A 5-handed goods, there is a face to have 600,000 color gifts, don't talk, I am just "same coal".

Men and women who have fallen in love, it is difficult to see it, I can't help it for a second, maybe women feel that I have found my own happiness, I found my life that I didn't marry myself. So, when the man put forward the same time, many women were in half a half.

Before the marriage, there is no marriage, but there is a marriage, and the life of the firewood oil salt, it has entered a state of a wife in advance. Perhaps, when I started, the two people felt very well, very fresh, and men never done before, they cooked their girlfriends, and they can touch women.

Wang Ning is a very beautiful girl, the sign of the melon face, a touch of eyebrows, but the eyes are always smashed into a seam, the small nose is frame with a pair of blue border glasses, a pair of mouths are Her mood is a barometer, and when the mood is good, I will make a arc when my mood is bad. The petite shape, the little girl is unique to spoiled, a child is not awkward, let people feel pity.

Wang Ning received a lot of people from going to the university, and there was a classmate of the same class when he was in the University. Wang Ning was very beautiful but the heart was very soft. Every time in love is the matter of being hurt, the two have lived in love after falling in love, and finally broke up because of personality issues.

When the third year, Wang Ning came out from the pain of love. When I played out, I met a man who saw a peek at first sight, and the two lovely went to join together. After they together, the two started to live together. After a year, the two once again broke up again, this reason is Graduation season, because two people can't walk.

After graduation, Wang Ning returned to the hometown. After the old family worked more than a year, the relatives in the family introduced a boyfriend, and the two were together for more than three months, and finally because of her boyfriend. Wang Ning. I don't want to marry so early and break up again. After breaking up with my boyfriend, Wang Ning is particularly difficult. When I go out to drink, I encountered the slag male. The two have a relationship in the role of alcohol. The next day, the two woke up, I feel that it is good to do everything. . The two started the same life, and the last two months later, because the other party is a slag man.

Wang Ning was injured in the feelings. After passing the previous feelings, Wang Ning decided to work well. When Wang Ning was 28 years old, a young man came in the unit, as a senior Wang Ning, was deeply attracted by this young man. After the two were familiar with it, I didn't have to fall in love. After three months, the two began to live together in life. In the end, because the boys were too late to end this relationship after two years, after these five paragraphs, Wang Ning felt Your own heart is tired. This is she is 30 years old, and my parents at home began to marry her.

No way, she has only joined the row of blinds. In this blind date, she met a man, the other person was 33 years old. Handsome handsome, Wen Wenya, talking to generous. And Wang Ning is very uncomfortable. After a while, the two felt that they were very suitable, and they also got to the age of marriage, and the two did just have a marriage.

This is Wang Ning talking to my boyfriend. If you get married, you have to have 600,000 lottery. I heard Wang Ning said that my boyfriend didn't say anything, saying that two people sat down and discuss these things. After people meet, Wang Ning still insisted that 600,000 color gifts, saying that parents are not easy. This 600,000 will be older for parents. My boyfriend said: "There are too many 600,000, and the lottery can be given to you by local custom." The two families eventually did not discuss well, they would not be happy.

After the two returned, Wang Ning began to say some words in yin and yang, meaning is that boyfriend is poor, no matter. There is no such thing in this kind of little gift. My boyfriend is also very uncomfortable after listening to Wang Ning, I am so embarrassed that I have been in my heart, I am particularly difficult to discover Wang Ning's bottom. I said to Wang Ning: "A 5-handed goods, there is a 600,000 color gift" Wang Ning listened After that, it was also very shocked to emphasize and said: "Don't talk about it, I am just cohabitation." My boyfriend said: "What is the difference?" When two people were in love, my boyfriend watched Wang Ning's background, and finally because of this 600,000 lottery, the two were still divided.

In the story, the results of Wang Ning and my boyfriend finally broke up. For men, a woman's loyalty is often worthless than everything. Wang Ning in the story, every emotion ends in failure, perhaps not every man cherishes her, perhaps this is also inseparable with her cohabitation.

For cohabitation, I have always thought that there is no marriage commitment between the cohabitation, and it is not integrated. However, such passion is not only short, the key will also affect the future marriage life, because this time to experience the life in the marital situation, it will easily have no passion earlier after getting married.

In my opinion, I don't agree with love. Once the cohabitation encounters problems, it has increased the sense of loss and even trigger violence. The cohabitation couple also value their own independence and personal interests. Although they live together, I don't want to marry, can't be bound.

With risk, most of the same residents agree. But many young people still think: "The same is the trial of the trial, which is known to have a good and evil of each other, and saves life spending, and also studies how to operate marriage." The result is that the difference is the feeling of people. Will be exhausted.

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