The wife does not let the other in-laws bring children, and the husband has to resign a full-time daddy. How is it today?

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The in-laws can help bring their children, I think most of them as a daughter-in-law will be very happy. After all, I can share a lot of pressure, but there are also few families feel that the differences in children with children are too different, so I would rather eat bitterness, and I don't want to let Parents help bring their children.

In fact, it is really a hard work. It is also inevitable at home. When things happen, you need to be calm and look at the problem. No matter how men, you should understand that your child is not easy.

Is his wife too, or a husband is too cold?

The Lili and Husband of Taiyuan and the husband Xiao Wei have been married for 3 years. They have a lovely daughter now have one year and a half years old. According to the reason, this should be a happy family, but Li Li is crying, it seems A grievances of a belly.

It turned out that Lili and the in-law lived on the same floor. She went home in a lunch break that day, but suddenly heard a daughter fell on the ground, then the bottom of the bottom, crying called a heartfelt So Lili has a few a few of the husband. If you want to see the baby, you will do it. If you fell out what happened?

I thought that her husband did not take care of her, but she came to the parents' family downstairs. After angry, Li Li followed her husband. After coming to the plants, the contradiction of Lili and her husband became more and more fierce. Therefore, the husband also moved Lili, and put her on the ground, the same, the same, the back.

At this time, Lili immediately fell to the ground, it can't be moved. He didn't have strength.

I heard the husband's sentence, Li Li's heart is cold, in her opinion, her husband even a stranger is not as good, crying, Li Li took out his inspection report in the hospital, diagnosed soft tissue Brown, although there is no serious, this injury is deeply branded in the heart of Lili.

Lili said that the days can't be over, the husband didn't work, take care of the baby, and didn't take care of the baby. Every time I have a contradiction, I don't want to run my parents. I will not be willing to take care of myself.

She just wants to ask her husband what I think. If I have, I have to open my heart, if it is, it will give yourself a bit of pain, I will leave.

Then Li Li returned home, just went to the hospital in the morning to go, the key forgot to bring it, and no one in the door, Lili estimated that her husband may come to the other in the mother-in-law, saying that she turned to the building again Come to the mother, but I saw that the mates took a child, and her husband still did not see trace.

The father knows that the best of the daughter-in-law is also the fire. He is straightforward, and the daughter-in-law is very irresponsible. Since Lili does not recognize us, we don't recognize her, she is in her own home, to us How is the family?

In the public opinion, although he didn't know why the daughter-in-law and his son were quarreled, this person has been very strong. Since the child, the daughter-in-law does not believe in them, do not let them help to bring their children, do not let the son resigned at home Specialize in children.

The most important thing is that the son has a full-time dad at home, but the daughter-in-law is picking up the disease everywhere.

Just then, the mother-in-law on the side also opened, the son Xiao Wei was 35 years old this year, it is the age of hard work, but he as a man is trapped in the family, it is often a son, man It's not a child's material. Don't let us take it to hire a babysitter. If you go to work, you will go to work, but you can't use it, you can only do it.

I saw that the in-laws took the spear head to myself, and the Lili, which was a daughter-in-law, she frankly speaking at the husband, or she took her children at home, or her husband took a child at home, or hired a nanny, but these It is the husband's own choice. It is that he has to resign in the family with children. Now it is not good for children, how is it?

My mother-in-law didn't want to quarrel. She still said, I believe we have left the child, and our old two helped with it. If you don't believe, you will hire a babysitter. You have two people go out, a big man can't stay at home. .

Just Lili said, she doesn't believe in the in-laws, this is the child's father and grandmother, I don't believe in the truth, now I have a contradiction with my in-laws, the contradiction is here, he is not willing to communicate, what is They are all running towards parents, which makes themselves difficult.

It seems that I want to solve this problem, or I have to come to the husband Xiao Wei, and then my father has dialed the phone of my son, let him come back.

But my mother-in-law also said, I want to completely solve it, I have to call my mother my mother, which is the mother of Lili. When Lili, Lili didn't say two words, dialed the mother's phone, and the mother said it will come over.

Cry, cry, my pride, indulgence

In a short while, Xiao Wei came back, after meeting, Xiao Wei fell up bitter water, it seems that he also in the past, there is nowhere to vent.

Xiao Wei is in this home, in this home, everything is usually as possible to follow the meaning of his wife, there is no way to go to work, this is a full-time in full time after the resignation last August, now take more than a year, wife's salary It is not enough to expense in the family, then in this way, life expense is a problem, so thinking about it, Xiao Wei also decided to go out. For those who don't want to take care, I don't communicate with my wife, Xiao Wei also admits that there is this matter, I have been doing something else, I don't want to communicate with my wife. As long as my wife's temper, I can't help it, even if I think I want It is necessary to communicate with her, there is no way to say, she will not listen at all.

In the thoughts of Xiao Wei, he has already done his wife's emotions, but his wife not only can't feel, but it will always quarrel with yourself with some of the chicken fry. Let each other cool, he doesn't want two people to lose their temper.

However, Xiao Wei also understood that the wife's heart did have a lot of heart fingertips, she couldn't solve it, and every time she was a little friction, her temper came up.

It is said that Li Li's mother has also rushed over. Li Li saw it directly to the mother's arms and cried. It seems that only mother's arms are the warmest. Always rely on your own, cry, cry, pride, let it go.

