The best realm of marriage, moderate, low-key, good gathering

Although the wedding foresses around the world will not have it.

But not all of the marriage is needed to kill a stick.

If there is a person, you can accompany you, and don't add trouble to life, this is a valuable wealth.

If you have such a partner in your life, even if there is a risk, it is worth a lifetime.

Not all the marriage is not worth mentioning like you imagined.

If you can handle it, good.

One is to keep the distance and complement each other. Although all marriages seem to be non-moral, if your marriage has red lights, even unresolved, if there is a person who can help you feel in your way, it is not necessarily a bad thing. He does not interfere with your life, does not affect your work, only when you have difficulty, he can take help, when you are confused, give you courage, when you need him, he can appear in time, if you Can solve all worries, such people, isn't our people hope? Just reality is very cruel, you can't keep the right distance, you have taken the scope, you eat in the bowl, you can look at the pot. Make some friendships beyond the boundaries, so that pure feelings exceeds the scale, so that some feelings are full of crises, if you can keep your proper distance, do the mutual supplements in life, what is it possible?

Second, the moment is low-key, mutual protection. If the marriage is kept low-key, you will pay attention to mutual protection. If you have such a person in your life, how lucky is it. You will never exceed the normal range, you will always keep low-key, and you think about each other. Although in this world, the esopation is full of risk. If you have a fear, there is love, but you will learn to face some reality. If you always remember the risk of marriage, you can't forget, Chic and know the awe, be careful everywhere, always care, deal with some details, this is just your own business, everyone will not care. Those so-called things are not low-key, Zhang Yang, sooner or later.

Third, start business, help each other. Wedding affair is also love, although not for the world, but the realistic dilemma, let us not completely eliminate the evolution of the marriage, existence is the truth. If your feelings can promote mutual improvement, work together, do you help each other in a common cause? No matter when, if you don't have a child's personal situation, it is heavy, men and women Occasionally, there is a little feeling, who can keep the bottom line and principles so awake? Many married evidences are in the specific life details, you can't judge that should not be, right. They are the details in the specific life, we all live people, who can keep awake forever?

The fourth is to adhere to the bottom line and understand each other. Although we all think that the marriage is non-moral, it is a harm to the native family. But if you can deal with each other's relationship, you can fully deal with the interests of both family members, try not to hurt them and protect each other. This is a personal problem, your heart is in the heart, and in the usual interaction, it maintains the most basic understanding and respect. If you don't think, some principles should not touch, after all, you are mutually filled, can't do things that hurt each other.

The fifth is good to get scattered, and to accompany each other. There is no such marriage, which will be permanent. When you feel that there is no ability to stick to this feeling, learn to stop in a timely manner, good gathering. Although you can't continue again, you have to stay grateful to each other, after all, a day couple, although you will no longer continue, you can maintain friendship. Since you can't walk, you will be in contraced and understand, you all take the other party as a small secret of your own heart, you can't continue, don't hurt.

Although all marriages will never have a good result, in the process of your interaction, if you can handle the degree of communication, you can change your survival into friendship, degrade and low-key, and it is not necessarily good.

The key is your last choice.

I hope that you can do good at the end of your feelings.

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