"Daughter-in-law, 30,000 months center is too expensive, I will wait for you" "Don't come, I don't want to wait for you."

Hello, everyone, I am a little Mo, do good jobs that are not busy, and live a wonderful life, you will go on the road ...

The mother-in-law of others, take the child to do housework is row. But there are also some mother-in-law, the sample is not in touch. Not they will not do, but they habitually depend on others. Especially after my son married my wife, a good mother-in-law would have a distress, helping to do housework and bring children. Some mother-in-law only distressed their son, but they will not feel bad, often there will be many non-unhappy.

Divided by my mother-in-law, many times, I have to rely on true and understand. Because the mother-in-law is there is no blood, they are just walking together with the same man. If these two people can't treat it, then the small family will fly the chicken. 30,000 months, expensive? For the only girl Yang Fan, it is not expensive. Because she has a salary of more than 10,000, more than 30,000 months, but it is only a three-month salary.

In the eyes of the rural mother-in-law, 30,000 months, not only the high price, but also a waste of luxury, no need. Because the moon center, my mother-in-law didn't talk less gossip, but Yang Fan thought that she was not a mother-in-law, she would ignore her, I didn't want to give yourself.

Yang Fan and her husband are free love. When they have never seen their parents, they will live privately. After Yang Fan parents learned, it was almost necessary to break with her, because her husband's family is relatively poor. In the hope of parents, they are not right. Just Yang Fan, but thinking is that the parents are too poor, and the husband is in the country. They are young, they can fight their own. For this marriage, the family is very happy. After all, his son is divided into a city, and there is still a lot of dowry.

After marriage, the young couple first rented a house, and struggled for two or three years before buying his house. After the house bought it, my husband can't wait to pick up my parents. People are home, Yang Fan learned about this, I want to oppose it. After the mother-in-law came, I started the chicken flying dog jumping at home. Yang Fan although the salary is high, she is very big. Generally watching things, most of them will bought it. Therefore, the mother-in-law believes that Yang Fan is not a woman who is diligent, and the money is big, it is a defeated mother.

Because I can't see my eyes, my mother-in-law has been telling his son, saying that the wife Yang Fan is not. Over time, the little two feelings are slowly uncomfortable, often quarrel in the mother-in-law problem. My mother-in-law is not used to Yang Fan's delicious lazy, often makes her do housework. And Yang Fan is very popular, and there is no housework in his own home. Don't say that you can't get tired every day. She did a month, I didn't do it. In the end, Yang Fan proposed, or mother-in-law returned to his hometown, or they divorced. Husband has no way to send his parents back to my hometown.

After the in-laws left, the feelings of the young couple slowly repaired, Yang Fan is still pregnant. After pregnancy, Yang Fan took a long time, his parents were still working, there is no retirement, naturally no way to take care of themselves. And the old man, she is not willing to shout, add trouble, decide to order 30,000 yuan of money, so it will be contradictory. But her wishful abacus, after the husband told the herring, she was smashed by her mother-in-law. My mother-in-law said in the phone, "Daughter-in-law, 30,000 months center is too expensive, I will wait for you." When I heard my mother-in-law, Yang Fan suddenly sweared.

My mother-in-law didn't come, she and her husband have a lot of comfort. Can you come, the whole family has to start the chicken flying dog jump, not to mention the mother-in-law, and may not take care of her. Maybe more time, I have to go to Yang Fan to wait for her. Yang Fan did not consider, directly replied "Don't come, I don't want to wait for you." After being refused, the mother-in-law also cried all kinds of Yang Fan husband, saying that the daughter-in-law disadvantages them, and he is not willing to let them look at the grandson. My husband is a filial son, I can't stop the pressure, I finally compromised, I have been grinding the soft bubble of Yang Fan, saying that the moon is expensive, and where is more experienced?

Yang Fan couldn't laugh. She thought that her mother-in-law came, she would not be able to help, maybe more is more messy. What's more, it is her own money to sit on the moon. Some old people like to have no things, but they don't have this ability, but they still have to extend their hands. Even if they know that they have come to their son, they can't help, but they still like to look at the show.

Between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, it was originally a distance from water. Without a bowl of water, it is easy to produce contradictions in the mother-in-law. If a man in the middle, he can't firmly firm your position at this time, then the family war is not very good.

Daughter-in-law is willing to spend their money to the moon center, mother-in-law should be happy. After all, this is to save yourself, because the mother-in-law will always be dissatisfied with the mother-in-law. It is better to retreat, it is better to return to the second line, everything hesishes from the young people, you can enjoy your old age.

Good time is always short, thank you for reading here, I hope that the story between us will continue, Xiaomo is ready to listen, is your story ready?

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