"Our family gives 10,000 color gifts, your home is accompanied by married suites" "Auntie, my home, I can't climb"

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Ms. Zhong, I used to encounter the kind of mother-in-law that would be difficult to be difficult to do before the TV series. I didn't expect that she really met such a mother-in-law like this, but she felt her future. Mother-in-law is too much, she doesn't want to marry her boyfriend.

Ms. Zhong talks about two years of love. She felt the feelings of the two people, it can be said that it is already a step that can be stepped into marriage, and her boyfriend also made a marriage for her, and she also Agree, this thought that two of them would be very smooth to get married, but they did not expect that some accidents occurred. In these two years of love with your boyfriend, she didn't have this kind of mother-in-law, just from her boyfriend's mouth, heard that she was a woman who was very good, even her boyfriend was still still She guaranteed that if they got married, she and her mother-in-law will definitely happen.

But now she feels that her boyfriend said, it is really untrustworthy, because when they discuss this matter, she is a mother-in-law, and even if she doesn't want to give gifts, I have said a lot. If you don't listen, her heart is really no way to swallow. If there is no such thing, she will definitely walk to the step of marriage with her boyfriend, but since she happened these things, she really had a way to get married with her boyfriend. Really, She is particularly disappointed with her boyfriend, she feels that this feeling is to end.

She and her boyfriend were aware that when she came into contact with her boyfriend, she can say that her boyfriend can say that there is not much feelings, but it is a hard to pursue her, but also She was in love at first sight, and she had no way to live in her sweet words at that time, so I promised her boyfriend. In the past two years in love with your boyfriend, she also felt more happiness. She once again thought that she was getting married with her boyfriend, and married her boyfriend must be special happiness. . But she really considers a lot, she feels that she is not two people, but two families.

In fact, in the past two years in love with your boyfriend, her boyfriend will also bring her home to play, and she has lived with her brotherhood at that time, but she can say that she is very good at that time. And even told her, let her marry their families early, such a family, will be more happiness in the future. Seriously, each time I heard these words, her heart can be said to be particularly happy, because this can prove that she is asked as a family as a family, did not treat her as a Outside perspective, but now she feels that this is really a joke, especially ridiculous.

Some time ago, her boyfriend married her, saying that two of them talk about two years of love, and it was the step of getting married. And when she didn't think about too much things, she felt that her homes' family conditions were good, and her mother-in-law is also possible, then she married her boyfriend is also normal, after all, she is in a correct People. Talking about getting married. It must be that two people sit down and discuss the gift. Her parents mean to say that the gift of 60,000 yuan, when her parents will be divided by her boyfriend, equivalent to say that their home can be said to be stuck, No to her boyfriend's family, she can say it very satisfied with this practice of her parents.

I didn't think of her very good-talking mother-in-law, this thing to give her parents to have 60,000 yuan of money, and even said with her parents: "There is only 10,000 yuan of money in our home, and we Home gives 10,000 yuan, your home must accompany a house, or this marriage does not agree, and they have been living for a year, which is equivalent to getting married, so this thing is nothing more than a good business, must follow us The condition requirements of home. "

I heard the sentence of my own mother-in-law, she can say it is particularly surprised, even asked her boyfriend, what is the situation of her boyfriend, but she thought that her boyfriend would solve this thing, but did not think that her boyfriend is completely Standing on his parents, he would not pay attention to her parents' feelings, and even didn't think about her mood. She saw her boyfriend and her mother-in-law, she said directly with her mother-in-law: "Your home I can't help it, I am not married. "

Seriously, I talked to the end of the two years of emotions and my boyfriend, she can say that she is especially unhappy, but she is soono, I let her heart is particularly uncomfortable. And she also felt obviously, she would like to pay attention to her, such a family, won't be happy.

Ms. Zhong felt that he had experienced such a relationship. In the future, she would have to know about this thing. She will definitely know more clearly. She doesn't want to talk about a love, then go to break up, she It is considered such a behavior to waste your own youth.

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