"Sexual Marriage Tragedy" begins: men's factorless to become a laughter, afraid of divorce to kill the father-in-law

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In the traditional Chinese culture, the shame is a good morality. Under this culture, ordinary people feel that they will talk about their sex life with their partners, and those who don't have sexual ability hear their other half of the public. It may be that I will feel that I will disappear for disgusting and even began to generate complaints. This case is the consequence of four people.

Zhongxai was originally a good person. He is too ordinary.

Zhongxai is a person in a village in Yueyang City, Hunan Province. He has been in junior high school, and after going home, he will do it after going home, and then do a decoration worker, though Others are very bored, don't talk, but because people are honest, people in the village are still nice to his arms.

Zhongxai has never talked about love. After someone else, he met Zhu Chen. Two people didn't spend a long time to get along with it. After the first month of 2013, I wedd for marriage. After marriage, the husband and wife did not As newly married couples are like a glue, but some don't twist.

Zhonglu could not talk about chatting friends, and there was nothing right between his wife or something else, he often went to find a sister, Li, seeking help.

Zhu Chen and his husband can't get along, not to mention the father-in-law, she often quarrel with them, and finally revealed why Zhongxai and she could not be like normal couples, because Zhonglu can't work.

Zhonglu and Zhu Chen were married for half a year. Zhu Chen's stomach still did not move, and went to the parents of Zhonghua. She went to the hospital with her son. One check, Zhu Chen did not lie, Zhonglu really did not Performance, even if there is any life, can you still have children?

Looking at the normal life, there is no hope, National Day Zhu Chen is working out with his sister and brother-in-law, and there is no problem with Zhongxian and Zhu Chen, which are seen, and Zhu Chen did not have any problems. After returning, things happened.

At the time of the Spring Festival, Zhu Chen returned to the hometown. He went to the street with his own family. She wanted a pair of shoes. When I didn't say it, I gave money, after the beginning of the year, I became a birthday, Zhu Chen also spent money to send her a gold earrings. At this time, it seems that two people have room for recovery.

At the beginning of the seventh, two people may want to try again. It can't have normal couples. Zhongxai is not a few days. Zhu Chen has begun to give up, and it is not willing to cooperate with him even to have a speech. It is proposed to divorce, and Zhongxian will lose ingredients, and let her have a meal. Those who dare to divorce her.

Usually Zhu Chen also often mentioned the unreportable things with people, and the two have not had children to confirm what she said. At this time, there are people in the village to talk about the meal.

After being hit by Zhu Chen returned to the mother's home, her family didn't ask if it can guess what might happen, so Zhu Chen's father Zhu Yuanwen will go to Zhonglu and his family theory. The words are very fierce. .

The father of Zhongxai knows that his son is not good. I am afraid that Zhu Chen is really divorced. After his son, no one is going, so let her son pull Zhu Chen's brother-in-law to return Zhu Chen to Shenzhen's working tickets. .

In the first day of the first month, I didn't make a bright bell to refine, I went to Zhu Jia, and I was cruel to my father, my wife, and my little wheel were cruel, and I left a four sunshine. Among them, I felt that my little scorpion was innocent, but I was afraid of myself. These things have been retaliated by him, so they can only kill him, and later, I will find my son's suicide in my house, I know that it is.

Zhu Yuanwen's younger brother Zhu Yuan can call Zhu Yuan Wen's door. After the no one responded, Zhu Yuan can scream the door and found that the corpse will report the police. When the police were investigated, they found a clock in the lake. The body.

When I was killing, I went to the waterfront. Several middle school students saw that he took a few cigarettes, as if he had a decision of death, he drank poison and tied the weight on himself, and finally did not hesitate to jump Xiangjiang.

A tragedy of a marriage is just more than this, it may be because they feel the shame and have been launched. The minds of Zhongxai began to become cold and vicious. They were assigned by hatred, so that in addition to his good brother-in-law The child did not die in his hand, and the people in the father-in-law were all killed by him.

He only thought that the little scorpion may retaliate and unfavorable to his parents, but did not think that his behavior is the biggest harm to his parents.

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