"I haven't done, I am not awkward"

End song: I don't know the life of the home - by the land of the landlord

I have heard that many girls complain that their boyfriends are straight men, don't understand the fun, no matter how often, only "drink more hot water".

At the same time, the girl is afraid to abandon the mouth, and the heart is still a little uneasy: Is he perfunctory?

In fact, it is true that a boy is really worthy of you, just see if he really pays his so-called love in a truth.

This world said that there is no talent, and the people lying will not swallow a thousand needles.

It is because there is no price, there will be people who love you for a lifetime, but even if he all can't make a long life.

The vow is in the moment, but no one will stop the impact of time flood.

We all no longer need sweet words, you want to see the true feelings.

And I believe that people who love you will always be beautiful than saying. Didn't do it, you are not awkward.

"Does he really love me?"

If you are confused about this problem, you will know.


Love is action

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After listening to too many love stories, those long journeys to find each other, those who have been driving in the night, those who see each other, only for a hug, but there is no complaint.

If you put those love and these, you will know what is really like, what is really love.

Three people who really miss you will pay practical to love you, not to put "I miss you" in the mind, my mouth, promise.


Love is open

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I saw a segment on the jam:

Boy: "I love you"

Girl: "Are you so loud?"

Boy: "I want to let the world know"

Girl: "Can you send a group of friends?"

Boy: "No !!!"

I understand some people don't like to show too many my life in a circle of friends, so I don't have a friend's circle. The love is actually OK.

But if you talk about love, don't tell your family, I still show my own single look, IMHO, that is, the slag men are undoubtedly.

Always feel that this is especially courageous.

This is a large extent, we really do it in the preparation of this person, no matter what the final ending, at this moment, we have a good look forward to the future of the two people.

Will not go to your visit, you won't give you a moving machine, just want to love the people in front of you.


Love is concerned

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As the saying goes: "Care is chaos."

Under normal circumstances, the more I care about one person, the more you will affect her, and you will not be relieved in the day, and you will always take care of yourself.

In many people's cognition, boys are all listening, and they are completely can't be completely covered.

There is no absolute thing, some boys usually look silent. Once they face the favorite girls, they will turn into a scorpion, and they are not tired of all kinds of chanting.

Probably, they will not be able to care, and they will care about it.


Love is tolerant

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In "Eastern Division," I didn't know if she would win, but I was clear, I lost from the beginning, I lost.

When I want to really love someone, you will always want to lower your bottom line to understand and forgive her.

More than your lip gun, they are not alive, they are more willing to care about your feelings, first "surrender".

How much is included, how much is love?


Love is distressed

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I have always think that a girl's greatest blessing is being blocked, take care of it, prefers.

Because witnessed many girls in love, they will feel the love of everyone. Everyone is different.

Some boys will treat the other party as a treasure, and they are afraid of falling in their hands. They are afraid in their mouths, can't bear to see her birk and harm.

There is such a boys around me. I encounter my favorite girls. WeChat is topped for her, and the time is retained for her, and the wallet is hollow for her.

Everything is willing to protect my girlfriend, as long as the girlfriend is angry, there will be a thousand tens of thousands of ways to come to her.

This kind of love is really worthy of us to pay, go to invest.


Love is responsibility

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Someone asked: What is the higher feelings than "I love you"?

A: I miss you.

B: I want to make love with you, and I want to love you with you.

C: I miss you, I want to sleep, I want to wake up and you.

My favorite is C's answer.

Sex is a desire, and love is a responsibility.

The desire to fill it is easy to meet, I want to buy buy buy, buy buy, I want to buy it, I don't want to be so difficult.

However, the responsibility of the responsibility requires that a little courage, not a way to pat the butt, nor to step on others, just to meet your needs.

In this dessert, less and more cheap generations, "I love you" is just the vocabulary that the input method is ideal for 0.3 seconds.

If you treat it as all of love, I believe me, your love is estimated like 64G memory, less pitiful.

With a bunch of data, it is better to believe in your own intuitive feelings.

Everyone's experience is different, but what the other person did, I believe you fully feel it.

When you are smashed by tons of sweet words, when you are dizzy, please use your IQ to see what you have done by you.Point "Look", I hope that every girl will find you, take care of you, and prefer your boy.

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