It's a big thunderstorm for a small matter, and you may have a thorn, and you will hurt.

There is a powerful

Sea Blue Happiness Home 2022, 8th Dress Story


At 8 o'clock in the morning, I am ready to go to the Boke's house.

Before going out, I saw the baby dad lying on the sofa and invited him to pick up the baby together. I thought that I was twenty minutes away, and I went to walk more healthy.

The baby wandered his hand, refused to go, a bitter gourd, lamented his gout, the feet hurts not to go.

Ok, ok, I will go.

After picking up the baby. The family is quiet, no one is moving.

He is so fast?

I quickly took out my mobile phone from the bag, and I didn't have, I didn't answer the phone, the information was not, the voice didn't.

I started to ruine.

I just gone before, you will go out after your post, this is an early plan.

Just put your own legs, can't walk, this will be?

The friend shouted, even the rolling belt will struggle, what legs are hurt, it is a lie!

There is no one, isn't it afraid of me? Not afraid I stop? Too much respect!

I am angry.

who do you think You Are? I want to go back, I want to go, my family is a hotel or a hotel, go out, say hello is awkward?



I used a phone call, and if I went where my dad went.

If you can't take care of your child, you are in your feet.

The phone is that the husband is relaxed, saying is to drink tea.

So you have to drink tea? Eighth nine points to drink tea?

Letter you blame.

A meal is awkward.

Woman dad huh haha, I want to make a lot of time, the mouth sound defends yourself is drinking tea.

I made a sentence to my argument and directly referred to the reality.

Wajia is unable to cover up, so you have to hide, I have to say it back, go back, now it is inconvenient, I want to hang up the phone.

Wow, wow, I hanged it first.

Still not unintegrating.

You don't let me be better, I will not give you Ansheng.

The bullet-like information is bursting out, various moral accuses, threats to the line, a series, when I entered "Why do you want to be such a heart, wait for me to go, just steal?" When these words It seems that it seems to be as if you have been in your head.

Especially when I saw the words "secret", my heart suddenly got an inexplicable sadness and I felt myself.

At this moment, I found that I was "old injury" recurrence, although I don't know what this is hurt, but I know that I have been stimulated.


I stopped the desire to continue to accuse.

Looking at yourself did not reply, I asked himself, the baby dad stopped me, the development of things is League or a little big?


Because no matter how he responds to me, I can always find the breakthrough of the attack to attack him.

The past is like this.

Wa Dad responds to me, I am angry, because his response will be more excited, let me get angry, I will return him;

Wa Dad does not respond me, I am angry, because he doesn't respond to me, it is not respectful, let me burn in anger, I also insult him.

No matter what he did, it is wrong, it will make things worse.

I don't know what I want to do.

Now, just at the moment it is closed, I know that it is the best, whether he stops or I stop, as long as you stop, you will not let things go more extremely.

My heart calm, starting to take care of the baby.

When the baby is as good, I will return to the study, gently go to the eyes, go back to the scene, and feel the heart of "waiting for me, stealing" sadness and sadness.

Yes, I am really sad, I am very sad, my corner begins to wet, even though I don't know why.

Feel the body, experience the sadness at this moment, and suddenly there have been past pictures.


I have a grandmother.

When I remember her, she was very old and very old. When I didn't laugh, it was already wrinkled, and I was more crumpled, crumpled. She smiled, revealing the only big yellow tooth, sounded so ugly?

But I think it is the best tooth in the world, the blindfold face is the most beautiful face in the world, the smile is the warmest smile in the world.

Mom said, I am a big woman.

I have no memories.

I only know that the finest mother is super likes me, I also like her too.

I have never said that I have never said that I am not good, I am in my eyes, which is particularly good.

I said to me that there is a little girl in her village. I will be big in the past, I am still big, I am very stupid, actually throwing two cents into the pond, more stupid!

Two cents, in the countryside in the early 1980s, it is still very valuable to children.

I listened to laugh, and I was really stupid.

The aunt is turned around, and the head is gentle and said: "My fine girl will not be so stupid, my fine girl is a smart child."

Yes, yes, I will not be as stupid, I am indeed a smart child, and I am very sensible, just like the farewell.

Every time I arrived, I brought me unlimited joy. I feel warm as spring with her every moment.

I like her too much.


I don't let her go home.

Survey, play, cry, pleading ... Various magicals should stay her.

"Wait, you don't want to go, you live in my house today, you must live in my house, I will let you go tomorrow." Before school, I pulled her aunt, and I went to her again.

She should try to talk to me, but I can't hear it, anyway, it is crying and crying, she doesn't go, I will not go to school, I will keep her.

I have to be late.

Finally, the aunt smiled and said, okay, ok, don't go.

I am full of satisfaction and go to school.

When I was happy to go home, when I was happy, I was still gone.

I am very disappointed, it's more sad, it is sad because I have to lie to me, I am a little angry.

But the next time, when I came to my house again, I saw the same smile on her face, I was happy.

When I walked, I couldn't help but pleading her.

However, every time she has promised me, I will go, the result is left.

I have to change the strategy. Before going to school, I will wait for her, I must wait until I go to school, I must wait until I get out of school!

However, when I was in an urgent time, I went to the home when I went home.

I have become disappointed to become anger and angry.

I already know that you will not live in my house, I just want to wait for me to go home and go, let me follow you for a while.

Why don't you believe that I can do it? Why should I sneak away?


Finally, do you still sneak down?


Mom said that the aunt has also swept the house in the evening, sweeping for a while, saying that he is a bit tired, returning to the house, then, I have slept, and I haven't woke up.

Mom said that the neighbors of the neighbors said that the aunt is a very good person, and there is such a good life. It can sleep like this, don't suffer so much pain.

Yeah, yeah, so sleepy, it is really good.

I should also be happy.

However, I am not happy!

I can't see my fine aunt, then I like me forever, I will boast me, I will always say that I am a good kind.

I am very depressed.

How can she be like this, secretly sneaked, and secretly dead?

I cried and shouted to go with my mother to funeral.

I want to see the fine aunt, say she is very peaceful, just like falling asleep, I have to go see.

But when my mother came to school, I secretly left, then I came back, and the aunt had buried.

The aunt has been buried.

I can't see her again.

However, I really want to think about her.

I think more, I start hate her, hate why she wants to lie to me, why not believe me?



The past is the scene, so, when I didn't have any fire, I appeared.

My tears flow in silent.

It turns out that my demand for my dad is just: Hell to tell me, don't lie to me, don't sneak away, I will let you go.

This is actually what I want to say about the lethal.

I always want to say that there is no chance to say.

I said this, I have said that my eyes closed, and I told the most loving fine aunt in my mind.

I heard the finest and said to me: "The fine girl, the aunt know, I am sorry, my aunt is afraid of you sad, so I am stealing, thinking that you will not be so sad. I don't know what it turns out, you will be more It's sad. The finery doesn't believe you, but I don't know, hug my fine girl, my most beautiful fine girl. "

I am still a fine sister who is the most loved on.

I have never changed my love for my love, and I am also the same.


When I opened my eyes, I saw that Wajia replied to my information, saying that he would want to explain with me, and later forgot, I believe it.

Wa Dad said with me, this is just a little thing, I called him, he told me again, the same, he did not deliberately lick, I think he is right.

This is indeed a little thing, I don't have to be so angry.

Yes, I will not be so angry in the future.

Because this field is inward, I have heal yourself.

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