have always been in the identity of your friends, but I have found that my husband will see Yang Jian's eyes are somewhat."

"Where is wrong?"

"Refolding, this kind of eye is like improving him, I can't say it, I don't know if my guess is correct. I live in my family, and I will take this time when someone is approaching her. God, so I guess my husband and Yang Jian should have some kind of trading I don't know. "" Then your husband is often at home? I mean after get off work, your husband has no night's non-home. "

I heard this, He Xiaoxi low, "he often travels, and rarely go home at night, so I found Luo Le."

"Okay, if you think about what other things, please tell us in time." Lu Ting gently patted He Jiao's shoulder.

He Jiao nodded and went to Lu Ting to leave a few police officers.


In the community of He Jiao, there are several onlookers, and the police pulled a warning line around the case, and the sword surveys the dead of the dead within the warning line.

The deceased was in the back of a knife, so that the deceased could not die in the first time. He will reflex the body, and we widened his eyes when seeing the murderer, and then fell.

From the back of the scene, the entire process can be completed within three minutes.

When the sword was in the corpse, he saw a ring in his hand. When he saw this ring, he always felt that there were many people who met, but I couldn't remember where to see.

No fingerprint did not find any fingerprints, indicating that the murderer should be in a glove, from the orientation of the deceased, the murderer should be opposite the deceased.

The sword looks in the direction of the side, there is a Hi Ming family on the building, and the two buildings are only a five-six-meter-wide road. If the murderer is on the building in the opposite floor, then he It has complete time to complete this assassination.

"Well?" The eyes of the sword suddenly coagulated, behind a small window on the second floor of the building, the sword saw a woman wearing a broken dirty, the hair scattered on the face, the woman's eyes were always staring I look at it.

Always stare? The Sword suddenly thought that if the woman has been staring at this side, then she is likely to be the only witness.

Thinking of this, the sword walked outside the warning line, just pulled a woman, "Hello, I want to ask who lives in the opposite building?"

Women look at the direction of the ridge, "Do you say that mad?"


"Yes, that woman is a madman. In fact, she is also very poor. It used to be still two years ago, and the woman suddenly crazy overnight."

"Do you know why she is crazy?"

"Who knows, in short, it is crazy."

Suddenly a sudden madness overnight, the sword always felt a little awkward, his heart faintly a feeling, this woman and this case have some relationship.

Just as the sword pensive, a police car came in from outside, and the car stopped next to the warning line. Lu Ting took several police officers from the car.

"How?" And other Lu Ting came to himself, and the sword asked.

"We got some information from He Jiao, Li Hao and Yang Jian may not be a real friend." Lu Ting said something and the sword.

"Li Hao has been invested Yang Jian, why?" The sword was a bit.

"It may be because Yang Jian has anything to him, Yang Jian's ex-wife and I said the real cause of their divorce."

"Reason? Isn't it because of derail?"

Lu Ting shook his head, "It's not, Yang Jian's ex-wife is not unfaithful. The real reason for their divorce is because Yang Jian has a special good."

"What is good?"

"Snoving between men and women."

"Do you mean that Li Hao was taken?"

Lu Ting nodded, "It should be, we have been investigated, Yang Jian is just a small photographer, there is almost no income, so we will take the things to sell, but there is not much money, but One and a half ago, he suddenly bought a car, and it was still a value worth more than 300,000 Mercedes. "

"Is these money to give him a sealing fee?"

"The current guess is like this."

"What secrets, Li Hao will be photographed by Yang Jian, give so much money, even still 口 口?"

"If Li Hao is only a general derail, it should not be murdered, unless this is seriously affected by his interests, or will let him jail."

"For example, forced others!"

Lu Ting nodded. Her guess is this, Yang Jian threatens him to make money, because Yang Jian's ambition is too big, so he will not destroy this evidence, so Li Hao is giving out the idea.

"Threat, crazy woman ..." The sword whispered, then he suddenly looked up, "I think, I know what is going on."

"What do you think of?" Luiting asked quickly.

