Love you, so tired!I miss your heart, so hard!

Love you, so tired! I miss your heart, so hard!

We can live in this earth, it is clear that we can live in the wind, too much time, because some things or a song, let us remember the past, and the heart of the sea is full, let people open my eyes I will tear the eye.

The world is always impermanent, we want, we hope that the lover of the heart is in the days to come to the day, but the reality has given us a slap.

Some people think that the day is long, the result is the beginning, it will become a story;

Some people think that it is long, and the result is just in the heart, and the love will come to the end. I can only waive the way, thank you for coming to my world, then say that in the future, I hope you I have well……

I am talking about my mouth. Thank you, my heart is dripping, the pain of the slings, only the people who have loved and lost, know more pain.

Once, when you are together, I am full of joy; now, alone, in the days of alone, even the air is so thin, quiet room, except for my lonely heart, there is no Attention.

Love you, tired, think of you!

I love you so much, I still lost you, I miss you so much, but there is no news.

I am clear that we love each other, but it has become a passer in each other, and the frequent visits in the memories.

I don't know if it is creating a person, or is it destined to make us love each other, can't hold your life.

Some people say, who is with who is with anyone, who is who is always, there is a destined.

If there is no reason, it will not meet, if there is no one, no matter how much you like, there will always be discrete a day.

Only when you fall in love, less appeal, do one more, less complaint, more love.

Even if you are exhausted, there will be no regrets, even if you think deeply, you will pass the pain of the kind of arrow, it is spring.

Life is difficult to meet true love, meet, cherish, don't love, don't come from your own sex, don't say separate.

If you cherish it, work hard, still can't be together, this is not your fault, nor the other party's fault, but only gave you this fate, but did not give you a fate of you.

If so, even if you like to love again, you have to accept the reality, let go of the pair of hands, say goodbye to the other party, and send blessings, then turn around to find people who are destined to themselves.

As long as you see, there is no relationship at a later, as long as you can get together, you will drink it.

Life will not come back, missed, will not reproduce; only cherish, can always be owned.

In the emotional world, the most beautiful feelings don't love you, you just love you: people you miss are also missing you.

If you don't love you, or if you love people can't be with you, then this kind of love is not only tired.

I miss someone, it is really bitter, but this kind of bitterness is nothing wrong with people who really love you.

Because he loves, because he has passed, because he is enjoyed, so, then it is tired and then painful, it is also worth it.

Although I love a person, I want someone to suffer, but will be done because of the true love, will be done by trying to cherish, even gave all, no regrets and regret.

As I am like this ...

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