Life road, don't think too much, take a step in a step

Wen Shu love, then half past ten

I am here, such as wind, also waiting for you.

For life, I never liked to think too much, for unknown things, thinking nothing but a vain.

No one can get a glimpse of that on this road of life, how many difficulties and frustrations, how many happy laughter, but no one is walking to see, over the side edge feel.

Although, imagine living in their own minds among the hundred thousand turn back, it would not be in this life, we will follow the way you were thinking development.

Life ah, that is a trip to the unknown journey, each one of us on the road.

No one knows what will happen before the road, Ye Hao, loss worth mentioning, just as quietly taking place, and we go on this road, it is just a passive experience.

Alas, no one can take the initiative to change the purpose of his course of life, as if already written the script, and we play them as a person, but is in accordance with established plot in developing.

Although slightly helpless, but already doomed insignificant we can only choose to experience, is not it? After all, this day is always still too, we have always to good to be alive.

So often, unnecessary attempt, to spy out this journey of life. Unknown, is it not a blessing? It makes us look forward to them in life, let us each a dull years, full of endless longing and look forward.

As long as we adjust their mentality, everything is unknown, will take a different kind of way to give birth to flowers.

In short, the way of life, think too much, take things one step.

Let him go with the flow of everything happening, no one needed for this life is unknown, the brains of thinking.

One reason is that there is no clear answer, on the other hand in order to better life, and the choice to relax.

No matter what the future life has given us, we have to try to accept what, though unable to compete with the unknown, as long as we adjust your own attitude towards life, and gains and losses is no harm done?

Who do not need for this game is unknown, and fear. On this road of life, we have a short loss is a realm.

We want as much as possible so that they learn to "get the calm, lost in indifferent" attitude, so that we in later years, go more at ease, more comfortable walk.

Re not going to worry about gains and losses, not to fear the unknown.

This long life and wanted nothing but a, the process from birth to death, thinking too much, what is the point? But this is a waste of the long years of valuable time.

Has a life was not easy, we really do not need, so that those worldly possessions, to their own problems. That students do not already naked life, in the end there is nothing to care about it?

Hurt their own melancholy, is also entangled trouble yourself, even if you think too much, may eventually run out of your own life.

Smart people should not go to waste this great Love, after all, life is short, after all these years makes the body grow wrinkles, lost at the moment if the good, the future will no longer be repeated!

So, on this road of life, do not let yourself think too much, the run when he ran enjoy the stroll stroll when stopped.

Although we can not control, the course of this life, but you have to believe that the choice of happiness, always rests in your own hands.

Adjust their mentality, their emotions precipitation, this road of life, no matter in what attitude will ultimately presented in front of you, you will be happy to look through.

Because, very often, it is important not your life course, what happened, but these things happen, you feel is how?

If you feel happy, then this game of life, do not be in vain came. On the contrary, if the pain is felt, then this is a life that is sad.

So, do not think too much, adjust their emotions, seriously live each day. Whether to treat, difficult rough experience, or treat fond memories of happiness, we must frankly face.

Life, choose the complex, it is to choose pain; a simple choice, is to choose to be happy. Lost scenery, become separated from the crowd, such as the desire not to ......

Let him years gathering dust in it, do not think, do not persistent, this good life lightly traveled.

As the saying goes: car to Piedmont Road. How to get the road will not be an impasse, as long as you stick to move forward in the future life must be what you want.

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