About men and women, these 25 suggestions I hope you take a look

1. Love as early as possible, only love early morning attempt, only to know exactly what kind of person is suitable, but not to the age of marriage easily find someone to get married.

2. The proportion of men and women love to spend time is generally 4: 1 or 3: 1, if it takes the case of men and women, and that will consider whether a man love you anyway, because a man loves you, will not you more money.

3. Try not to love within three months of privately strenuous exercise, time is the best cure, only time will be able to make sure that you can actually see through a person, you just do not let people think anyone can.

4. If your side girlfriends friends think this man is not good, you should look at this man in the end is how.

The first meeting place for men and women is very important. Where they meet, how to meet, you can decide how far they can go.

6. feelings are two things. No boys like his girlfriend with other people say so specifically, but also no girls like her boyfriend with another man, said something boudoir.

7. love cry, kneel, self-slapping men do not want to

8. The potential of stocks is only used to flicker woman. People are real creatures, it is important tangible advantages and disadvantages. Most love the beginning is a balance of interests.

9. When people get a thing and they will miss the other things, such as face value, money, emotional intelligence, IQ, which are impossible to meet all in one person.

10. love to sleep on the amount of money such as food and clothing in real life.

1. If a woman is too infatuated, they will be looked down upon. If you love rationally, it will be very easy to look up.

12. love is to obtain happiness and joy, not abuse. If your partner is very painful, then you should let him go.

13. Women do not self-assertion, that we will be able to marry for love get their treasure. Men will think this is their own ability, you saw my condition but lose to me.

14. Both men and women fall in love or get married, must abide by the principle of equality of conditions. That is, consider color value, wealth, fame and social status of the other party and so on. Instead of seeing the so-called character is good for you.

15. both men and women do not easily be blinded by love each other, do not look at each other what to say, what to do and look at each other.

16. a cruel fact: most men get married is to legitimate the bed movement and have children, most Chinese men still exist is the son of incense plot.

17. A man's love is limited and conditional. The status of women in-laws depends largely on the strength of her own abilities or families.

18. The people who fall in love and get married shoes, not barefoot, there is a certain social status of people who would be better than nothing.

19. In a relationship, if you do not want to break up, do not often talk about breaking up. Not want a divorce, do not often mention divorce. "Secret" to tell people, you always used to say will come true.

20. relationship, the cost (time and money) will continue to live within a certain range, the cost is too high or too low will make relations collapse.

21. Be sure to distinguish between love and marriage, love may not matter, but not marriage.

22. Do not sell ourselves short. Do not just say that they not good, that he was wrong, because someone else will take it seriously.

23. In the relationship, the woman should have sex, cohabitation and marriage rhythm.

24. Marriage has never been: a bad fall in love, get married just fine; not married, have a baby just fine; birth to a child is not good, the kids grow up just fine. Marriage has always been: If you start well, after only worse

25. Do not pregnant before marriage, marriage rule is: love, meet the parents, to talk about bride price, marriage, licensing (licensing, do wine), pregnancy. The order must not chaos.

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