"Use the difference" of lover and wife

Author: Hu Yang Ying Yue

As a "lover", it is naturally true that there is really feeling that it is called "lover", but just in love for a time, release the hormone behavior of animal instinct, can't call it a lover, even for "lover". A kind of embarrassment!

However, looking at our real life, truly feelings, with emotional men and women, less, most people want to achieve their own animal instinct, release themselves through such a name Depressed hormone secretion.

"Wife", may not be beautiful, not gentle, not flattering, even "look smooth" is not talking. In the marriage in life, even we are tired of this person's radication, I don't like her more and more "let go", I'm not talking about us, today we don't talk about it, tomorrow is not gentle. After the day, we didn't love her ...

Although "wife" this person makes us sometimes annoying, even a little hate and tired, this person can be used to change you when we need to be threatened when we need to help. The people of life. This person is with us to brew girls. This person comes with us together to face the wind and rain and gogan on the road of life. This person is a person who is with us!

Lover, it is used to "love", just want us to gentle, romantic and can satisfy all of her desire money. And the wife is the trivial thing in the days of "use", the coffin oil, take care of the child slowly grows up, there is no big family in the family, and the girl who is as youth is like a jade, like a jade. The vicissitudes of the years, the face of the yellow vegetables that have been full of faces have no longer hook our interest. However, only this person can do it for us!

Valentine, never really put a heart to your body, although there may be true love when you love you, but once you are not satisfied with her requirements, turn face, even haven't waited for your relationship with you. At the end, I voted in another person's embrace, whether or not the person is her favorite person, as long as she meets her pursuit of material life and the romantic tenderness in the days.

Wife may be the world's least lack of gentle woman, because they consume their own gentleness in your body, children and families, for your health, happiness, for children's growth, for the warmth of the family Sacrifice himself.

Wife is the only one in this world and there is no blood relationship with you. This woman gave yourself to you, bundled your own destiny and you, no matter what your life is still, it is only a person who is in the wind and rain, and no regrets.

And the lover, maybe amazed our past, may be amazing our present, but after all, the fireworks in our lives, make us gorgeous, so that we are intoxicated in this romantic ecstasy, but just One of our lives of the clouds ...

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