During pregnancy, girlfriends came to my house every day, and after she bending the laces, I decided to pay with her.

Hello everyone, I am Yu Yu, welcome to Yu Yu and love. Write an emotional text, I hope to use the temperature of the text, bring you some spiritual comfort.

At the beginning of my girlfriend, it was a very beautiful word. We are eager to have a perfect companion, and I hope to have a perfect friend. I know that I know, as long as I am not happy, you will appear around me, you know every point. But gradually, girlfriends become imperfect, become a person who is not loyal in the eyes of most people, she will deceive you, betray you, will leave you.

The chlorial said: "The most cute people in life is only loyal to others."

I can first come together because we have a lot of the same place, because we treat each other sincerely. When we start with deception, when we have the feelings of our feelings become unprofitted, then everything is not reached, and it will be a bit of crossroads.

Single bridesmaid

Yan Qiao and the road have become a good friend from junior high school. At that time, the family conditions of Yan Qian were very general, but she was very vying for the first grade, and her parents hurt her. The road is very superior, the results are general, and her parents are not good. At least three days in the week, they have to quarrel.

There is a road to talk to a school with a boy, because from the influence of the parents, the character of the road is also a bit violent, as long as someone can't get it, she will never give it. However, the girl's strength is certainly more than boys. At that time, the age was young, the boys pushed the road to the ground, Yan Ji immediately blocked in front of the road: "Zhang Yang, you are a man, how can you still play a woman? Do you have a little bit? "

"You must do this thing, you don't care, she hits me first, let her apologize to me."

"This kind of little thing, you are a man, don't talk to women, I apologize to you for her, sorry."

"Yes, I don't care about you on the face of Yan Qian."

Because the temper of the road is not very good, there is no one to make friends with her, but they have been alone, but in the face of the protection of Yan Qiu, the road is a bit changed to this school. Since then, two people have become a good friend, and you will call her every time, and the road will eat snacks to Yan Qian. At each other's birthday, you will send each other gifts and will pass your birthday.

Later, two people were examined together with the same high school. He also took the same university, but Yan Qiao is handed over to other friends, but the road is still unwilling to communicate with others, only to pay one person with Yan, but temper is It has been eased.

When I was in the third year, I was in love. I just learned that the road is a bit unhappy. Yan Qiao is more comfortable: "You can rest assured, you will always be the best girlfriends in my life, and is The only girlfriend. "

"That is good, I have to be your only bride, this location can not give others, this can be a decision a few years ago."

In junior high school, two kinds of girls talk about the future life topics, and the road is to get married in the future, they will be the only bridesmaid, if the road is married, let Yan Qian do a road to bridesmaid . Later, after three years of graduation, Yan Yuxi got married, and the road was a single bride.

2. Variable friendship

The road to the road is very smooth. I have been buying a house for four years, and I bought the same community with Yan Qian. She said that she didn't want to be too far from Yan, they had to have a good friend. In fact, I started to learn the road and live in the same community. I am very happy, because I can go out with the road to play, but when I talked with my husband, my husband did let Yan Justic Point is wrong.

"Husband, do you know, I bought a house in our community a few days ago, I will play with her."

"Wife, you are good friends, girlfriends, but don't live together like a piece of baby, you have your own family, but also with little baby, affirming that most of the spirit is in your own family. On the side, she must have her own life. The girlfriend doesn't say anything. It can be like this, because in addition to my family, my friend is the most important, but now everyone grows up, and many things will become complicated, I always I feel that she is not so simple. "

"You say it is also right."

"Your feelings will not be faint because of distance."

"But I can't say that she moved out of this community, this is the right of people."

"I don't mean this, just you have to maintain your own life, don't deliberately reduce your contact, as long as you don't affect your life, your wife is something, you may not know, actually I know you Just know you girlfriends, I always feel that she likes me, always about me to eat gift. "

"Since you have this story, I have not told me, I am angry."

"Wife, listen to me, later I didn't be with you, she saw that my eyes have always said that I can't say a clear feeling, saying that I will quit the community later, I also tell her I have Girlfriend, afterwards need to remain distance. "

"Look at you sincere attitude, you don't care about you."

"I thought that the road told you."

"You said this, it seems to be true. When you haven't followed me, the road is full of smiles all over the day, I feel like falling in love." "" Great people are not wrong to my friends, but You can't trust someone, or keep your privacy, understand? "

"Know it."

"Take a break early, you have more rest."

3. I will know him first.

Since the road to know that the girlfriend is pregnant, the road often comes from the family to see her. At the beginning, you will feel that there is no problem, but gradually, you will come home every day. It is still diligent with my mother, and they will come once a week. But in love, Yan Qiao is not good to tell her later, her husband seems to have seen the idea of ​​Yan Qian.

"Road, my wife has my husband to take care of this, you don't have to worry, don't come here, I can't distract, I can't take care of your diet, I can only take care of my wife. And my daughter. "

"Dubo is here to rush me."

"Start, don't call me like this, call the full name, this is the exclusive of my wife."

"Cut, when I was in the community, I didn't see you against you several times."

"I have not the same now, I have a wife."

"Why didn't I take you with such a good man?"

"Miss Road, I ask you to say that these words have lost their identity, I only have my wife in my heart."

Yan heshe I want to drink water, but listen to the road in the door of the house, I am so embarrassing, turning it off, my husband heard the voice, immediately said: "The road will not send you, pregnant women Emotion is unstable, often angry, I have to go to the hood. "After that, the husband entered the bedroom.

Yan Qiao took a break in eight months of pregnancy, raising the preparation at home. At the weekend, the road was coming again. The husband went to the food to buy food, the road roared, I still didn't worry, I would have to see Yan Qian, after all, I have been eight months. But Yan Qiao looked at the road to wear, and he was unhappy. Although the weather is not cold, but just enter the autumn, the road is wearing a low chest lumbar and miniskirt, the first few pavements will be a bit Dew, but this time is too late.

The road roaming the lace is scattered, it is bent over to the lace. Yan hesitate to see her bending on this chest, the gully in front of this chest, it reveals more than half outside, the pregnant woman is easy to think about, plus the previous road Various behaviors, Yan Qiao finally couldn't help.

"Road, what do you wear this today?"

"I didn't want to do something, I want to change the style, look good?"

"Do you like my husband, I am pregnant to come to my house during this time, but also say that you don't think I don't know."

"Yan, you don't think too much."

"Road, I only know, you are the first to know with my husband, do you just want to seduce him?"

"What is the seduce, I will first know him first, I just take my own things, why you will take him away." The road is to say that she said it directly.

"You finally admitted, I was paid for your feelings, don't play in front of me in the future."

"You are very good from small, you have a very superior sense, with anything you want, I am like a fidum, you are very proud."

"I have always used you to be a good friend, I sincerely, you are actually this idea, you will go, I don't want to talk to you again."

4. Loyal

Loyalty, treating emotional loyalty, whether it is love or friendship, or affection; treats feelings to be honest, no matter what love friendship is still affection, talking about his own ideas, in fact, it is the best way to himself, not Choose quiet to do unethical things.

Midand said: "You can see the endurance of donkey on the road, you can see the loyalty of friendship."

The Uyghur also has a saying: "Loyalty is the bridge of love, fraud is the enemy of friendship."

People's feelings cannot be controlled, but we can restrain your behavior, you are unfaithful for friendship, and there will always be a love you believe in love.

Listen to thousands of stories, know that people are warm, I am Yu Yu. Use the text record a little bit of love, welcome reviews, leave a message, talk about your heart.

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