Which sentence "Netsuble" is in a stamp?One person is a heartwood, why not a condolence

Which sentence "Netsuble" is in a stamp? One person is a heartwood, why not a condolence

Recently popular "Netsuble", I feel that I haven't worried about these things, I haven't had a good time, and I have a kind of male and female who bless the new word strong. Normal people are living in rushing, who is interested in these? But some people say that under the impetuous society, there is such a vocabulary to make their own minds, and it is not a spiritual condolence.

When she was a girlfriend, she had a chat in their respective family WeChat. I always reminded her to see the moon, then tell her "Tonight, the moonlight is beautiful", she always returns to me, I really like watching the moon, Later, on the eve of the separation, I didn't talk, I told her again. She returned to me, since the beauty, why don't you look around me? I always thought she didn't understand me later, and I found that I thought it was.

Maybe not painless, lonely people always need vent, life, no one is not a trough, it may be just a song.

After reading, I will come, my wild boar sleeps today, I will go to eat the pig food, come back to see 20 praises, if not enough, then I will arch, see clearly Is arched!

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