The husband and wife divorced the 11th year of the law, and the forefoot is tired: I have not cheated, please let me go.

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Some people say that in the marriage, whether it is feelings or money, it is unclear. When the two people have good feelings, you are 侬, don't worry about each other. When the feelings are not good, each of the people, the division will compete, and it will be reported. At this time, I started to work. But this marriage is not a transaction, this account is unclear. Whether it is because of the economic efforts caused by feelings, the energy is given, or the emotion is not clear. But some people are too paranoid, think that the feelings are gone, and money must be clear, so there is no bottom line torture torture, and the long-lasting tale knot, even people have been cent of it. Finally, it is expensive to consume precious, and it is not happy. What is the meaning?

The sixteen of the sixteen of Changsha, Hunan, stressed so much for love. When Chen Ding was 50 years old, the original wife died of illness. Because there is no suitable, he has been living alone six years, and the man introduced Li Lili, "City people". Considering that Li Lili is gentle, it is soft and soft, and there is a retired salary. All aspects are good, and the two people have not so much. So, the two received a marriage certificate in four months. Chen Dingzhuang is very angry, talking to the door, loves to lose his temper, it is not angry, and Li Lili is gentle and gentle, the character of the two is complementary. At the beginning of the marriage, the two were also happy and beautiful.

Both sides are only fifty years old. Whether it is physical or economic situation, it is good, can help with small grandson's little grandchildren, Wu Li Li also took his little granddaughter to the side. Because Chen Ding is living in a country, the traffic is inconvenient, and many things are not as convenient as the city. Especially the child has a cold, there is no formal hospital in the village, only barefoot doctors, letting Wu Li Li complained. She showed that the dissatisfaction of Chen Ding is a bit angry, as a rural people of the earth, he is accustomed to this, I don't understand why my wife is so picky. Chen Ding believes that he cares for the female side. When Wu Lili comes over, Chen Ding is set to her buy toilet, buy a fence, buy a pedestrian, buy it, try to create better conditions to entertain their grandparents. both.

To be honest, Chen Ding is just a temper, but he is still quite good about Wu Li Li. However, in the process, the two people have gradually increased their contradictions because of the different concepts, and other problems. Li Lili likes to play cards, often does not stock, even when Chen Ding's birthday, she is outside playing. In addition, Li Lili has begun to have a dislike, and Chen Ding, who is irritating. It is not a woman's attitude, and the contradictions have accumulated to a certain extent, and the two moved the thoughts of divorce. After all, the second marriage is not the same, and the wedding is common, there is a common property, and the husband and wife work hard for this home. The half-way couples are different, and the two combine more for the consideration of interest.

A friend of Chen Ding is also two marriages. He said that even if he lived in two years for more than 20 years, there is still no original couple. This also shows that the happiness rate of the second married family will be lower. But since it is not suitable, then take two scattered. Therefore, the two started a knot for 11 years.

Things are like this, during the divorce, Chen Ding is located in the house of Mexi Lake to catch up with the demolition. Because Wu Lili is a city account, she does not have any benefits, whether it is a resettlement house or a collection, there is no. She has a house in the Kaifu District before marriage, and it is also facing levy. But at that time she was divorced in front of his husband. The property of the couple did not split, so she could not be separated from the resettlement room after levying the house, only 600,000 levy.

After divorce, the ex-husband expressed because of the house collection, got 10.9 million levy and four sets of resettlement rooms. Li Lili only has 600,000, and there is no other 啥. This makes her feel dissatisfied. She believes that the house is in a common property during the marriage, and the house is levied, and it should be given to her. What's more, she has not been able to get a house, because the time is married to the divorce, because the marriage relationship between them caused her to have a resettlement house. Therefore, she asked Chen Ding to give her a house to live, but Chen Ding did not agree. Li Lili after divorce can only live with his daughter.

The house bought by the daughter is relatively small, two rooms and one hall, and the big room left to her daughter, Li Lili can only crowd with her granddaughter in the small room, live up and down. Because of the life philosophy of young people and a lot of conflicts in concept, she often has contradictions with her daughter. In addition, granddaughter has been ten years old, you need to have your own space. Regardless of the convenience of life, Li Lili feels better for each other for private space and personal freedom. If you really have to live like this, you can't make fun of the only family. Li Lili does not want this, don't want your daughter to be difficult, nor do you want yourself, and you don't want to deprive the space of your granddaughter. She doesn't have her method, and can only go. But Chen Ding did not agree. After he divorced Li Lili, he re-founded an old companion. For exmanent wife, he thinks that no obligation will help her. Unwilling Li Lili has to resort to the law, so a paper complaint will open the court.

This is 11 years. In the past 11 years, Chen Ding has to send a summons sent twice a year, which has brought great impact on his life. He didn't understand, the previous provincial high court has made a judgment, but Li Lili is not accepted on the results, and she has not reached her purpose. So so that Chen is annoyed, the time of the two people fights is several times the time they are in the body, quite ironic. These years have a lot of energy and financial resources because they have spent a lot of effort and financial resources. Li Lili spent a lot, plus the expenditure of her illness and all aspects of the year, and there is no number of expenditures of 600,000. Today, she is more urgently needed to live in a house, which is the main reason she has been refused to let go. As Chen Ding said, he didn't owe the ex-wife, and he was willing to bear the responsibility. For this marriage, he said, "There is no two no deception, reasonably legal and righteousness", Li Lili should not play like this. The ex-wife has no reason to let him let a house, because during the relationship between husband and wife, the two do not have a common property, let alone the court judgment makes the ex-wife of Chen Ding compensate, but Li Lili has never been ignorant. Angry Chen Dingzhi, she is "Changsha City's least face" "" is completely a marriage fraud. "

The husband and wife have only one thing, and it is also exhausted in these ten years. She can stand in Li Lili, she also has her difficulties. For the previous marriage, her wrong behavior, such as the dislike, is a country person, such as over love to play cards, and she apologized, apologize with Chen Dingdao. Li Lili, which is soft in the face, Chen Ding is not moving. He insisted on the previous decision, how can I come. Even if I face Wu Li Li, I only want a stable residence, I don't ask for a retreat, and Chen Ding can not agree. He asked: I have a wife, come back one, then we have slept three people.

Indeed, regardless of the law or morality, he did not take care of your exmanent wife. Li Lili is an adult. It should be rationally objectively look at this matter. If you don't tell, you may not give yourself a benefit, but you will make each other more disgusted. For so many years, it has been a waste of money on the top of the lawsuit. Chen Ding said that if Li Lili is obsessed with it, he can only be accompanied. If you don't be afraid of light, he has four suites, hand holding money, he consumed, but Li Li Li is different, she is now in the abdominal back, and it is calm, and it is tired. Not only cannot be consumed, and the deposit in her hand can't support it.

When I didn't have the fate of the two, Li Li Li, who had been 50 years old, was holding 600,000 yuan, and pensions, and even some small industries subsidized home, he rent a house, why not ? Nowadays this point, no matter how it is doing, no way back, the most important thing is to make you unhappy, what is it?

For marriages that have been exhausted, let go early, have the opportunity to get better. For things that haven't come, but insist on striving for it, it will not only be seen by people, but will not be able to get it. You can't bind your own happiness at any time, you can't put yourself, pin it in the conscience of others. Whether men or women, dignity and freedom can only rely on themselves.

Focus on building a large vision, the industry's new benchmark, I hope that every day is good in your peers, such as the sun, rain, nourish, you are a beautiful mood. After the wind and rain, the sun is in the early morning, next time, friends.

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