Valentine's Day, 37-year-old second baby bought a 169 yuan underwear, a 29 yuan underwear, was hurt by her husband


"Today is Valentine's Day, see the advertisements you have in advance, the pre-sale information of each flower shop, my heart is dripping, because Valentine's Day, I got a big morning, drafted my "Divorce Agreement". "37-year-old second baby Wang Yang (pseudonym) said while the tears.

Wang Yanyan, she decided to divorce because she and her husband wandered a underwear shop yesterday, a 169 yuan underwear, a 29 yuan underwear, defeated her 7 years of marriage.

01, only one year of the street.

Wang Yang said, she and her husband were married in 2014. The two sides were not locally. After marriage, Wang Yang was already 29 years old. The in-laws were in a hurry, so the second year of marriage, Wang Yang was pregnant, because her mother-in-law is light Female, Wang Yangsheng is a daughter, mother-in-law is not good for his body, refuses to help Wang Yang with children.

Considering that Wang Yang's salary has not employed high cost, the child is too small to need mother, Wang Yang has to resign, start the housewife.

The big daughter is three years old. Wang Yang was pregnant again, and the second daughter was born in the second year.

Since then, she has to hold the old two, send the boss to the kindergarten; every day, they must travel in the vegetable market, home, children's school three points; 5:00 every day, woke up by the old two, 11:30 every day The husband's underwear is sleeping, 17 alarm clock in the mobile phone, remind her of the family of Chai Mi oil, busy all the washing, and count all the expenditure.

"When is the last time I have a person?"

Wang Yang recalled that the recent shopping was the birth in the past, and the boss has gone in the kindergarten. The second is still in the belly. She is shopping alone, she bought a lot of baby products waiting for the second child.

In a few days, Wang Yang's cousin married, which made Wang Yang's hardship, three, four years, she did not have new clothes.

"I want to buy a few clothes?" Wang Yang said to her husband.

"Don't you have clothes to wear?" Husband who was lying on the sofa to play the game.

"That is the old clothes, there is no type, participate in the wedding more than people." Wang Yang said.

"You, it is too vain, not you get married, what is your life? Who looks at you? Let's talk, you are the mother of two children, and you have to put two children." Husband said impatiently.

"I haven't visited the street in two years, I want to go out." Wang Yang prayed to her husband.

"Go, wait until the child wakes up, take two children to go, the child has been playing mom, I can't bring it." The husband did not raise the way to Wang Yang.

This is Wang Yangxin, quietly wearing clothes, throwing the husband. "I will go shopping" escape from home.

02, a 169 yuan underwear.

Wang Yang went to the mall, she looked at the blue coat of the lake, watch the label, 1399 yuan, although the clerk has stressed that there is a discount, Wang Yang is still like a thief.

Wang Yang also looked in a half dress, a price, 399 yuan, can be accepted, can consider buying a half skirt, but also with leggings, high heels and windbreaker, at least thousands of dollars, calculated .

Wang Yang also looked in a pair of special high heels, 599 yuan.

"599 yuan? Buy milk powder for the second treasure, you can drink half a month, buy the diapers, can be used for one year." Wang Yang thought about it, turned it.

Thinking, Wang Yang thinks that it is too expensive to go shopping in the mall, it is too expensive, online shopping can be much cheap.

But there is something that can't buy online, don't try it yourself, buy it is also uncomfortable, that is, underwear.

"Last time I bought underwear in the physical store or married." Wang Yang recalled that he also scared.

After marriage, she started pregnancy, breastfeeding, time tight and economic distress, she bought underwear online in these years, it is cheap, but the quality is poor, it is not laundry, and there is no type. For 8 years, she has never bought a comfortable, suitable underwear, now this is a special price of 69 yuan bought online a year ago, the shoulder strap sent, lace hair, The steel ring has also begun to be meat.

So, today she decided to buy two comfortable underwear in the physical store.

Wang Yang came to a brand underwear, caught up with the store to engage in Valentine's Day.

Wang Yang looked at the underwear of a piece, the clerk gave her, praise her, and selected the treasure of the town store, 799 yuan, and persuaded Wang Yang test.

Wang Yang hooks his hand, hurriedly said that the material of the underwear didn't like it.

Wang Yang also looked in a coffee colored underwear. The clerk said that the underwear repo rate is very high, the comfort is extremely high, 499 yuan, once again let Wang Yang trial.

Wang Yang didn't say anything, put down the underwear, and the clerk saw Wang Yang's embarrassment, and she started to recommend some of the price, the average price is between 200-300.

Can Wang Yang still moved to the promotion vehicle in the store, and the promotion card is written: "Playing cards, all 169 yuan."

In the end, Wang Yang took two underwear to the underwear with the help of the clerk, and tried on the fitting room.