When I saw the mother's mother, Xiao Wei also explained what happened on the same day. He said that he did not have a good to his wife Lili. At that time, because the child had a mouth, in order not to let the contradiction, I came to my parents. Subsequently, the wife also followed it. He was normal to go forward. The wife's head was just lower, and she fell to her, she as a man, I can't do her.

However, under the persuasion of everyone, Xiao Wei still apologized with his wife, after all, as a man is really hurting his wife, even if the truth is lost, is it not worth it?

Just Lili did not accept the husband's apology, she believes that although this is the husband to apologize for the first time, this is not an apology to solve the thing, the problem is what should be doing, it is difficult to do it, it will follow himself. Do you do it? At the moment she proposed back to her home and her husband, after all, there was a martial-in-law here, and Wei Xinran was accepting this.

When I returned home, Li Li took her dissatisfaction, she and her husband Xiao Wei were introduced in 2018, and the ministry of the ministry is good, but she has had children, she feels that her husband always faces himself. I told him, please months, after all, the dolls have not been taken care of, waiting for the month, I can do something, but the key is that the husband does not agree.

I heard this, Xiao Wei is very speechless, the child is one and a half years old this year, how can I start from the month? How is the old-fashioned account? However, it is said that Xiao Wei also decided to say this, he frank himself in the stationery shop before, more than 4,000 income every month, the wife's income is not high.

Considering that the moon is in the economy, there is a lot of money, after all, have a baby, etc., there will be a lot of money, so Xiao Wei has discussed with his wife, let the mother come to the moon, and the wife also agreed to wait for the mother When the child, the wife is not good to get along with the mother.

At that time, the wife did not want his parents to see the child. She said that the cold legs in the month were always painful. So the wife put forward either she took the child, or her husband, the child, or ask the babysitter, and consider the wife legs again. The pain takes a hard work and the economic situation is not allowed to ask the babysitter. Xiao Wei has to choose the resignation of the child, but his wife always quarrels with him because of the money.

I haven't finished, and the Lili, the Lili, I am very angry, I also have my own reason. It turned out that my mother-in-law didn't work, so I took 10,000 yuan to give a small couple. Use, can have money at this time, so there is no mother-in-law.

I said to this mother-in-law, then I need to take it again. However, when Lili really urgently needs money and then ask the mother-in-law, who once thought that her mother-in-law did not pick up her, this made Li Li Not angry?

At this time, Xiao Wei took again, and his wife came back to her family. I still wanted to haven't thought about it. If I thought about it, I took 30,000 yuan. As for the wife, why is this 30,000 yuan, Xiao Wei and I don't understand, he guess his wife may be there, and maybe it is to take this money.

However, Xiao Wei's wife or asked her mother to take 30,000 yuan, then transferred to the wife of 20,000, and said that Xiao Wei took out the phone and turned out the record of the transfer to prove that he did not understand.

The more you listen to it, the more you listen to it, she said that she said that she is borrowing, and this money will give her mother-in-law. At that time, she really didn't have money. I really can't help it. I have to take money. Go to see a doctor, is this wrong?

One of the words, Li Li said again, her husband did not communicate with her, and there is something to run, which makes her very helpless. She is still full of years of marriage, but now it is a place. Chicken hair, a little time for a little time ago, the husband did not inform her in advance, causing her not to participate in the engagement banquet of the little augler, and the family has commented on her.

I heard the wife once again mentioned the old sesame rot, Xiao Wei was a speechless. He acknowledged that he was indeed forgotten. He also knew this one day before, and then he called his wife and said. When I first connected my big aunt, I took her, but my wife didn't have to pick it up. I didn't go, my words didn't have a chance, and my wife hangs up. Later, Xiao Wei said with his parents, and his wife couldn't come. In Xiao Wei's view, this is a small thing of chicken fry garlic, why bother to teeth, do you have to cry?

At this time, Lili's mother also opened, she persuaded her daughter Lili, this matter has been so long, why do you have to put it down? Why do you want to remember to blocked yourself, is this not going with you?

Lili's mother believes that this is not a major event. In principle, there is no big problem. She feels that Li Li is always in my heart. If you put it, you won't be so dark, things are also early Never mind.

In the end, he has persuaded that Lili realized that he was entangled in the past, but now her husband still reminds her of her unclean attitude, no matter how it is, her husband is always unwilling to take care of her.

I assured this Xiao Wei, I will be good for my wife, don't say rough words, don't do their best, take care of my family, take care of the family, and do things actively communicate.

I saw that my husband's attitude was finally warm. Lili was touched again, she also realized that she was wrong, her temper was hot, and she was not calm. She promised to improve her temper, and communicated with her husband, hope Family can live in harmony.

At this point, the two also negotiated, the child handed it to the parents to help, the two people have went to work to make money, only the family economy conditions will be better, the conditions are good, the contradiction in life is natural, After all, good economic conditions can solve the contradictions in the family in the family.

Now that the past few days, Li Li said that her husband had a lot of attitude towards her own attitude, and every day, I will care about myself. Everything is developing in the direction. In fact, it is like this, the heart is relaxed, everything is wide, If the heart is narrow, then the road will become narrower. Good time is always short, thank you for reading here, I hope that the story between us will continue, Xiaobian is ready to listen, is your story ready?

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