Seeing a man, don't think too much, seeing his behavior is a number

True is tested, it is easy. When a man you don't hate is close to you, when you want to be with you, you will definitely want to know, the other party wants long-term development, or another? After all, every woman wants to have money Zhong Book, Yang Wei, a one-generation perfect love. However, the people are hard to measure, there are too many men playing in this world. He may be greedy for your youth, or you can idle your gentle ... In short, he may just pass the traveler, attracted by your flower, so he is stationed And even picked you, but his destination is in the distance. I was discarded by him, it is your ending.

Is not it what you want.

In fact, in the way to pursue a beautiful love, people who encounter one or two mistakes are inevitable. People who meet the wrong mistakes are not terrible. It is terrible that you have exhausted all your enthusiasm for this mistake, so that you will no longer believe in love. Youth is sometimes limited, enthusiasm is also exhausted, so it is important to see that men are close to your purpose. In fact, love is detail, men love or don't love, always track. Generally speaking, a man is with you, is a long-term development or another purpose, seeing his actions.

First: When you are with you, you will give you your most precise.

A man wants to develop long-term, with a core behavior, that is, whether he is willing to pay for your feelings, paying his most precise, and most rare.

What is the most scarce and cherished thing? Under normal circumstances, for a young man, it is generally not particularly rich, but the time is relatively abundant. Therefore, money is for him, and he often praises. For a mature, high-quality man or rich second generation, it is relatively large in the economy. Time is more short, because he is busy with career, many social activities have to occupy a lot of time.

For men of the economy, the most shortcoming is money, he spends you for you, maybe because he is efficient, knowing that the money is the fastest way to touch women, but he does not always love you. For men who are abundant, surrounded by you a day, willing to spend time for you, but don't want to spend a penny for you, there is no substantive payment, such a man must not love you. Because they have not paid, they cherish things.

Summary, a man who has no money is willing to spend money for you; a man who has no time is willing to spend time for you, such a behavior is the truly paid to you. A man who truly pays to you is to develop long-term development.

Second: I will talk to you the truth of life, plan for your future

There is a question in knowing: "What kind of behavior is what is really like a girl, not playing?" There is a high praise to answer this: "I really want to marry you, will And you communicate with you. Just want to play with men, you will agree with you every point. "If a man is just playing, then he will be very controversible for your attitude, with all your point of view, kid you The heart is ambiguous, then take advantage of it.

But if he wants to have a long-term development with you, he will show a sense of man's responsibility, will not be bind you independently, care about your long-term interests, plan for your future. Because he knows that the truth of life is difficult. The essence of marriage is the same boat, and the wind and rain, your health, your academic business, these are related to your future. If a man is together, I like to constrain you, don't let you stay up late, drink, clear makeup, don't let you chase the vetera, brush the video, supervise your work, learn, save ... you may feel annoying, but He is treating you as a future partner, he wants to develop long-term development.

Third: With you, take you into the core social network

I believe that many girls know if a man is really trying to get along with you, and he is willing to disclose your girlfriend identity and is close. Because men are "sovereign awareness", when he is with you, he will not wait to declare "sovereignty" and will bring you into his social circle, let his social relationship know your existence.

The goddess of "女" is a "emptie", specializing in people to identify love true and false, but in real life, you are your own "allergy". You have to learn to identify the authenticity of men's feelings through the details of the interaction. If a man is with you, there are three kinds of behaviors, then he must have long-term development with you.

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