The Xiaolin, the Xiaolin, found himself, but I don't know who the child is, the girl is going to be self-sufficient.

Now the society is getting higher and higher for men and women relationship, and the acceptance of pre-marital behavior is getting higher and higher. Girls gradually stopped being bundled with feudal decaying old ideas, and slowly tall the body's body's dominance and wideness. If someone has to mention the girl, you must be cleaned up, then everyone may feel that the person is a pedestrian, but these words are not just to bundle themselves, he can also think that it is Protection and cherish.

1. Xiaolin 21 years old is just four

Xiaolin is 21 years old this year, just a big four. Xiaolin is a very trendy person, and Xiaolin is also the most beautiful and emotional. Such Xiaolin is very popular among students, Xiao Ming has never been missing my boyfriend in the four years of the university, and his pursue is always constantly connected. Xiaolin also enjoys this kind of feeling that is not in love, plus Xiaolin this age, I like to adventure things that you like to stimulate, because the development of the network era has become more, so the little couple is It is inevitable that the guns will have a sexual relationship.

2. It is unexpectedly to find yourself.

However, when Xiaolin was about to find a job, Xiaolin found himself unexpectedly pregnant. Xiaolin felt that he was uncomfortable to the hospital for examination on the eve of the internship. He did not expect the results to be unexpectedly pregnant. Xiaolin is very embarrassing, not only because of the accident and fear of this matter, because Xiaolin doesn't know who this child is.

3. The new boyfriend who can change in Xiaolin, but the former boyfriend is broken.

Xiaolin didn't know who the child is, and the Xiaolin has changed a new boyfriend in the first two months, but Xiaolin has been in touch with his ex-boyfriend, and occasionally, it is often something. Xiaolin now knows that regrets and scared, he contacted his new boyfriend, and did not intend to tell him his and ex-boyfriend. She and her boyfriend said that she was pregnant, and after two people prepared for the tire. Because two people are still looking for work, there is no way to let Xiaolin have a big belly to internship and work, and things have developed to this point. It is really no way.

4. Girls still have to be cleaned up

We said that the girls who have to be sneached are not asking us as ancient feudal society. It is a big thoughts. We should care about the influence of men and women to our own itself. Accidental pregnancy will not only affect their body, not only affect their own career. As we talk about the 24-year-old age of the study, how can you find a good unit in a big belly.

When you are gently, you should put your focus on your work and struggle. What's more, you will have a negative impact on your body. It should be vigilant. Don't let yourself appear unexpected pregnancy or infection, there should be a better way of handling between gender relationships, we should properly treat the correct destination. Don't take your own feelings for a while, it will be embarrassed, not only the damage caused by your body will also hurt your loved ones.

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