"The woman, your brother is getting married, you gave the house" "Auntie, the room is my wife"

Has been a patriarchal ideology is abandoned us, but in ancient times, this is everyone has traditional thinking. So now, there are a lot of families still believe the boy is a treasure, the girl is this idea of ​​grass, and gave birth to their daughter as a money-losing.

But let people feel funny thing is, although these families is not good for her daughter, her daughter felt no use, but still will not let go of her daughter, but will his daughter as a tool, as a cash machine to press. And even if these parents did not fulfill parental responsibilities, we will use so-called blood affection to kidnap her daughter, so that the daughter gave his life for this so-called native family.

However, the relationship between parents and children, would have to be each other's parents gave their children life raising children grow up properly, will get the respect of children and dependents. If a parent does not fulfill her duties, that even as a child has no obligation, to the maintenance of such parents. So those are some of the patriarchal and hurt the girls, we must learn to protect themselves, call the shots for their lives.

Today's story from the users Zhao Ru share.

Patriarchal parents

Zhao Ru born in a country with traditional ideas of rural families, and before Zhao Ru was born, the family already had a two year old son. Zhao Ru is looking at a girl, patriarchal natural parents all the concerns are on the son, also requires the obviously younger sister Zhao Ru, but also like them to let the brother, brother use the service.

Therefore, from small to large, Zhao Ru has always been the home of the wronged, what good must give brother, what fun but also give brother. Some grow up a little later, but I go to school to help the family in the sharing of household chores, but Zhao Ru brother, but only need to eat good food lying on the kang rest under the parents' favor.

ZHAO Ru initially been wronged, but will adapt slowly, thinking that as long as their sensible child, the parents will like yourself, as long as they work harder, and they will live a life of their own thought.

But this idea completely broken when parents refuse to college for Zhao Ru, Ru Zhao said that the girl is no need to waste money on college, have a high school diploma to go out to work on it. But Zhao Ru results are particularly good, so Zhao Ru begged their parents, but parents ultimately not moving, still the opportunity to attend school for his son ignorant.

Zhao Ru This time parents thoroughly disappointed, but not any way to leave the original family. Until the final three years of tuition brother barely touched the two lines when Zhao Ru also parents to ask to go any farther to work, in fact, just to get to his brother Zhao Ru tuition, living expenses.

Zhao Ru has long been accustomed to the parents of the press, they still pack up their luggage, secretly holding one of the few able to save a deposit, himself a man went to the capital city.

Zhao Ru but because there is no education, we can only do those simple tasks, all in order to meet the requirements of parents and brother spending, Zhao Ru only two jobs a day but in the end, their own lives, to eat most of all Poor.

It is treated as ATM

But the people of God will not be difficult effort, a beauty salon manager Zhao Ru job because something happens at home is about to resign, hard working and always drew much praise customers Zhao Ru unexpectedly got the position, Zhao Ru also from a working person, become He became a little leadership.

Meanwhile, Zhao Ru salaries have increased, although there is no where to go, but let Zhao Ru life a bit better. The time of the Ru Zhao also own money and only family some chilling, so hiding something under his own promotion, began secretly to yourself to save money.

Two years later, Zhao Ru already have deposit a sum of fifty thousand, and Ru Zhao's brother also graduated from college, Zhao Ru thought I Zhongyu Ao out, but did not think the university's brother is still lazy, do not want to go out looking for work. Whose parents let my brother had a good intent, so we buy the idea from work.

But they are both farmers had no money, so again hit on the idea of ​​the body Zhao Ru, Ru Zhao shortness of breath, the first time rejected the parents' request. Parents ran straight to the results of Zhao Ru place to work downtown, but also know when Zhao Ru in fact already a thing of the manager.

This also allows parents Zhao Ru and almost falling out of the last to keep parents are now trying to destroy everything they get, Zhao Ru can only emptied of all his savings, while parents get time, but also very unsatisfied Bickering with.

Watching their parents to leave the back, Zhao Ru is very sad, for parents finally realized that they just give money to a cash machine, only brother is their only child. But after the parents is getting worse, only a month left to Zhao Ru basic living expenses, all the rest of the money should go.

But even so, they scrape together enough money to find a job to his son, so after hearing Zhao Ru pay a boyfriend, Zhao Ru quickly and hurried to marry each other, Ru Zhao also asked for the man's family to the bride price of 150,000.

Zhao Ru course open my mouth, but the results directly to the parents Zhao Ru boyfriend home, which makes Zhao Ru collapsed, crying and the parents away, turned and we should break up with her boyfriend.

In-laws love

However, Zhao Ru was surprised that no matter whether boyfriend Li Xian or Li Xian did not blame Zhao Ru, but said to Zhao Ru showed a great distressed, and finally, they took the initiative to call Zhao Ru's parents, saying that they are willing to come out 15 Wan's color ceremony, but the condition is that the parents of Zhao Ru will never allow Zhao Ru. Zhao Ru's parents have an urgent use of money, so I promised, and after taking money, they even didn't even come to participate in the wedding of Zhao Ru. This makes Zhao Ru 's hearts again and is sad. Touching is because of his own family, it is sad because of his native family.

But in the marriage life is very happy, Zhao Ru also pregnant with the child in the second year of marriage, under the request of the family, Zhao Ru went to the work of An'an, heart, but Zhao Ru's parents I don't know where to hear Zhao Ru's pregnant news, I have to take care of my daughter's name, hard to stay in Zhao Ru and Li Xian to the wedding room.

After all, it is a relatives who have blood relationships. The opening of the joy, "the woman, your brother is getting married, you give him a house, otherwise the women's family does not agree."

As soon as I came out, Zhao Ru finally thoroughly recognized the true face of my parents. Sure enough, they never be unfortunate to themselves, always for their son. And this time, Zhao Ru is no longer soft, calling his family and Li Xian, and then said to her mother, "Auntie, the room is my home, then said, you have promised it. We have nothing to do. "

As soon as Zhao Ru refused, Zhao Ru's parents thought that the skills of Zhao Ru will compromise, but Zhao Ru has already relying on the mountain, and under the toughness of her family, Zhao Ru's parents can only leave. .

We said that children are giving gifts to their parents, but for some parents who are heavy men, only sons are gifts, it is a treasure, the daughter is only a tilter bottle at home, and it is a loss of money. It can actually be in this society, whether a man is a woman is equal, and the girls have cultivated, and they will never lose to the boys.

But the parents of most of the young men, like the idea of ​​Zhao Ru parents, ignorance, ignorance, and a daughter as a tool and crushing object, just to provide resources to the son. As a result, the son was born, and his daughter was completely disappointed because of eccentricity.

For girls, parents are not your fault, and like this irresponsible parents, don't compromise because of what the so-called blood relationships and raising grace will compromise them. After all, I want to be my parents. It is not a simple to give my child life. If you don't have your parent's education responsibility, even if you are a child, you can also choose not to support your parents.

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