The clerk came over to help, when Wang Yang took off his inferior underwear, the two dry chests sagged, Wang Yang thought about crying.

"You are so big, the chest is so powerful? You look, you still have a vice milk, what is your old underwear looks like your bra? Woman, you can protect the chest, not just beautiful is beautiful. The problem is still concerned about health. "The clerk reminded Wang Yang.

Wang Yang lowered his head, including tears, nodded.

Underwear is dressed, although it is 169 yuan of treatment, Can Wang Yang still feel very suitable, especially comfortable, back, the chest is also full, suddenly feel that he is not just a mother, or a woman. "I want to buy this 169 yuan underwear." Wang Yang was determined.

Underwear of 03,29 yuan.

"The store is full of 10 yuan coupons, you can choose a 29 yuan underwear, so that you are spending 9 yuan to buy a brand underwear." The clerk sells.

Wang Yang did not plan to spend more money, but the clerk took out the 29 yuan underwear for Wang Yang to pick, the flower, material, style of the underwear is Wang Yang like, and the color can also be used in the underwear with Wang Yang. Perfect match.

Think about that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, Wang Yang suddenly blush.

Since childhood, the husband is too noisy, and the rest is not good to be separated from her. This is six years, and the husband and wife feel like the water.

Wang Yang's fat, the chest is still being launched by her husband, even once, Wang Yang has a pantya to break the hole, I don't know, let it go on the hanger, I saw her husband, angered her husband.

"I want to buy this 29 yuan underwear." Wang Yang decided.

The clerk recommends that Wang Yang bought two sets of replacement, so that the underwear life is also long, and now the price is very suitable, the machine is not lost.

But Wang Yang thought again, or only chose a set, and the heart has been happy.

04, her husband is angry.

When Wang Yang is happy, I just went downstairs, I heard that Dabao and Eubao were crying.

She hurriedly, opened the door, and found that her husband was playing the game with headphones, and the ground was torn and smashed by her husband.

"Mom, I have homework, ask my father, he is suspected of stupid, playing my hand, I also tear my roll." Dabao said, while crying.

Wang Yang went to cry, and found that the two treasures were diapers on the bed, on the pants, on the ground, the children's legs were stained with urine.

When I gave my child, Wang Yang shouted her husband to help.

"You don't make a penny, take care of your child is your job. Are you going shopping for a long time?" Husband is bigger than Wang Yang's anger.

Wang Yang did not take the theory of her husband, pulled up Dabao, holding the second treasure, and went to the vegetable market.

When Wang Yang did dinner, take care of a dinner, washed a bowl of disc, and did homework with Dabao, read the painting, and took a shower for the second treasure, which was 10:30 in the evening.

She walked into the bedroom bathroom, soaking her husband, her husband, had just changed her husband, and she took her husband today's stinking socks. These, they needed that Wang Yang was washed, and her husband was lying on the bed. Brush mobile phone.

Wang Yang took his new underwear to her husband, her husband saw the label, ridicuing: "Flower for yourself, you can be enough, just like 399 yuan?"

"Funny, 169 yuan to buy." Wang Yang answered.

"That is too expensive, 169 yuan, how many things can you buy?" The husband is not forgiving.

"But you have a lot of clothes, a pair of shoes must be thousands, one shirt is also a few hundred, you buy a box of socks more than a hundred." Wang Yang refuted husband.

"I am a man, I want to go out, I want to face, what about you? You are in the vegetable market, the child school is going back and walk, wearing such a expensive underwear, others can't see, you are too vain." Husband It is very straightforward.

"A underwear is 29 yuan? If you are pregnant, you will be stupid after you have a child? This is also worth it?" The husband saw the underwear from Wang Yang, completely angry.

"I bought a coupon, I can't take 9 money." Wang Yang explained.

"This is the routine of people, let you spend more money, fool!" Husband anger.

"But you have 180 yuan for three underwear, you don't feel expensive, and don't feel that it is a business set." Wang Yang was reversed.

"Money is what I earn, I think how to spend it, you can't do it, you can also make it." The husband made the killing hand, ending and Wang Yang quarrel.

Almost every quarrel, as long as the husband said this sentence, Wang Yang will shut up, because the husband will say:

"What will you do with children?"

"Isn't it a cleaning of hygiene? What is the grievance?"

"Take a child, it is a mother's live."


A sentence is more than a sentence.

Therefore, Wang Yang chose to shut up, and then look at the dirty underwear of her husband in the bathroom, stink, she decided to divorce.

In fact, Wang Yang's experience is not an example. Many housekeins have lost their economic capabilities, and they have lost their rights in their families. They are respected rights, and they are treated equally, and even wear a comfortable special underwear. Nothing.

Today, I also remind the protagonists in my life, to care for the housewife, care for the mother, give women more love, can make women become better, wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, one home will Temperature.

May the above text, with my readers.

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