After "kissing", the woman went to these three places, I didn't really love you.

The relationship between men and women is actually a complicated relationship. If you just treat you as a friend, and there is no claim to you, it will naturally keep a certain distance, and you will not make you too close.

The feelings between people and people are like this, no matter what you believe or don't believe it, you will not pay attention to your words and deeds. After all, there are thousands of people in life, and every day must be deal with many people. If you are not the special case, why bother to take care of your emotions?

However, once there is a feeling between men and women, it will naturally have some intimate limbs, and some are not friends can do. Of course, it is not to say that the kiss is even sleeping, it must be in love with each other.

In general, after "kissing", once the woman went to these three places, I really love you.

Going to the bed of other men

Love is the only thing, the body is even more. Maybe, when I love a person, there will always have a variety of contradictions. In the special time that I can't see the other person, I may put my heart on someone else's body.

That is just a moment, it will not really go in the heart. However, during the interest of love, no one should go to the opposite party.

So, after kissing, a woman is actually equivalent to affirming this feeling, and also gives a man attitude. Once there is still a bed of other men, whether it is a paste, or other special factors, it means that she can't really love you.

Don't doubt a woman's body language, you can betray once, there will be countless times.

Love, there is indeed a first come first, but this doesn't mean that later people can only be rely on. Women often compare old feelings, even if the last sentiment may not be more beautiful, but after the year of the year, it will automatically filter out those unhappy elements, just remember the sweetness.

This is her own thing, if it is still a single posture, then I want to have more, and there is no problem. However, when I stood another man, I also accepted the olive branch thrown, and I should thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly.

Especially after kissing, it is considered this relationship. If you say, after kissing, she still went to the old feelings, let her predecessor are commenting this feelings, or take this thing to stimulate the former , Don't doubt, she must not really love you.

Perhaps, in her heart, you are just a temporary spare tire, or even she is used to stimulate the predecessor.

Love a person, nature means that it is necessary to change it for that person.

When a person, what you eat, what to do, where to play, it is your own attitude. Once it turns from one person into two people, it should be done, in fact, it is to engarken with each other's temper, and become two people who are best for each other. There are some other party unacceptable, then adjust, to correct it.

So, after kissing, once the woman went to the place where she was involved, even if it was her own thing, it didn't matter if it was at all, but she didn't have to doubt. She must be really love you.

But if you really love you, you will naturally change you, at least you will not try your bottom line, deliberately do something you don't agree.

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