Middle-aged husband and wife don't love, can't be caught, grab "out" is good

People to middle-aged husband and wife, many "strangers", which are like the same roof, disappointing each other, no speculation is more, in order to avoid quarrel to form a tacit understanding, not necessarily talk.

However, if you can't be can't be causing for a variety of reasons, the heart is very frightened, thinking that the loneliness of two people is more terrible than one person's loneliness.

Writers Zhou Guoping said: "People go to middle age, some people have made marriages into good people. Some people have passed the marriage to hell."

In many women, middle-aged marriages who don't love and can't be can't be inadvertently, it is a persevering, and people want to escape, but there is no courage.

I can only complain about my unfortunate, while silently enduring this day when I see the end.

On the man, it seems that it is quite "enjoy" this day. Every day, I will work according to the class, go home, go to bed, women want the romance, the style is not to all, the days have become each.

In fact, middle-aged husband and wife don't love, can't be causted, and seize "out".

Out of the way: Change others, change yourself.

There is a small little in middle-aged couple, where there are extra thought to think about the birthday of the other party, the wedding commemoration, etc. It is the smallest demand for the living, but also hug to take care of the adult's feelings, many people will say sorry.

However, in the heart, there is still something expected, I hope the other half can give yourself more love, take care of your feelings.

I can "lazy" in a relationship, but I am a perfect companion, which is a strong person, I don't have to find it.

The other half is disappointed, because you have expected him in your heart, I want him to actively change to your favorite.

When the other party does not actively change, you want to change him to change him, and it is naturally "resistance". One of the cases is that the man is firmly confronted with women, and the tat stroke is relative, and women do not let the woman change him. Another situation is that it is virtual to commit snakes, and the surface agrees to change. Only women don't stare at him, and they will restore the old look in a few days, so that women are helpless.

Change the man, I want to change him, this is the root of many women.

In fact, if you think about it, if the man always tries to change you, let you act according to his preferences, will you respond positively?

Everyone is an independent individual, even if it is in love, it is impossible to become an ideal companion in the hearts of the other party. In the choice of the other party, it is necessary to learn to share.

If the plot mode is not what you want, don't always think about the other party to change your own, but learn to change yourself.

Middle-aged husband and wife stress, ignoring the other half of the feelings can make people feel not love, but as long as they can have their respective responsibilities, there is no need to make a small couple in the whole day, I am, because there are too many things in life waiting. Two people do, there is no extra money and time to squander.

The other half meets your emotional needs, you can meet yourself, as long as the other half is your loyal allies of your life battlefield, you can feel your back to him when you face any crisis.

Change yourself is to learn to grow, don't put all emotional needs on the man, eliminate the man's pressure, and find other way out, friends, relatives, and love.

Out of the way: make money.

Marriage is the combination of interest, middle-aged couples can understand the importance of money.

Every day, it is a mortgage, car loan, and the whole family's expenditure. If the woman has been doing a housewife at home, even if there is more, it will be disappeared, because family live can not be the same as the income Reflected on money, men will happen, and even feel that women are dragging him.

What's more in the marriage can be solved with money, I feel that I am suffering from the marriage, put my mind in making money, and transfer attention will not be so uncomfortable.

Making money is not only money and fame and fortune, but also open a cognitive door, enhance your own pattern, find another world of heavens.

Making money is a step-by-step process, you can find some of the self-worth, it is good for physical and mental feelings, and the mood will be better, and it can also be recognized, but also increase its own capital.

A long-term healthy relationship is inevitably established on both parties to provide value to the other party.

Only if you have valuable, the worth is worth value, and the companion is also valuable, and you can decide the high and low emotional value. It is a good behavior for yourself.

Outline 3: Society grow.

People to middle-aged husband and wife, many are exhausted for life, and they are ignored by people who love their lovers and people who love themselves.

In particular, the middle-aged woman of Gu's family, home and children are all of themselves, and they have not been alone or travel, they have not lived.

Although countless times in marriage, I want to throw everything, I have no courage, continue in this kind of can't be can't be causing, and I will yearning the shallow fish in this kind of fisheries, but I have not performed.

Then learn to grow, become selfish, very in love, and it is not too much from the three points.

The 56-year-old self-driving tour of the whole network, she has been defeated and dedicated by his wife, mother, his grandmother, his responsibility, but she learned to grow, and be brave enough to try a different life. Time is just right, people are not old, use action to fill the desire and gap in my heart. Society growth is brave to change, it is to break his own 桎梏, become a strong experience, which is an inevitable process of improving his own.

Middle-aged husband and wife don't love, can't be can't be causing, don't be sleepy, you have to give yourself a way.

Change yourself, make money, learn to grow, give you another possibility, don't give yourself a limited time, don't expect the other half to meet all the needs, after all, no one is willing to become a "lazy" and "giant Can people of infant psychology.

Roman Roland said: there is only a real heroism in the world, that is, it is still loved after recognizing the truth of life.

Only once a change and growth can we break through the self, go through, and get freedom from it.

In constant re-understanding of self-cultivation, it is also promoting or affecting the growth and changes in the other party while achieving self-growth, and suddenly found that everything becomes beautiful!

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