Congratulations!TVB "Star Second Generation" is married to a small 10-year-old model girlfriend!Sweet wedding photo

Today is on the week of December 22, 202, and the first month of the lunar calendar is regarded as a good day of the double into a pair, and the artist Qin Pei son, the actor, Jiang Wenjie announced the marriage of 2:22 pm today. News, with girlfriend Li Yingqi (Rain) pulled the skylight, and the sister of sister who did not officially hold the wedding ginger, ginger! Jiang Wenjie has a big marriage photo in the social network, and publishes the declaration of love: We ... get married. When in love, you are 22 years old, I am 32 years old .. Destiny arranges us to shoot acquaintance.

He belongs to the mind, thanks to the companion take care of your wife for many years, I will study hard to learn a good husband: I believe, a beautiful marriage, the happiest, the happiness, I have a variety of people in life with my best Friend. Angery. I am so happy, because my best friend is you. Thank you, your family is in the same way. I will treat my wife, take care of it, guard, and cherish every time with my wife, I also love you. Thank you much. Thank you Dad, Mom, My Sister, Peanut, Jelly, and the love of every member of my family. Please rest assured that this woman will always love and take care of me. From now on, I will take a responsibility of the Lord, and every day, I will have a simple and happy happiness that Jiang Jiang brings simple and happy. Thank you, my wife takes care of me. Your cooked rice is the most delicious in the world, and the soup is also the warmest. Wife, thank you, I love you.

Many artists include Hu Xinger, even poetry, music, Xie Yulun, etc. It is reported that the wife Li Sucy has been a model, or the 2013 Hong Kong Jewelry Miss Champion and the most last shot!

Li Sucy also issued a long message in IG: 22.2.22 We are married! At the age of 22, I met you at work. Let's take a shot, whether in three views, habits, all don't see you, start, I thought everyone was in love, so I didn't seem to have a deadline, but I feel that there is no deadline for this happiness period. We all still care for everyone, cherish, love each other, regard each other!

Thank you Dad, my mother church, my love and home is also very grateful to your father, my mother has been very early, and I have enriched my life experience, and I also opened up my eyes, and you are The 8 years of life, the baptism of life makes us a lot, accompany you, have a sweet and bitter, sample, you also have gone through the alpine trough of life, crying over, the only constant, It is a heart that loves everyone. I believe that we have a lot of challenges in the next day, I hope that we will continue to hand in hand, face each other, respect each other, respect each other; mutual spur, grow together Thank you, I will go with me, you have to continue to be my good friend, good comrades, may our love fine water, become a lot of time, please advise.

In fact, in 2008, Rain and Jiang Wenjie have met the first time. At that time, only 18-year-old Rain was arranged to study the music program hosted by Jiang Wenjie until the two in 2013 will reunite.

Congratulations again! Also congratulate the old bones Qin Pei!

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