A lot of a lot of money in the New Year's Day, be sure to see


Don't say that you don't say unlucky.

The first day of the New Year is a year of resigning the old and welcoming the new year. Therefore, the first day of the New Year does not say notee, if you should write Geely, if "Congratulations, Fa Cai", "Finance" Title "etc."

2. Don't be drunk.

New Year's Day, the whole family is round, it is inevitable to drink, but don't avoid being drunk. After being drunk, the illness, after the drunk, there is a possibility of vomiting, put the house to the house, bring a bad impression to the new atmosphere. In addition, relatives in the Spring Festival have been more than those of others, and it is not good.

3. Don't quarrel.

The first year of the New Year, each household is filled with a happy atmosphere. If you are noisy on this day, it will be particularly harsh, so that everyone is talking, and it is transmitted to a laughter. I don't want to quarrel in the beginning, there is any problem, I can negotiate slowly, and I will be resolved.

4. Don't bother your child.

Children sometimes don't understand things, they will have some small disasters, do something that makes people can't laugh. This happens in the New Year, don't bother children, or you will get a happy Spring Festival, you have a Spring Festival in your own heart, and your child has self-respect, and you must be based on education.

5. Don't get too late.

At the beginning of the New Year, I have to get up a firecracker earlier, welcome the blessing, I have to go to the elders, so I don't want to get too late. It's too late to miss the opportunity to give the old man a year, it is very rude.

6. Don't take medicine.

In the first one, I don't want to take medicine, please kindly, but if it is an emergency or doctor to take medicine, it can't be delayed.

Taboo of New Year

Don't urge

When I went to the New Year, if the other party went to the night, I would like to make a name when he got up. If you call his name, this means that the other party will be urged to be a matter of people. When I went to New Year, I would like to pay back to sleep, I must wait for the other party to get up.

Don't do clothes

Don't do clothes or repair clothes in the first few million. If you do clothes, use the knife and scissors, use the needlework, which is not good. According to the path of the knife and the shear, I can't escape the tongue and right in the new year.

Don't do housework

At the beginning, try not to do the clothes, cleaning the health and other housework. Washing clothes need to use water, but the birthday of Water God is in the first or second day, the washing clothes may have to be criminal. Don't dry the sewage, garbage, sweeping, and other housework, because it is easy to sweep away the wealth in the home. Don't use the ax in the countryside, because the firewood tight is "financial", the ax will not come back, and wealth will come back.

Don't borrow money or debt

Whether it is borrowing money or a debt. In the first day of others, I have to rely on others to maintain life in the four seasons; the first borrowed money will be outflow within one year. In addition, whether it is a debt or being debated, it will be very unlucky all year, so don't debt.

Avoid breaking things

If you break the bowl, disc, wine, etc. in the New Year, it means that the four seasons are not unlucky, so they should be careful when cooking. Be careful. If it is because the child is accidentally broken, it is not tight.

Hampered something

The first year of the New Year, it is best not to let people go to your own things. Don't let others take things from your own pockets. In this way, the money will be taken away by people. The hard work of this year is white.

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