Women and boyfriends want to open a room, but he insists on opening two: I am afraid I can't help but

A female reader sent a private letter that she thought her boyfriend conservative and talked about things and his boyfriend, said he was worried, so I look after can not help laughing. After all, ask before encountered are "man character," but this time it is the girls depressed, he said: want to eat him.

Girl named Little late, Xiaoyu and her boyfriend are on a gathering of friends know, first time I saw was a small late Xiaoyu was attracted by his appearance, then he knows good condition, immediately let the character was relatively active little late want with her.

The saying goes, "men chase women compartment Hill, women chasing men compartment yarn", quickly won Xiaoyu was little late, fell in love and now have enough for three months, Xiaoyu gentle but also to be more like little late he, so take advantage of both have time on weekends, and Xiaoyu wanted to go out and play, so there will be the next dialogue.

Could see little late and very happy for her boyfriend went out to play, so take the initiative to book a hotel room, you can think of more Wanji Tian, ​​but her boyfriend was in doubt, he said: "? Two - 'The girl asked to stay, and represents only a book rooms, implying they do not say so.

But let Xiaoyu says little book two nights, said he was afraid and little late Needing a room that time can not help, however little late just say "you and I are a couple ah, why should hold back ah! Do not tolerate live ah. "

However Xiaoyu said: "I am not ready, I'm not sure to let you wear a wedding dress, you can not take your clothes off." This statement, "earthy" words of love though so little touched by a hint of late, but still want him in a room, and you can give him benefits, however, still insisted Xiaoyu open the two rooms.

"I told my girlfriends say it, say three months know, want to eat him, but he was still all kinds of refuse. Girlfriends said he three outlooks positive, except I feel he is too conservative, is that he could feel something wrong with the body that he has other reasons. "

The ancients said "food color, sex also."

So men for women's beauty has always been like nature, especially women take the initiative, the case itself or girlfriend, the average man will not refuse, but Xiaoyu but again and again, and again pledged to open two rooms, he said Some earthy love, then, this move may be only himself, and in fact there is always a little late bad idea.

Indeed, men and sometimes women just for the sake of beauty, the same woman will lust after men, could see little late in this area is quite open to a girl, but like the boyfriend did not show nature.

In fact, this may have three reasons.

The first is probably little late to worry about it, Xiaoyu physical problems, but they do not want to admit that it has been trying to avoid thinking about marriage or after cure What is done can not be undone say.

The idea is a serious lack of respect for his girlfriend, full of self-expression, so as a girl must not matter, especially after there is doubt, and her boyfriend must be good communication, if there are problems so bear with two people, not in the future pay more feelings before he realized he had been deceived, that is of their own irresponsible.

The second is really a conservative Xiaoyu, for themselves and have a deep love of the protection, as he himself put it "OK to wear for her wedding, only to take off her clothes."

This man has been extremely rare in the community, that he has a strong self-control, for love is also very cherish, a good man belonging to the cream of the crop, but if this is a man, then a small late need to understand and communicate with him, understand him care and thought, let him know its own ideas, do not let the fuse into a kind of contradiction, let suspicion contamination of the pure feelings.

The third is just for fun with her Xiaoyu, outside there are people who prefer to order her Shoushenruyu.

In fact, the final analysis, the couple needs to communicate with each other, to understand the hearts of true thoughts, like little late with girlfriends say, if she really liked this man, and he wanted to go, we must organize language and say something good Xiaoyu, such feelings will sublimate, heart tangled and trouble will follow away.

And sometimes men in addition to cherish and care for his girlfriend, but also to understand her true thoughts, premarital "bed sleeping mat Huan" also did nothing wrong, as long as good measures, which will make both men feeling further channel. So do not put their own ideas but also to impose his girlfriend, otherwise this feeling more harm than benefit.

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