Phoenix male small abacus: I have six thousand months old, I want to find a woman with money, filial piety, my parents.

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Everyone has certain requirements for their marriage objects, that is, the choice of choice. Some people want their other half of the soft body stickers, so good explanation; some people want their other half of them; if they want their other half of them, they can give their own rich life.

In fact, everyone has the same requirements for the other half, which is actually related to each person's attitude towards marriage. Some people hopes that their marriage is the continuation of love, so they have a persistent pursuit of feelings; some people want their own marriage life substances, and they are not important, so they ask the other half asking for money.

However, the choice of choice needs to take their own reality, everyone wants to find a favorite, gentle, rich, rich in gold. But is it possible? The choice is mutual, your own conditions have already determined what kind of partner you can find.

So when you choose, you must pay attention to this, you have to find one and the other half of your condition. This will increase the success rate. If so, those who are older, the remaining women are very good.


In real life, there are many people's understanding of their own knowledge, or they always overestimate their own conditions, and degrading the value of others. This kind of person is white, it is some of the big and not self-knowledge.

When this kind of person is choosing, it will also play his shortcomings. For example, some of the older women we know, they will be left, because the mate selection is too high, and their own conditions are general, overestimate themselves, so that there is no man will marry them.

Some men are the same, I feel that I am very excellent, so I pick three pick four when I choose, put forward many unreasonable conditions, and there is no woman to choose them.

As the saying: people are expensive. This sentence is given to those who don't know.

My friend Xiao Wei once told me such a thing, let me remember. When she blind date, she met a man, and she was very wonderful. Xiaoyan is still behind him, so I came to me.


Xiaoyu is 28 years old. It is divided into marriage, so the parents in the house have been urging her to get married. Two boyfriends have been talked before Xiaoyu, but because some reasons are broken up. Always until now, Xiao Wei has always been single.

She doesn't want to fall in love, but only a single time, I feel that a person is not bad, I am used to the day. But parents don't think so, my parents think that women should get married, let a man take care of a lifetime.

So I forced Xiaoyuan to go to the blind date and see some men. Xiao Wei felt very hard to think, because I always feel that I can't marry, why do you want to see these men.

But my parents have been in her ear, let her not bother, so I have to compromise, promise to go.

In the past two years, Xiaoyu has also seen a lot of men, but never encounters the person she like, she has disappointed the way of the blind date, I feel that I haven't used it.


In fact, many people will have this feeling when they are single, I feel that I have to live alone, no one loves, and I can't love it. But in the end, we will find that he, may wait for a long time, but he will come, soothing our loneliness, we don't.

But the days of loneliness is very difficult, will make people lose confidence, will suspect love and marriage, hidden in hysterical. But as long as we are patient, the fate will definitely give us that person in this life.

The arrival of the fate is inexplicable, and the beginning of love is not asked.

But the love belonging to Xiaoyu has not arrived, she is still waiting for the other half of her own.

In the first few days, a friend of Xiaoyan parents introduced a man, saying that it is OK, it can be seen. Xiaoyu has no hope for this kind of blind date, but his parents are hard to meet her, and they will give a friend.

Xiao Wei can't see it. But the blind date of this man, so that Xiao Wei is unforgettable.


Xiaoyu's blind date is a civil servant, saying that the conditions are not bad, but Xiaoyu follows up to understand that men's conditions are very general.

The man's name is Jiayi, a civil servant, six thousand months, but the family is very poor, the hometown is a farmer, and the brothers and sisters in the family are a lot, so they have been very poor.

Jiawei is the only college student at home. After graduation, he is working hard to test the civil servant. It is the pride of the whole family.

Xiao Wei did not feel something to him. The two poins did not face, just talked a few words on WeChat, and they will meet on Sunday in a café.

When I met on that day, Xiaoyuan went to the approved, and I found that Jiayi is already waiting there, she is still more satisfied. After two people sat down, I chatted a few words, Jiayi took directly into the topic.

Jiaxu said: "I listen to the introducers say that you have good condition, your parents are state-owned employees. I will come to you. I have to know that my conditions are also very excellent. The general woman I can't see it."

Xiao Yan listened this sentence, some dislike, but still endured and did not speak.


Jiayi saw Xiao Yan did not speak, continue: "I don't know if the introducer said that I am a civil servant, the monthly salary is now around 6,000. My mate selection is very simple, as long as the female mother has money, she has work, the most important It is necessary to filial my parents. Because my parents are not easy, I hope my wife is better than treating the biological parents. I don't know if you can do it? "Xiao Wei has already wanted to go, she saw this Phoenix men are not faced, they have six thousand months old, and they also want to marry a good family, waiting for his parents. Is this a wife, just find a rich babysitter?

Xiao Yan stood up and said: "Then, my condition is not suitable, I am sorry that I am withdrawn."

I didn't expect Jiayi to continue: "Your family is good, as long as you are filial to my parents, I can consider you."

In the words of the words, Xiao Yan can't marry it, Xiao Yan is anxious to say: "Sorry, you don't match!" After that, he left.

After this blind date, Xiaoyu's impression of Phoenix is ​​very bad. I feel that they have no self-knowledge, but also say that they will definitely not marry the Phoenix male.

In fact, it is necessary to see what you are in the case, and then choose someone else. Don't blindly, this will only make people laugh.


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