"I am happy to come back these two days, you quickly come back" "Sorry, I am married tomorrow"

The most difficult to handle in the family is the most difficult to balance is the relationship between the mother-in-law. Two women who don't meet each other are living under the same roof because of a man. Different concepts, customs, age is also very far, in which case friction is very common.

Some mother-in-law always have a lot of ideas. For example, the son "married the bride forgot the old mother", seeing the little couple of intimacy, there is an imbalance in my heart, the loss, so the daughter-in-law is not pleasing, The various small things are deliberately difficult, and the jrants are more than the wicked.

The mother-in-law relationship is not difficult to solve, as long as the two have retired, all people doing things, the contradiction will be a large extent, but many mother-in-law is not only do not know, but also feel this is the child. Daughter-in-law is afraid of her, so that I have never enough. Naturally, no one is born to be soft and persimmon. For this one, then the three behaviors, the daughter-in-law will naturally counterattack.

Wang Ying and his mother-in-law conflict, but her husband always went to her mother-in-law. After Wang Ying, she chose to divorce, and did not expect her husband.

After Wang Ying married, the mother-in-law was actually married to the night.

Wang Ying and Han Chan in love have been in love for many years. Since so many years, the two have never been in a flat period, and the two are like a couple of love every day, very sweet. The people around you are also very envious of the feelings of two people. After all, in this era of "fast food love", it is very difficult to have a love in the year. It is very difficult.

For this sweet love, the two enjoy it very much, and it is very expected to be able to build their own families with the other party. However, this idea was quickly broken.

Wang Ying and Han Han's love long run finally ushered in the end, and Han Han asked Wang Ying to ask Wang Ying, and Wang Ying expects this day. It is natural to have a long-term hesitation, I promised Han Han's proposal.

Soon, the two people sat in the hotel to eat together, and discuss the matters of marriage. When it comes to the RV, Han Han's mother suddenly said: "The house has not yet gives Han Han, after all, I don't want to open it with him, so Wang Ying and Han Han still have to live with me. Let's work together. Do you want to mind? "

Listening to this, Wang Ying's parents are inevitable, just let Han Han's mother said, they don't say anything, and I don't want the other person to feel that my home is very loved. So I have to be polite, "The room is not the house is not important, the two children struggle after they are soon," I will buy it soon. "

Soon, various details are finalized, the two wedding days are also coming soon. The process of wedding a day is very compact, all over the day, both are very tired. After returning home, Wang Ying and Han Han sat on the sofa at home. The two were a pair of "Ge Youwei", and looked at the other person smile.

Suddenly, Han Han's mother came out of the bedroom, looked at the two people who did not survue, there was a unpleasant heart. She coughed, Wang Ying heard that she was sitting straight, but Han Han sat on the sofa, Han Han's mother said: "Han Han, sitting, you like what is like, there is no You can't wait until you have been so casual, how to get a marriage, this is not educated, there is no rule. Sit well. "" Mom, I know. "After that, Han Han sat up.

However, Han Han's mother, listening to Wang Ying's ear, but why is not a taste. Wang Ying only thought that his mother-in-law is saying that he has turned Han Han into this "no education, no rules". However, she is not good at getting married because she is a little bit of her mother and her mother-in-law, but she has to endure the awkwardness in my heart.

Not long after marriage, my mother-in-law is difficult

Not long after marriage, my mother-in-law suddenly told Wang Ying to say that Wang Ying took the color gift money, "Wang Ying, you haven't finished the new purchase of the new bought, you will take the color lottery, and the loan is still loans. This is more practical, and some interest is saved. "Wang Ying listened, very shocked, said," The car is actually loan bought? At that time, I thought you were just no room, I didn't expect the car and the loan. " "What do you mean, disliked us, it is, you have to have so many colorful gifts, I should think that you are such a person." The mother-in-law listened to Wang Ying, and the horse was not happy, start distortion Wang Ying's meaning.

"I don't want this. I just didn't expect the car and the loan didn't return." Wang Ying explained, but such explanation, in the mother-in-law, it is obviously unwanted. "It is too much to say that we are poor." "No, if I really be poor, I love. I just didn't expect that why your car loan does not tell me." Wang Ying only felt that he was more .

However, after the husband, Han Han, after get off work, on the table, mother-in-law suddenly mentioned this, "Han Han, your wife, I said nothing, I will take the color gift, I have to pay the money, I still have to give up our home. Room, you have no car. I am persuading, you can do it yourself. "

My mother-in-law, let Wang Ying feel unhappy, I didn't expect this matter from my mother-in-law's mouth, it turned out to be this meaning.

"I said, I just didn't think of the loan you didn't return. How did you give me a slight water?" Wang Ying said.

My mother-in-law listened to this, said, "You just come in for a few days, just yelle, yell, hey ..." He said, covering the chest, Han Han, I have said, "Wang Ying, my mother This is so big, what are you saying without her, I don't have to quarrel with her, and then let your money buy a car, it is not something else, how can I? "Wang Ying felt I am very wronged. Since marriage, my mother-in-law always contains sandy shadows, refers to the scorpion, and many words seem to say her again, but in fact, Wang Ying heard the meaning. After the postpartum mother-in-law is difficult, Wang Ying is determined to divorce

Soon, after a year of getting married, Wang Ying got a daughter, during the moon, and always had a lot of concepts with his mother-in-law. For example, the mother-in-law always relatives of the granddaughter's face, always look at her feeding, these may not be in the eyes of the older generation, and the older generation has no common sense for these, Wang Ying has only to make bacteria of the mother-in-law. The child is immunization.

But the mother-in-law listened, not only did not agree, but said this, "Are you dirty? Our previous child still looks like a pro, there is no problem, just strong, now the child can't touch, kiss I think you are deliberate to me. "

How did Wang Ying explain that it is useless. Finally, this farce ends with two people. However, after returning home, the mother-in-law said to Han Chan, and Han Han said Wang Ying. Wang Ying felt that the mother and child were unprotected, and Han Han was a big smaller, and the farce became more and more unhous. I will give a divorce.

However, there is no long after divorce, and Han Han came to find Wang Ying, and the toe is high-spirited, "I am happy to come back these two days." "Sorry, I am married tomorrow."

After listening to this, Han Han still feels not to believe, knowing Wang Ying took out the new wedding ring, he understood that everything could not be recovered.

In fact, marriage is contradictory, the most important solution, or the man in the middle to learn to regulate, the two sayings, do a good job in the middle regulation, let the two understand and tolerance, each. This family can have fewer contradictions.

If a man is just a person who is biased, it is not good. It's better to say that you may have just sought a little contradiction with your mother, but after all, it's my mother, time long, many problems can also be solved. But if you encounter a man who can't have a fool filial piety, I will biased my mother for a long time, and a family will give a daughter-in-law, a daughter-in-law, for a long time, this family will be four-fold five cracked, and men will also end food.

In short, in a family, the man is very important, the daughter-in-law, for you to come to a complete strange family, you should have a lot of lover.

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