Is there any sense of security?

1. If you wake up in the middle of the night, please call me, don't play mobile phones alone.

2, okay, I don't listen to them, I listen to you.

3, I won't let you take emotions, you call yourself, you are slowly away from me, I don't want you. Bamboo

4, I miss me, I will find me, don't worry if I am sleeping, is it a bad mood, is it dinner, is it happened? You need me, I will be there.

5, I don't envy the boyfriend of others, because my boyfriend is working hard, I want him to be safe and happy.

6, I really loved a person for a long time, but don't be afraid, you choose to love me, I will throw you before I love you.

7, waiting for a few years, we will go down together, go shopping together, go to the supermarket, do dinner together, go out to take a walk together, watch the sea together, wait together, we love to watch movies on the sofa, Your arms, in our own home.

8, I love you, my heart is especially soft, flat, warm, speechless.

9, I won't let you be quiet, your small melon is not passing, I will marry you to suit soft, biased you, let you feel.

10, go home this word is great! I take you home, let's go home, return to our home.

11, I will not bind you with the name of love, you can do anything, I only hope that you will think of me before doing anything, and refuse some people and things for me.

12, I want to hug you, I want to drink drunk and you spoiled, I want to lose the inch and distance from the pinch, I miss you.

13, I hope that you will be wrapped in me every day, please call me, ask me every day, what are you doing, what to eat, what to eat, what to tell me, happen, I like it, I like it. You stick, I am not sad.

14, I am sure to go with you, I have no tickets. I will travel with you.

15. If you need a spare tire, your idle talent is free to fish, like me so good, you will only love you alone.

If you don't have it, you love yourself, starting with skin care. Icegina's salicylic acid mask is a product I feel that it is very cleaner. Because it can dredger pores, clean oil, as a cleaning mask, really too nice. It is better than the mud membrane, and it is better to clean. Every time I finish the skin, it will be more brighter, comfortable, and the grease in Mao pore is coming out. The babies that need to be cleaned really don't miss such a treasure product. .

16, not busy, you said, I am listening.

17. I like to talk to me, I am not responsible.

18, life is not as good as you mean, I am like you; good luck is not around you, I am by your side.

19. You are my blessing.

20, you can rest assured, I miss you in addition to dry rice.

21. Go back over the years all the hearts of the heart, you still have dial.

22. May I love the evil spirits to retreat.


24, in short, I won't let my child's love will drive.

..................... Go again .....................

25, I want to buy the food after I want to go back, I am behind you, ask if you give me today, think about happiness.

26, I don't know when I started to like you, I just remember to see you, I suddenly went home.

27, I have no intention, only to see you.

28, I hope you are lucky enough to stay with each other.

29, thank you for your understanding of me, I will stay with me, thank you, I love you, I love you, I love you forever.

30, I don't know how to introduce him, simply say that he is handsome, very cute, but it is also very gentle and worthy of my boyfriend.

31. If you walk into my heart, no one can compare with you.

32. If you feel hard, turn it to my arms to hide, even if I am smaller than you, the arms are not big enough, not warm enough, but I will use the whole body to hold you, will not let go.

33, we will quarrel, but we will be with good, we will have misunderstandings, but we will explain clearly, our love has only increased.

34. "I will definitely pick you from your dad."

35, don't cry, I understand the hug.

36, I will accompany you from freshness to the belonging and safe feel.

37, I will run without hesitation to you this time.

38, oh, my boy can also use the sky, you can also take a little temper, you can cry, I am hugging you.


39. My boy is not a toy, nor is it a long time, he is the only baby, I will always have all the gentleness.

40, I am not very gentle, but do my best for you.

41, I am more embarrassing, so I have a lot of things, sometimes I am really very bad, but thank you, I am willing to stand at me careful to take care of my feelings.

42, you don't need to deliberately try to explore me, you only need to hide in my arms, and grow up.

43, you can think, but don't worry, I am love you.

44, I hope that we are low-profile in love, high-profile open, keep love no one, don't leave, sleep, sleep, wake up, I have been being loved. 45. I am a person who has hesitation, but I love you, I am very firm.

46, he is very stupid, will not say good words, will not make romance, always provoke me angry, but he is very peaceful.

47, let's talk about a little longer, I have a stable job for a long time to see the parents of the two sides. I have a long time to watch the sunset. One day two people three meals, as long as you have you, you can also be awkward.

48, I will wish to tell you that I have to fight, you have to cherish me, don't wait for me to be late, everything is late, I think you know the baby.

49, you don't have to change yourself, don't cater to me, don't use things, you will be yourself, I will slowly adapt, you have not weigh the pros and cons, only unveiled.


50, I will not leave you because of your bad side, in fact, I will read you when you cover your sleep and grievance.

51. When is the girl tired, I will do my wife.

52, even if I said that I said something, we were more fierce, I woke up today, I love you very much, because you will always be my exception and favorite, there is no exception to love.

53. If you don't think it is sad.

54. When you stay with me, I have never envied anyone.

55, I want to give you: often, gentle tone, no reason to prevail, and you want to see every day.

56, why do you want to pretend that you don't want it? Tell you: From your hair point to the fingers, you want to have every inch. What is the temple in love, it is clear that the fire is not a long.

57, I like it, I like it, where I want to smoke, I can't eat every three meals a day, I will tell you on the road, I have to take it to you.

58, fall in love with you is so wonderful, three of them, but also in the world, there is a loss, there is mad.

59, I will always be with you, not what I think, I will.

60. Everyone collects the way to give your child a praise, the ball you, 呜呜

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