Sentences to wake up their classic quotations!

01, raining, I know who will give you an umbrella; when you work, you know who is sincere. Some people will only add flowers on the brown, will not be delivered in the snow; some people will only feed it on the fire, and they will not be honest.

02, you have money, the surrounding is a smile, you have the right, the ear is full of sweet words, you have no money, you alienate you.

03, when I was proud, my friend met you; when I was defeated, you met a friend. I only know when I am falling, I am willing to pull a person. Only when you understand when you are the poorer, good feelings are also difficult.

04, you are good for others, others may not be able to have a matter, but they do this for granted, finally you can't bear it, no longer very good, so they start to tell you.

05, friends, please dinner, don't think it is a matter of course, please come back, otherwise your reputation will get worse.

06, don't let the reality give you a slap, you know how the society is hypocritical, not letting the so-called friends don't have anything you ruin, you know the hearts.

07, the snake does not know that he is poisonous, people don't know what they have. Your good, it is like a sugar for others, and it is gone. And your bad, just like a scar, will always exist. This is the inferiority of people.

08, sometimes I don't want to be very good, don't think about others! Others will not think that your feelings and feelings. They will feel that everything is just a matter.

09, people have no money is not as good as ghosts; soup is not salt is not as good as water; you will slowly discover, a good heart, never last a good mouth!

10, don't be a bad good person, because someone always tramples in a weakness of your tolerance and movement.

11, too much, others, others will become a sadness; too much to let others, others will get hurt you. In fact, people you have met, most of them are used up by your "good".

12. In this era, a "dear" is a "hello", a "you ask you to eat", how to be "thank you", why bother is too serious.

13, do you have a special special tribute to a person, friendship is good, love is, but it is a slap in the real world?

14, you help people 100 points, when you only help 80, he will empty all your grace, I would rather choose to use people who do 70 points to be friends.

One grain, a stone rice, the old man, the old man is correct. If you don't move, you will not move, stay some pride and distress to give yourself, remember, and cool.

15. You have made things, and you feel very reasonable, you have failed, and if you say that people think it is a fart.

16. In this society, you must remember three points: see the strengths of people, help people, and the benefits.

17. You feel that friendship is priceless, you can always like money to measure, you think that each other is sincere, you can always face the face speed like lightning.

18. In this world, don't just rely too much. Because even your shadow, you will leave you in the dark.

19, no money, what to maintain your family, stabilize your love, contact your friendship. Do you talk about your mouth? Don't make trouble, everyone is very busy!

20, no one cares about how you cry at night, and no one cares about you to take a few autumn. Outsider only look at the results, they own the process.

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