Men know the following points, you will become more charm, more attractive

I want to be a flower bonus, I want to become a slag man, as long as you have the following points you can, you can add a few points, the appearance and height, if it is hardware, then death, those It is the congenitality of parents, we have no power, but you can add add items to yourself according to your own hobbies, wait a series.

The first height and instrument are important

Girls like that high-spirited boys, of course, not the stupid, now this society is too fake, girls want to be height, can wear high heels, and boys want to increase the insoles, society Students think that the girl has only attractive boy to a high boy, but causing this reason to be traced back to ancient times, I don't know if you have heard of cave people, the cave people have long history, run through the Ice River, at that time There is a fierce beast. At that time, the woman is weak, helpless, it needs to be protected by male compatriots, so it can be survive, and this is also one of the main reasons for this reason.

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In fact, it is not so discouraged, no matter how, it is necessary to develop a good posture, stand straight, but shoulder, this is not only very high, but also very confident, after all, a man is talking to a woman Previously, the first impression is the appearance.

The second is a low voice.

A choice, female compatriots answer, a voice is a boy, the other is a low voice, if you let you choose a connection, most of them will choose the latter, because the low voice seems to be more mature, More security, more attractive to girls, and the sound is able to practice, more voice training and some voice courses, you will find new mainland, the original voice is like a musical instrument, you can change it.

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The third thing is to mature and stabilize

Growing up, it should become mature, put the mood, mature people do things very calm and steady, this can be seen from the movie, those who save the world, those movies The protagonist, meets the things, calm, calm analysis, thinking, seeking solutions, rather than panic, don't know what the role is somewhat funny, but if you want to make girls, even if you want to make girls In the former, this thing can be practiced in daily life. If you don't do it, you must do it well, more focused, don't pursue the time of completing the homework like it is in the school, but don't care about the operation. quality.

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The fourth humor, there must be a humorous qualities

Humor is a huge wealth, no matter how he is very attractive to boys or girls, but now humorous people are not much, after all, today's society is really hard to survive, facing mortgage, car loan, and all kinds of life Pressure, there is no mood, joking, so the public's default is humor, and there will be a role. Now I want to concentrate on money, I want to live, but if you have money, your humor is If you don't lose, you will find how good your life is, how happiness is.

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Women are needed, men are no exception, if the husband and wife face the face, then please believe that such marriage must be unhappy, want happiness, you can completely stupid, don't always think about in marriage What can you get, then you will find that you can live very tired, for example, you are a boys, today's class, it's too tired, don't want to brush the bowl, when you are remembered by your wife, you can say it. I don't want to go to work, but I am afraid that I will brush too early, and if you can't get rough, when you touch you, you will be uncomfortable, your wife will definitely smile and have a smile. Waiting, but you can feel it, your wife is not really angry, but it is also laughed by your humor, let alone you don't want to deable her, after all, the old wife is old, where is it Big passion.

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The same question, if you replied directly to work, I don't want to brush the bowl, I will definitely not quarrel, if you have a long time, how can your marriage can be happy, the same problem, facing two Different answers, then the result is different.


Feelings are mutual, love is to communicate with each other, there are people who have come, not to be favored. So I think we should have the ability to think independently, there are independent thinking, not a cloud, wash, was baptized by chicken soup, good, today's story is here, you can't, but you can't learn bad, life It is full of not easy, we don't have to be difficult for life, forget those unhappy, today is a new you, I am Bin, I look forward to your attention.

Increase your own addition = height meter + low sound + mature stability + humorous

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