"Friends" has "poison"?A "beautiful 邂逅" of the network wedding and love platform made him brush nearly 20,000 yuan

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people choose to find "the other half" through the network marriage and love dating platform. But while bringing convenience, it may be deceived. The Spring Festival holiday, Li Big, who is free, through the "Friends" social dating app, met the young appearance of Aji, one to go, Li Da Ge, who was vigilant, gradually put down the guard, gradually, and thought it was met on the social platform. I love myself.

Li Da Ge (a name): "She said that I really want to find my husband's life, she said that her family conditions are also very good, they are single, have a car, and the province has bought two rooms in the house in Huiyang. The child is There is a boy who really wants to find a city. As long as you have lived in a city, the remaining conditions don't matter. This girl is looking for me because I have five times, and then I also said that I really want to find my wife, she often sent me. "

In the next few days, Auda often contacts Li Big brother through the platform, and the two times will be more and more, and Li Da has proposed to exchange WeChat with Ajun. As everyone knows, this is the first step to walk into the other side.

Li Dawei (pseudonym): "At the time on the platform, she told me to send the address to her, I sent it, she said that I can't see it, I want to say. I can't see it, say it. It is blank. I want to issue a voice, she said how Catton, WeChat is 11-digit number, I will report it, she said, is it, is it 185, she said that she can only hear the top three, It is said that it is a platform, we are suspected to be the problem of the platform, because the platform must make money, if you know the information of each other, you will not talk on the platform. "

In this way, Li Big Brother believes that A jade said. At this time, Ajun proposed to recharge and give gifts to see all content.

Li Dawei (pseudonym): "She called me to buy flowers, bought a drill, buy a five or six thousand, she said that the platform prompts me to buy a diamond, let me buy it, buy a diamond, I can see it, say to send Diamond can see the contact information of the next digit. I first told me to send him a dream diamond. I sent one, I said that I had to match, I will send the second one, and then I will continue three or four kinds, I will send it. Four five thousand. "

Li Da Ge also doubts. Through online consultation, call the platform customer service call to understand the situation, but rushing to the Spring Festival holiday, telephone no one answers. In order to dispel the concerns of Li Da Ge, Ajun began to play "emotional card", telling Li Da Ge, "True love is hard to find, everything is reimbursed by her." In this way, Li Da Ge completely disappeared.

Li Da Ge (a pseudonym): "At this time, there may be 11 WeChat. She said that I can hear four, and after still didn't hear it, she said that we will be a little bit, you will send it, follow the platform prompt Delivery. I have been paying for the certificate here. I have just paid more than 10,000. She said that all the costs you sent later. I will reimhave it. He also takes evidence here. She said she gave me reimbursement, I will Continue to send, a total of more than ten times, adding together is more than 10,000 yuan. (End) She is now seeing my WeChat, saying it. "

At this time, Li Da Ge also will believe that A jade said that worry that Li Dadong continues to use software, and will meet other people, ask Li Dawei to cancel the account.

Li Da Ge (a pseudonym): "But I have been skeptical at this time, so many things I have already taken out, I have not logged out."

However, when Li Da Ge still had a hopes, I thought I can see the other end of the mobile phone.

Li Da Ge (a pseudonym): "I called her to send her phone and positioning. She said that I need to ask a friend, I feel more strange, why should I ask a friend your own phone and address. She said platform It takes a day to review, I said that your platform has been logged out, I will doubt. "

Until this, Li Big Brother wake up and found that all of this may be the trap set by the other party, urgently contact the platform and submit all chat screenshots. The reporter wants to further understand whether Ajun has allocated all the virtual gifts sent out from Li Da Ge, but attempts to contact the other party but have not been connected, and the telephone contact platform is always in the state of no audible. At present, Li Dado has reflected all the circumstances to the district police station.

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