"There is you in this life" is exhausted!Talking to Nie Yu is separated from 7 years, but it is because of a lie.

When he was almost pregnant 40 days, she found Nie Yuzhen, telling him that she never loved him, and he went to bed with him, that is, in order to fight out his child, retaliate him.

He doesn't understand, so many years of love, so many years, how can you let go of yourself?

He didn't know what he did, let him talk about him, so hate him.

When Nie Yuzhen came from high school, I like to talk.

At that time, Nie Yu was fighting at school. Just talking about the side, he was afraid to talk about stating, and he followed her all the way, and he also warned her, let him not tell anyone.

Nie Yu's reading has been wellformed, and the school has already left a guarantee, but once he knew that he was fighting outside, then his places can't keep it.

He is very worried, just ran to warn talk.

Talking is true that I didn't want to get a leisure, and I didn't put this thing in my heart. If Nie Yu has found her, she may forget this.

Because of this, Nie Yu felt that this person is good, so slowly, then slowly moved by her, slowly fell in love with her.

The first love is beautiful.

Both two people have been full of future, thinking that two people will be old, and they have planned the future.

From high school to universities, two of them become more sweet, often use mailboxes.

At this time, Nie Yu's father appeared. He found it to talk, gave her a Hong Kong villa, let her transfer to her next, then stay away from Nie Yu.

Talking about Quiet, I didn't pay attention to Nie Dongyuan, and I didn't tell Nie Yu.

Two people continue together, sweet and happy.

Nie Dongyuan didn't like to talk, he thought it was a young man's love, nothing big, talk about it, there is nothing in the future.

Until Nie Yu turned from the financial industry to the medical industry, just because the family got a heart disease, he wanted to help her, let Nie Dongyuan understand this little woman named talking, and affects his son.

He found Nie Yuzhen, warned him, let him not play a child, have a good book, can't turn professional, don't talk to it again.

Nie Yu, of course, did not want to hear the command of his father, he continued his doctor and continued to talk to love.

Nie Dongyuan finally broke the source of economic sources of Nie Yu, and did not give him a penny.

Nie Yu is still my life, no money will go to work, and I don't want to be separated from the talk. I still want two people to go abroad, stay away from Nie Dongyuan.

Just talking about quiet and Nie Yu, two people are ready, and when they want to go abroad, they will talk about quiet.

Talking about Nie Yu, telling him that she never loved him, and the child has already knocked, she won't go abroad abroad, they finish it.

Why do you talk about singles?

Nie Dongyuan was tuned, and he did not break up with Nie Yu.

When the mother opposed, he did not break up with Nie Yu.

However, now, talk about the child, two people planned the future, she suddenly branked, and people were very confused.

It turned out that the mother's notes were discovered, and the notebook recorded the father's death truth.

Talking about my father once is the technical worker in the factory, holding a secret recipe, and the famous school of Dongyuan Group is "this Fang Zi".

Talking about being killed by a car, the Public Security Bureau did not find any clues, just considered a traffic accident, but the mother of talking, but he felt that he was killed, especially when she knew the east When the group's formula and the square of her husband in her husband were, she was even more affirmed.

So she began to approach Nie Yuzhen.

She wanted to approach Nie Dongyuan, but he was the company's boss, the time is very small, it is difficult to touch him, so she is aimed at his son Nie Yu.

She is a piano teacher, go to Nie Yu, Nie Yu, I like her.

Nie Dongyuan found a lot of teachers, not satisfied, and found that the mother did very much Nie Yu like, so decided to leave her.

I have repeatedly eaten, chat, and two people slowly come together.

Although Nie Dongyuan likes her, he has never thought of married her, but said that when a lover is like.

Talking about my mother, I broke up with him, and then quit my tutor.

Nie Dongyuan thought she was a desire, she was ignored for a long time. Later, he found that she really didn't care, but did not want to play with him, he was a bit panicked.

So he took the initiative to contact her, I want to talk to her.

She is ready to go out, with Nie Dongyuan for so long, she did not find any evidence, she didn't intend to continue the circle, ready to ask him directly.

Perhaps because of anger, the woman I like, I still remember her ex-husband.

It is also a mustal, the original woman and yourself, close to yourself, is to explore evidence.

More proliferation, Nie Dongyuan told her directly! Her husband was killed by him, and then he got the family from his husband, it has achieved the achievements of the Dongyuan Group.

In this way, both of them are not happy.

Nie Dongyuan thought that it was just a woman. He didn't want to spend his mind. After that, he will no longer pay attention to her.

And the mother talking is more humble. I didn't expect that I fell in love with the enemy. She couldn't face her husband. She could not face the child. She broke the medicine of heart disease, and finally the heart disease was recurred. She likes the day, writing all things on the book, and the cause is due.

She didn't say anything, she could only write down, she may not want her daughter to see, and perhaps she wants her to see the truth.

When she got a long time, I was here in the corner of the house, I found this notebook, I found my father's death, mother committed the truth.

Talking about quiet, there is no way to face Nie Yuzhen.

She is unable to be with Nie Yu.

As long as I am with him, I think of my father's death, think of the truth of my mother suicide.

That is the son of the enemy.

How can she be with the son of the enemy?

So she broke up and told Nie Yu to kill the child and told him that he never loved him.

In this way, she was separated from Nie Yu for 7 years. She gave birth to her child, and she used his feelings and had been trying to live.

Nie Yu started from him, and became a walking dead, suffering from psychological disease.

Two people were separated for 7 years, wasted for 7 years, suffering for 7 years, come to the end, but it is a misunderstanding, think about it.

It turned out that Nie Dongyuan did not find someone to hit the father. His secret recipe was given by his lover, and he deceived his mother, but because of the gas.

Just didn't think of his "breath", causing a series of chain reactions, first talking about the mother suicide, then talking to Nie Yu's breakup, then Nie Yu's abroad, from this father and son, until 7 years, the truth, It turns out that everything is just misunderstood.

It is really impossible to see people, and the cost of lying is too big.

If Nie Dongyuan explains clearly, not the reason is not sincerely, maybe there is no such thing in the future, maybe he can also get a happy home, a thoughtful wife, a intimate son, will not be with the grandson whit. 7 year.

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