"Yang Jian has evidence of Li Hao's crime. He threatens Li Hao, and there is such a person around. Li Hao must want to remove him, but if he kills Yang Jian, he will be the same as a crime, so he I have never been a hand. "

"Yang Jian has in addition to the evidence of Li Hao's criminal evidence, he often tracks Li Hao's wife He Jiao, there is also He Jiao's non-passion evidence, then these evidence, he will give Li Hao. "

"Li Hao learned his wife's things, he had a plan in his heart. He first killed Luole, and he used Luole's blood to write the letter. This will let us think it is the murderer who kills Luole. It is a person hurt by the third party. "" Yang Jian is just divorced, this will make us mistakenly divorce because his wife is divorced, after these, Li Hao also looted Yang Jian to his own home, He first killed Yang Jian, and then played a Yang Jian chased He Jiao, and then he accidentally killed Yang Jian because he saved people. "

"At this time, we will investigate Yang Jian, and then check the photos of Yang Jian's sneak shot and Luo Le, so that all evidence proves that Yang Jian is the murderer who killed Luo Le, and Li Hao is because Just as defensive and misunderstand Yang Jian. "

"This plan is perfect, but Li Hao has ignored one thing, that is, Yang Jian is dizzy, how can a person who can see the blood?"

Lu Ting listened to the festival of the sword, she also felt a reason, but she is still a bit I can't understand, "What about Li Hao? Who is he killed?"

The sword got a smoke and smiled and said: "It is the person who is hurt by him ..."


After a few days, He Jiao finally be discharged. She went to the police station to return home after the husband's ashes, packed all things, hug that altar ashes, she was ready to leave the city.

The city has too many memories, she wants to forget these past, she doesn't know where she can go, I don't know what I will, now she just wants to leave this place.

He Jiao mentioned the suitcase, I wanted to leave, but I suddenly opened this door. A man appeared at the door. When I saw a man's appearance, He Jiao's hand suddenly became loose, the suitcase was on the ground ... ...

"The police officer suddenly came to me." He Jiao poured a glass of water to the sword, then sat to the opposite side of the sword.

"Well, there are some things, I've wanted to tell you about your husband." The sword drank a breath and said.

"It's hard, I haven't thought that my husband is actually a person." He Jiao's voice is very small, it seems to be ashamed because of her husband.

The sword has a smoke. "Everyone will have another side, you didn't find that it wouldn't blame you, I came to tell you, Luole is not your husband killed."

When I heard this, He Jiao's face was shocked, "Not my husband killed? Who is that?"

"Killing Rooli's murderer and killing your husband's murderer is the same person, it is the woman named red plum, is also the woman hurt by your husband."

"She? Why did she kill Rolle?" He Jiao's face was even more surprised.

"According to her words, she didn't see the man's face at the time, she didn't know who the person was, she had no way to report the police, so she has been crazy."

"What is the relationship between this and her kill Rolome?" He Jiao's face at this time, in addition to intake, there will be a little nervous.

The sword looked at the changes on He Jiao, and then took a smoke again. Is the one wearing. "

Speaking of this, the eyes of the sword stared at He Jiao's face, seeing the eyes of the sword, He Jiao's eyes have a little dodge, "But Luole is more than that there is no ring."

"Role's body is not yet, but Ms., you have your body." The sword took a deep smoke and continued: "I have always had a question, your husband has an accident, why do you suddenly want to let? He brought a ring and let him go home? "

He Jiao's hands have already been put on the table under the table. "I just want to wear a ring with him, because we have never wear it since we got married."

"Is this really this?" The sword looked at He Jiao, a pair of eyes as if she wants to see her, "Why do you wear in the hands of Luo?"

"Maybe it is not careful to fall in his." He Jiao said.

"This explanation seems to be a bit too much, He Jiao, oh, I should call you He Ji."

After hearing He Juan, He Juan's body suddenly trembled. After a long time, He Jiao was laughing, "Oh, do you find this?"

Ten years ago, Li Hao had already committed the same crime, and the name of the woman was called He Juan.

He Juan chose alarm, but the result is Li Hao to compensate for compensation, and he can't get it after some education. After getting this result, He Juan lost his voice.


From a small, I am a good child who will listen to big people, because of the excellent results and cheerful character, I am deeply loved by those people around, they will always bring me a lot of delicious, fun, then I am happy and happy.

