Net exposure Chen Ya male is less than 4 months, it is married to the second generation of the world, and the man is shorter than Zhu Xiaowei.

If you say Chen Ya, everyone is not strange. She is the ex-wife of Zhu Xiaowei. It is also a wonderful wife of the coat brother. It has encountered a particularly good family, but she doesn't understand.

In the year of marriage with Zhu Xiaowei, Chen Yaan put all the minds on live, fans made a few million, the heat and traffic were slow, but the feelings of Xiaowei were no longer There is!

On the eve of the divorce, Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Yaan were divided into live. She didn't even go even if the door of Zhu's family! After the negotiation of both parties, she ended the marriage, and became divorced from this marriage, and became divorced.

At that time that I just resumed, there are too many people who pursue Chen Yaan. But she only wants to do live broadcast without anyone, but when she is blocked, I didn't expect the Internet to expose the Chen Yaan. A big happiness!

Someone broke the news on the Internet, Chen Yaan, divorced, 4 months, married the second generation of the local area, and the two have already officially held a wedding! The mouth said that there is no photo on the wedding, and I don't know if I don't know.

I saw a male in a red coat, holding a big flowering in his arms, smiling with the "current husband" station. I have built new families in such a short time, except for true love?

Although this boys are rich in the second generation, there are two money in their hands, but the one is too much than Zhu Xiaowei. When Chen Yaan and Zhu Xiaowei station together, Xiao Wei was much higher than her, and the current is only a bit lost, and it is not very high, and the children who are not very high is not very high. Where to go!

Although Zhu Xiaowei said that there is no special ability, it is also a rich second generation, and the coat brother goes out to make a lot of money is a few hundred, tens of millions of the kind, is it Xiao Wei?

It is not used by happiness. Chen Yaan and Zhu Xiaowei have wedding, and there is no mid to Xiaowei, and it is not divorced.

So the Asian male will not know the future no one, saying that it is time to wait until her fresh feelings, this person will not use the value, it will be like the Zhu Xiaowei, then give this person. Get rid of it!

In view of the last experience and lessons, Chen Yaan did not know if the two were married when they were married. If you don't license, you only have a wedding.

After the netizens saw this change of Chen Ya, he did not understand "the world of rich people". Although the best way to end a marriage is to carry out new marriages, it is too fast, I really don't know. Chen Yaan has accepted this rich second generation.

As the foreigner, we don't understand Chen Ya's behavior. You can't control what we can control. No one knows that it will arrive next, so why don't you catch it? ?

I hope that Chen Yaan's decision was thoughtfully after thinking, not to get married, then there was no meaning! Ok, today's share is over, after reading it, what else do you want to say?

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