"I am 46 years old, I have been in love outside the ten years, I want to tell you about my feelings."

Many times, I can read a poem, I may need a life, but I read Xiaobian, I am very simple. Hello, I am Apo, welcome to Apo Love Xiao Knowledge!

Many people will feel that the emotions of the marriage are the top ten color, there is no family's toll, do not need to face the triviality of life, only talk about the love of the lungs. In fact, these are just the surface. When you are really embarrassing, you can really understand the taste.

Today, it is a story of a middle-aged man. He is Li Jian. He said: "I am 46 years old, there have been ten years of marriage, I want to tell you about my feelings."

Li Jian has been married to his wife for nearly 20 years. No matter how much love is loved. After such a few years, after the trivial grinding of life, love has already disappeared, and it is flat, but everywhere is everywhere.

The wife gave Li Jianheng a pair of children, and the big one was already going to college, and the small still was in the middle. In the life of a family, the wife is a good woman who will not pick up the problems, with self-adapt, diligent, like many middle-aged women in this age, just lost some attractive brilliance.

After 40 years old, Li Jian fell asleep with his wife. This is not because of the reason, just living habits, for more than one rest. But once this husband begins to sleep, the feelings between each other seem to be more flat.


Li Jian loves the woman, in his eyes is a poor woman. The woman is also a husband, but her husband is a man who does not learn an unpredictable, hangs all day, mixed, but I have been mixed, but I don't have to make money.

The burden of life is in a woman, and she is not very pitiful, and it is full of complaints. I have to tell people around you. Instead, there is a toughness that can't say it, it seems to be weak, but there is no, therefore, it is knocked down.

When I started to know with this woman, Li Jian was just sympathizing with her situation. In some things, I can help the woman. The gradual relationship is near, there is no pure friendship between men and women, how long, from friends, it has become a "love" relationship.

Li Jianxin is not tangled, he also knows that he should not do this, or even unethical. However, it has been together for a long time, and the strength of the feelings is too powerful. When he wants to put this woman, he has no way to let go.


Later, the woman was married, of course, not for Li Jian, but he couldn't go on with her husband. The time and opportunity of two people are more, Li Jian, who has already put it, has put more in this feeling, and can't put it down.

In fact, the woman did not force Li Jian divorce, but very well, more than once, with Li Jian, after all, there are two children, be sure to have a good life. The more the woman is, the more I feel that this woman is not much, and naturally it is much better.

It's just a lot of things, often beyond people's expectations. In the tenth year of the woman, the two people were still known by Li Jian's wife. In this case, it is natural to be a big trouble, but for the child to consider, the wife is clearly said with Li Jian, she is willing to forgive him, and then have a good time.

In fact, by this matter, Li Jian also came to see that his wife has a deep feelings about himself. Take a look at the children of adults, Li Jian felt that this family was not letting, not to mention that he didn't want himself in the eyes of children, it was so irresponsible, the father.


However, it is necessary to follow the woman who has loved ten years away. Li Jian can't accept it. How many years have yourself, two people are also a small halfway, how can I put it, can you put it?

In fact, Li Jian is very clear that he has no love for his wife, and his love is in the woman outside the marriage. However, there is also a relaxed affection between him and his wife, which is also a woman who can replace it.

The left hand is love, the right hand is a family, I don't know what to do, I'm going to fall into the pain. He feels that you can't sleep every day, you can't sleep all night. go.

Li Jian also said that he is this, 46 years old, married male pain: 10 years of marital love, exposure, I am so bitter.

He said that he is really painful, I know that it will be the case, he really hopes that never encountered that woman, nor did she moved her heart, deeply in love with her.


It's just a lot of things regret nothing. Since it happened, you can only face it, no matter how painful, or how to pay.

Just like Li Jian, even if you are borrowing wine, even if you are not as good as death, you can escape the end is not a way, can't solve his dilemma. Now it is a single-selection question, it is not a multi-selection question, maybe only one choice one, where is there any better way?

People sometimes just greed, stand in love with the warmth of the family, while being fascinated by the fresh and out of the marriage, I always think that I can have, the two-phase balance can make people feel satisfied, it seems that this day is not to live. of.

However, you can be greedy, some things you can have, but it is not necessarily able to control, or it is as yours.Anything is cost, including those that you feel.I am Apo, a girl who likes text and tea.You have a story, I have tea, spend the spring and summer autumn and winter.Image source network, infringement must delete, private me.I like me!

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