But this kind of happiness will always stay in the summer.

That night, the moon is very round, I will never forget the moon that night, because the moon is on, there is a tear of my flow.

I will never forget the animal's face.

When I woke up, I only saw my parents crying, we reported a police, and that animal was also caught, but after caught, it was just let him compensate.

compensation? I am not compensation, I want him to pay a price.

I haven't waited for me to revenge, the pressure around me has to leave, time long, people gradually forget the wicked, but they always remember my experience. Parents are afraid that I will have a shadow, so I will take me away from this city. After leaving here, I have never forgot this, so I came back again. I used two years, I finally found him and succeeded near him.

After marriage, I started my plan, I know that he is this person, even if he has changed, but the things in the bones cannot be changed.

There is a woman opposite my home, she grows very beautiful, really, he hooks, I just guided him, after the matter, he did it on the light car.

I made a director later and took his entire process. This is evidence, but I will never give it to the police in this way. Because I explained too much trouble.

Finally, I found a suitable person, it is also a metamorphosis, I always like to shoot others, I think he will definitely be interested in the content I take.

I gave the evidence secret to that person, this person is very smart, I have threatened this when I made a chip, I don't like it, but I have no relationship. One person is threatened, he will always want to resist , Give him a good charge of a murder.

He is very small, and it is also very careful. This kind of person will not force himself to the road. Even if he wants to kill, he also needs a plan, one can let himself get rid of the crime, and I need to give him a chance.

That woman is not crazy, I know that she is not crazy, I found her secrets in it inadvertently. I used to be crazy in front of me. However, she saw that my expression is resentful, I know that What is the expression represents something.

I dare to definitely I have no two days, the only thing is that I put on the wedding ring when I married him, the woman would show this expression, must be because of this ring.

Since then, this woman has been following me, she thought I didn't know, but I have always known that because her green earrings are too conspicuous.

Recently, I found that the beast's patience seems to be the limit. I can always see the kind of virus in his eyes. I know, I should give him a chance.

I put the ring in Luole's hand. The mad woman should be seen, Luole died, but he didn't know why he died, but his death was a key. Role.

After that, everything I imagined, as long as I do this, the animal is absolutely can't get sanctions, but if you let him die in the hands of the people who have hurt, will it be better?

I gave the evidence left by the year, and I put on the buddar's hand on his ring, and it was also printed with his sinful ring.


"You have killed so many people in order to revenge, is there a little embarrassment in your heart?" The sword was cold, and smoked, asked He Jiao.

"Oh," He is smile, "Why do I have a jealous, those people are not murder, I just take a line in the middle, it is their own choice, and these people, what is it? pity."

"A might of shooting others, a slag male who likes derailed, there is a criminal, I admit that they are really bad, but that woman? The woman named Hongmei, you are harmful to your own plan The same harm, do you have a little embarrassment? "The brusque is colder.

"I didn't need to wait until I was home to Tianhua. It was a girl thrown my things in the woods in the woods. I went to find it until I was dark, but I found it and suddenly rushed out of a beast. Who do you say? "He Jiao's emotions said some excited.

The sword was silent. For a long time, he just got a smoke. "I am curious, why can't they recognize you?"

"Don't say they, even I have already can't recognize myself now. In order to get my plan, I don't have all let myself get more, my life is already dead, now there is only one The body dominated by hatred. "

"You go, I have no evidence to catch you." The sword took a smoke and then got up and left here.

Looking at the back of the sword, He Jiao mentioned the suitcase, the door was slowly closed, and when the door was completely closed, all everything will be stayed here forever.

The sword is very clear, he can't grasp He Jiao, because He Jiao is just a chess, and there is nothing to die, as long as her handsome can stay, then she will win.

After coming out, the sword took out a ring from the pocket. He played in his hand. Subsequently threw the ring out. This is taken from Rob, this is the only crime of the only master, but It's useless now, because He Jiao's enemy is dead, unless he is painting in the style, otherwise, others cannot give her a conviction.

He Jiao came to the airport. At the moment of the final check, she turned and returned, and she called a taxi outside, and said to the driver: "Master, go to the police station ..."

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