Mo Yan: If someone doesn't like you, remember three sentences, you will win

Many times, we have been exhausted, just because they have been proved to others, prove their abilities, prove that they are worthwhile, it seems that once someone doesn't like themselves, it will become a complete failure.

Unable to accept yourself is not like it, in fact, it can't fully accept your performance.

Anyone walks in the world, it is inevitable to face a variety of unsuspects, Mo Yan is no exception.

After the award, Mo Yan faces many no-free slamming and affectional accusations. Mo Yan's efforts may let yourself be worthy, but not enough to let everyone see, do not understand his still more people.

Mo Yan is very thorough, he wrote this in his own book:

There is always someone in this world who doesn't like you, which is never changed. Because it is good to be a matter, it is another matter.

It is not necessary to have a successful and excellent contact with some people.

You know, you are living for yourself, the happiness of life is from your heart.

When we don't like yours, we can remember the following sentences of Mo Yan, when you have a lot of money, you will be open.


People who don't like you, just like a wind blow, you only need to take a shot on the body, forget them enough.

You are good, and some people will don't like you.

Not everyone will help you, some people will help you, and some people will drag your hind legs, someone supports you, and some people make bad.

Different eyes, different ideas. Different mouth, different words.

Life is such a cruel, everything you do can't make everyone all, others, there are different versions.

Everyone does not need to live into others.

Some people say it is difficult to listen, don't listen. If you don't like you, I will forget them enough.

Cut things, this is a person, every day is the biggest blessing.

All the way, I am not good, but I am kindly don't fight; I talk straight to it, do things well. I am not smart, but I am sure is not stupid; a lot of things, I can understand, just don't want to say.

Treating people who don't like themselves, don't need too much, when they are a wind, after you scrape the dust, the dust blows together, just when the sphere has not been.

Don't lose your confidence because no one will applaud, you have to live for yourself and people who like yourself.


I don't like it, I don't like it, not why.

It is not an objective existence that I like it or not, otherwise love will happen to ordinary people.

If you like it is an objective, then people like it are the most beautiful and best.

However, reality is a beautiful emotion in countless ordinary people. They choose each other, like each other, not because of the best of each other, maybe that person is full of shortcomings, but I like him, this is not why.

Just like it has been heard that some people say that the most touching story is:

I like you, there is nothing because you are you. It is also established, those who don't like you, just don't like you, no reason.

The magnetic field between people is very abstract. You also explain it unclear. Why do some people think that they want to be close, some people can't do their friends.

If you want to give others don't like you for a reason, then you should understand that the magnetic field between you each other is mutually exclusive.

So, I don't like it. Don't like it. Don't put the roots to think about why others don't like you, don't give you someone else you like you, let him go. Think too many, tired is yourself.


We came to this world in our servant, not for people who don't like it.

Mo Yan mentioned in the book, after the name, even received some letters, the letter is suddenly destroyed his work, but also insults his personality, this series is indeed a small impact on him.

However, Mo Yan quickly wanted to pass, people live, can control less and less, and the award is already the best feedback to their own efforts.

Life and writing, you should listen to those objective advice.

I sincerely want to make yourself a good suggestion, as well as the appreciation of your own people.

Mo Yan extracts themselves from a variety of voices and makes themselves more excellent.

Those who like you, don't like you, actually not much with you. Your live is good and bad, it is really related to you.

Alive, not to please others, not live, but achieve yourself, be a better yourself. Live yourself, it is the most important thing you have!


We have lived very hard this life. If it is suppressed by people who don't like their own, it is really a unfortunate thing.

We must learn Mo Yan this optimistic and open-minded spirit.

If you don't like yourself, go with them.

After all, no one is alone.

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