Tomorrow is 2022, 2.14 Valentine's Day, recommend 30 gifts to send women friends, which is suitable?

Nothing is more surprised and happy than the festive gift.

Non-senior Valentine's Day gift must don't miss this

The ceremony is hidden in daily life.

Bottice is warm, and you will send love and miracles to the heart.

People who love you are already quietly given you surprises.

In order to help the majority of boys and friends choose the right gift

Absolutely do not step on the high-level gift of the thunder, guarantee your object you like! Never step on the thunderstorm!

Here are 30 niche's advanced models suitable for girlfriends gift:

1, shoulder diagonal bag

2, careful mechanical toothbrush

3, swear "send you - a small flower flower" Eternal Rose Bear Gift Box

4, Jenny fragrance in Jep Provence

5, cervical massage instrument

6, West House Eye

7, girl heart fairy stick necklace

8, Colorcandy Silicone Crown Makeup Egg

9. Travel is cheering

10, famous brand red set

11, a single shoulder back of brand-name

12, Xingyue, pocket earrings

13, warm palace with aunt artifact

14, oil painting chocolate

15, Bei Ding Insulation Cup

16, Tan carpenter kitten comb

17, Little J

18, Shuke electric toothbrush men and women adult soft hair lovers teeth brush

19, everything is a sound notebook

20, starry candle aromatherapy

21, US Bunnies lamb doll

22, bubble girl exquisite ornaments

23, the lamb hump massager

24, Jelly Girl Star Necklace

25,999 sterling silver bracelet

26, hot eye mask

27, Lola Rose Little Green Table

28, candlelight dinner

29, go to travel

30, companionship is the longest confession

People with girlfriends want to experience this scene:

Boys: "What gift do you want?" Object: "The baby is worth it!" The result is that the result is bought back, the cosmetics are buried by girlfriends, and the necessities are idle ... ...

Hurry up yet! 520, Qixi Festival, Valentine's Day, Girls' Day, Christmas, Love Marriage Memorial Day can be selected!

1. First, the girl is not only expensive!

Sometimes you spend a lot of money to buy a gift, if she doesn't like, she may be more unhappy.

So when you have a surprise gift in such an important day, if you can't grasp the girlfriend, you can't grasp the girlfriend, don't exceed the expected price of my girlfriend.

2, as a surprise gift, it is best not to send you the lipstick and the liquid foundation.

When you send a red, powder, lingerie, your girlfriend is often used, you must purchase the girlfriend to buy / when a girlfriend mentioned to buy it!

It is very easy to cause yourself for blindly:

The color number is not the / lip-sized girlfriend does not like / clothes size is not right / simple, she doesn't need this, etc.

It is too easy to step on the thunder! It is very not recommended as a surprise gift for festivals.

After all, the girls himself will see the red recommendation is also 10 inside 8 will not choose .....

Of course, if you know enough, you still say it ~

3, the same money to send gifts, please buy cheap items in the expensive item, not the cheap items

Since the budget is more expensive to choose higher than the general price, it is often appreciated.

This is a often talking about it, it is also a must-have standard!

The example of more understanding is the same 300 yuan budget. The boys will be more willing to receive a 300-dollar high-end keyboard instead of a pair of 300 dollars of shoes.

The same reason, the price of around 300R, girlfriend will be more willing to receive a fine decoction / aromatherapy of more than expected prices, rather than a 300-dollar lipstick (likebe you have / color / wetness) / The shape does not like / color no season)

4, don't pick the gift of the bad street!

My girlfriend is not easy to receive a gift you carefully selected, and one dismantling is that someone else has, and it is easy to brush online. It will easily let the girl disappoint!

One is the bad street, it is very difficult to send a circle, only silently put it in the cabinet ~

Second, we will brush this advertisement every day, you will feel that you don't care, don't seriously find a gift, very perfunctory!

Valentine's Day is coming, when others are still holding roses, you have been a design-rich bag, and it is true that it is sent to my girlfriend.

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