My son married for 6 years, my mother-in-law didn't know that the child was only 4 years older than himself, and we were cheated by her.

Some male netizens often ridicule: "Auntie, I don't want to work hard!" They wanted to find a girlfriend with money and long, so they didn't have to work hard.

"Sister" is no longer a rare thing, many men have experienced sisterhood or is trying to have a bride, and the enthusiasm of the little boyfriend makes the woman, the big girlfriend's consideration is more gold to make men want to stop, this "female The love pattern of big men is more and more young people recognized and accepted.

The woman doesn't matter if the man is three or five or seven or eight years old. If the age of both parties is divided, such feelings are not optimistic about the public, even if they marry, marriage will face many problems, it is difficult to happiness.

The 46-year-old woman married 20-year-old boy, married for 6 years, husband and wife cold war, separation, and contradiction. My mother-in-law didn't know that the child was only 4 years old, accused: "Her child is not careless, I don't care about my husband, she is not a person who has lived, we were cheated!"

Ms. White is a city, the family is good, and life is superior. Ms. Bai has a marriage history because of her feelings, she has been divorced with her ex-husband, and she has been single.

At the age of 46, Ms. Bai said that Xiaoliang, Xiao Liang 20 years old, is a living and passionate rural guy, see Xiao Liang's first eyes, the white lady is attracted, Ms. White is bright I have found long-lost youth and vitality.

I have a lot of life, and Xiaoliang can say that it will be happy, and Ms. White does not feel the concern of the opposite sex. Their relationship is rapidly warmed, soon become a couple.

Ms. White and the little age are 26 years old. They have a huge difference in life experience, ideological concept, living habits, etc., such two people should not be together. Besides, Ms. Bai has been married once, Xiao Liang did not talk to love, they did not match all aspects.

The people around them are not optimistic about this feeling. Some people even say that Ms. White is "old cow."

Ms. White is a little shake, Xiao Liang has expressed the determination to be with Bai Ms. who has lived in life forever. This makes the White to gain a small idea, and they will receive a marriage after a few months.

Ms. White skin is fair, the maintenance is very good, she and Xiao Liang stand together have no feelings. In addition, the white woman is full of temperament, wearing a taste, his mother-in-law has always thought that the white lady is only a few years old, and Ms. White has deceived a small family.

Xiao Liang is a single son in the family. The grandparents have a 3-day flowing, and relatives and friends know that Xiao Liang has smashed a beautiful and temperament woman. Everyone praises the blessings, and the parents who are brighter are found. A good child.

Ms. White and Xiao Liang belong to flash marriage. Their feelings are not very good, and there is no stable job. It is burdened by Ms. Ms.

Ms. White disadvantages small and earn less money, no arrogance, can't take a burden of raising family. Xiao Liang also has a stomach, Xiao Shun, a white lady who loves, poor, what is going on, the husband and wife have a small noisy, three days a big noisy, the days are not going to stop.

After marriage, Ms. Bai gave birth to a daughter, and Ms. White work is busy with unnecessary to bring children. She surely handed the child to her in-laws. Ms. White occasionally bought some clothes, milk powder, and urine, and there are no more responsibility on the child's body, and the in-laws have a throat.

This is still not, the contradiction between White and Xiao Liang is getting more and more sharp, Xiao Liang will leave the house. After three or four years, the husband and wife had to live a living. Ms. White took the initiative to contact Xiao Liang, Xiao Liang refused home, refused to be with Ms., was helpless.

After marriage, Ms. White did not enjoy the happiness and happiness of marriage. Instead, the endless pain and torture, such a life is not what she wants. Ms. White often reflects that she felt that the age did not affect the marriage. She realized that the problem was serious after she was in the marriage, but she was too late.

My mother-in-law can't see Ms., and her mother-in-law accuses Bai's whose child does not love children, and the reason why Xiao Liang's misfortune is broken down to Ms. White. My mother-in-law said: "This woman is too embarrassing, the child is born, she doesn't care, her child is so big that she didn't have a few times, and she was very strong, my son left home is caused!"

Every white lady went to the mother to see her daughter, her mother-in-law hiding the child, her mother-in-law, what did she sell? "Ms. White is a child's biological mother, and her mother-in-law is worried that the white lady sells children. It is much silent in the eyes of your mother-in-law, it can be seen where the relationship between the mother-in-law is rigid.

There is another thing, we have to mention, the white lady before marriage did not frank his age. After marriage, the white lady didn't reason to interrupted this matter, and the mother-in-law did not know the true age of Ms. White.

Someone asked her mother-in-law: "Do you know that Ms. White is 26 years old than Xiao Liang?" The mother-in-law is angry. Asked: "Do you know that Ms. White is only 4 years older than you?" Mother-in-law is more confused. After waking up, the mother-in-law complained: "She gave birth to her child, and she didn't care for her husband. She was not a person who had lived, we were cheated!"

Ms. White and Xiao-bright marriage lasted for 6 years, and their contradictions between six years, conflict, even if they gave birth to a daughter, this did not play a lot of role in improving this fragmentation, their marriage faced a crisis, at any time There is a possibility of divorce. Ms. White married Xiao Liang confident, she felt that Xiao Liang was young and handsome, and she could bring her youthful vitality and a beautiful life. She will be stunned to "Princess". Ms. White is immersed in a virtuous fantasy, and the reality is like a pot of cold water to thoroughly wake up.

They can make love for lovers, enjoy the sweetness and romance of love, Ms. White mature intellectual economic strength, Xiaoliang is young and vigorous, they have the need, mutual benefit, this is not very good, but love and marriage are two code things After marriage, they have to face a series of real problems.

They differ from 26 years old, and the life experience is different, and the problems will be different. Ms. White accuses Xiaoyang's mind is not strong, Xiao Bright is suspended to abandon the white lady, they can spend money, they can't help but quarrel. They are unwilling to make concessions and compromises, and do not have the ability to solve the problem and wisdom, cold war and separation into life, such life makes them suffocated.

Ms. White is dealing with the family contradiction, there is no meaning in the education and training of the child, this is the place where her mother-in-law, she is crowded. Ms. White should reflect.

Ms. Bai's marriage is thousands of holes. The family is not waiting for her, and her daughter is also far away. I hope that Ms. White will recognize the status quo, make changes in time and strive to save marriage. If this is the case, it will continue to develop, divorce The morning and evening, she regretted it when she was too late.

Do you think this marriage is still necessary? Are you optimistic about "forgotting the year"? Welcome to the message discussion.

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