"Your male girlfriend is so good, with him", "After half a year, the former girlfriend begged me forgive


Chiang angry said to his girlfriend: "You men girlfriends so good, that you had to talk to him now!" Then the two of them broke up this way, but I did not expect half a year after breaking up, knees and begged him to forgive ex-girlfriend, wanted to composite with him.

Mr. Jiang readme:

I told my ex-girlfriend is really Nie Yuan, when our university to know, because we are a school, sometimes class together for the first time I saw her, I felt she was a particularly pure girl I just let her students to help find out, the latter also added her micro-channel, time to pursue her, I did a lot of things, every day to send him breakfast, but also to help him homework, bad mood when he later accompany her, the weekend shopping with her, anyway, as long as she needs, I will try to accompany her efforts to achieve satisfaction.

She was touched behind my pay, and willing to work with me, and the pursuit of a woman really to heart, the woman will be moved, together later, and I always nice to her, I felt like I was a man of his girlfriend should be good, but later I found out she had a male girlfriends, but they still childhood, her boyfriend girlfriends girlfriend is very understanding, even the menstrual period girlfriend he knows that once women friends menstrual period, and he also helped his girlfriend to buy sanitary napkins and brown sugar, I know this thing, although he knew for the sake of his girlfriend, he was helping his girlfriend, but I can not accept, I can not accept, there a man so understanding with my girlfriend, and he even told my girlfriend relationship is so good, I will not let the girlfriend too close behind him, but his girlfriend do not want to, because the things we quarrel very powerful, later we separated.

Indeed very regrettable, finally catch up with their favorite girl, but found that she was the kind of person, then had to leave, my people are more narrow-minded, but also more traditional thinking, I can not accept their women with other men too close.

Later we graduated, after graduation, I went to a big company, when I think of single-minded work, no other idea, because I think a man with cause, in order to protect their women, I also appreciate the leadership, I think I am a capable, but there are ambitious men, later he gave me a promotion.

The back of my ex-girlfriend also came to our company, and she made the following employees in my department, is really very fate ah, separated a few years, she has not changed, but well-maintained, and saw her as I is a little tempted, but I can not accept her men and girlfriends.

Because the work in one department, she is my staff, so we have a lot of contact, one night she did not take an umbrella, then I drove her home, in the car we talked a lot, get off when she asked I, between us still possible? I did not give her the answer, because I do not know.

Behind because more contacts, and then I have a crush on her increase, and the back of her confession to me, and I do not want to escape, our feelings, then we together.

I know that office romance is not good, I switched back, although a lot of people think I do not deserve this, but I think as long as she was happy enough, she could go to such a good company, and her work is also good, for work bad for her, I'm a man, I should take them, so I can leave, but because of my ability to work quite strong, the back I found a very good job.

We were together, I tried my best to love her, because I really love her, when the university, because I love her, so will separate from her, because love a person can become narrow-minded.

We together after two years, I found her changed, she was very nice to me before, but not like the back of her, and once we quarrel, she even said I can not compare her male girlfriends, I think every man to hear the case will be very angry, back I said to her: "! Since you feel that your male girlfriends so good, you just like your male girlfriends over it." I thought she came up to me, will talk I apologize, but she did talk to her male girlfriends, and this time I was thoroughly disappointed her.

But I did not expect that, after six months, she came to me, but come to me crying, she also told me to kneel down, and she begged me to forgive her, she knew that he was wrong, he said he knew I was good to him, and she wanted me to come the next day, her boyfriend girlfriends not really about her, I told her back has been impossible, because I've been broke, has no love her.


Not all the fault will be forgiven, if some wrong committed it is difficult to be forgiven, so be sure to think twice before doing things, think clearly and then do, do not let yourself regret.

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