A 35-year-old Phoenix man crying: 90,000 in the New Year, the parents have been happy for 8 days, but the family is gone.

Hello! Hello everyone, I am a little Mo, I have been in the most ordinary life and work, thank you for your attention!

As a parent, it is hope that his child has happily, and now people's thoughts are not as heavy as the mother. Even some parents are more distressed, after all, after all the daughter is married, I have to live in someone else, definitely not in my own home.

So as a parent, the requirements for the future partner of the daughter will be very high, I hope that my daughter can meet two people, live a happy marriage life. Many parents don't like Phoenix men, think that Phoenix men are not a good man, can't let the partner live a good day, so they are not willing to give their daughter to the Phoenix.

Self-mentioned person: Mr. Yu

I am 35 years old this year, my life experience can be described in three words, that is, "Phoenix Men". I am born in a special poverty family, because there is no money at home, so relatives don't really see us. My parents have a total of three children. I am the smallest home. My brother, my brother, gave me a chance to read, so I can go to school.

I will understand the importance of reading, as long as I read, I will have more possible possibilities. It is possible to find a good job in society, otherwise it can only be returned to the hometown to be a peasant, and he counts the three-degree of the three-point place. I saw my parents' hard work, I really didn't want to have such a day, so I read a book, I hope to go through the college entrance examination to take a different life.

I am more talented in learning, plus I also work hard, so I am very good from primary school to high school, my academic performance is very good, and the top of the grade. The college entrance examination is also very good, and I have admitted to a key university in our provincial city. After graduating from college, I also found an enviable work.

My parents show off, saying that I have a situation, I will definitely let them live a good day. After participating in the work, I will send one-third of the salary to my parents every month, and I will have a lot of red envelopes for them. I am very hard to work, I am very good, so I am promoted in the second year of my work.

After that, I often have a colleague to introduce me, but I have never contacted them after a simple understanding. Because those women's conditions are general, I hope to find a woman who is more economical, so that the other party can help me, my life will have more good.

At the age of 28, I finally met my wife. My wife is three years old than me. It is a proper white and beautiful, people are beautiful, and there is money at home. My father-in-law is open, my mother-in-law is a primary school teacher, and the family conditions are really particularly good. At that time, I didn't dare to go to her door when I was in love with my wife, because I was worried that her parents would not agree.

Most rich elders are hoping that their children can find a partner of the door to the households, so they can live happiness. So I am worried that my father-in-law will be baton, so I want to wait for us to have a deep feeling, my wife is not, go to the door to visit Yue Parents.

When I was in love, I was particularly good for my wife. I heard her words, I never let her work, and often give her a surprise, special consideration to her. After all, I am very hard to meet my wife, I must be well grasped, I can't break up. Later, after we talked for more than 6 months, I felt that the time was more appropriate, so I went home with my wife.

Sure enough, the father-in-law mother is really not easy, and the attitude towards me is very general, I didn't take me as a future son-in-law. After I left, they had to break up with me, but my wife loves me, no matter how my father-in-law is involved, she still insists on me.

Later, my wife was pregnant, because my wife didn't live with Yue Parents, it was not frequent, so they didn't find it. Until three months, the wife frankly with them. At this time, Yue Parents did not agree, and they quickly gave us a wedding. After all, the wife's belly will soon be bigger. If you are not married Gossip it.

My father-in-law is not an opposition. When we got married, the father-in-law also gave a set of wedding rooms, the house was quite big, and it was duplex, and the upper and lower buildings. And also sent a bidding car, worth tens of thousands. After marriage with your wife, my living standard has indeed improved a lot. Even the living expenses in the family are out of their wife. I don't need me to pay, my salary is kept, my wife has no opinion.

I have no opinion for the wife of my parents' living expenses every month, and she also thinks that filial parents should be. But my wife is quite whispered for my sister, I will give my parents, I will carry some brother sisters to my brother. I have 1,000 yuan per person per person every month. Not much more.

When I started, my wife didn't know, so I was calm for several years. Later, I was giving my sister when I was transferred to my sister. At that time, I immediately lid it immediately. Perhaps it is because my move caused my wife's doubt, and then my wife checked my mobile phone when I took a shower. I found out what I gave to my brother's sister in these years, my wife is angry.

I also got a noisy with me, she felt that I couldn't calm down. And I think that the buddy sister is what, after all, when they gave me the opportunity to read the book, and they also used my reading, I have something wrong now, telling what they should be? And they have three children, they don't have much, I as your brother, help my brother's sister should also. But the wife is disagree, every time I find that I am turning money, I am angry with me. We both often quarrel, so the relationship is getting more and more nervous. In the past few years, I have been with my wife to accompany the father-in-law in her mother. When I arrived at the beginning of the year, I went home for a few days.

Because we are relatively remote, life is not very convenient, so the wife is not willing to go once. So I am alone in these years. This year's Spring Festival, my parents hope that I can go home for the New Year, I will call me early. After I discussed my wife, my wife also agreed to go back to the New Year.

How to say that this is also the first time I will go back to the New Year with my wife, this big reunion is not much, so I am more emphatic, I haven't booked a new year when I haven't had a holiday. After all, we have a relatively backward, there are a lot of things that are not sold, and you must be fully prepared, so you can live a good year.

I bought a lot of seafood and other ingredients, and the snacks were also prepared. After all, there were many children in the family, and more preparation points were enough. As a result, returning to my hometown, my wife was a bit shocked, because I bought something nearly more than 30,000 yuan, a car is not enough. The latter wife can only borrow a car with his father-in-law, and we open a car back.

After returning home, my parents are particularly happy, and they have been pulling us cold. In the latter years, there were half of them by the mother. In fact, when the mother came to call me, I will explain with me to let me buy some high-end new year goods to relatives, so they also have a face.

When my wife saw that my mother gave the new year to the relative, it was a bit unhappy. Because my wife thinks that things are prepared for their own, there is no need for the face to do so, it is just a big head. We two in love, because this is a quarrel with his wife.

My wife is not very happy, but I don't have to manage her. I think my parents do it right, so that we can lift your head after doing this. At the beginning of the New Year, I gave my parents red envelopes. Everyone gave 10,000 yuan, my sister and my brother, six children, I gave 3,000 yuan for each child.

And they gave me a hundred daughters, my wife is a bit dissatisfied, but I also understand them, after all, their income is low, so I will give less, I believe that if they earn more, I will definitely be like me. The same generous. Since I got married with my wife, many relatives also moved with us. The second day of the second day, there were relatives to our family for a few days.

In fact, the lucky money between this relative has a dozens of dollars, but I have given 200 for the face, each person gave 200, some elders, I also gave it. Finally, we spent 90,000 yuan in eight days at home. My wife knew that this is to die, and there is a big fight with me in front of relatives and friends, and I don't have face.

And she said to be divorced with me, and finally I divorced her under an angry. After divorce, she took me out of the house, and I became all right. I really regret it. I spent 90,000 yuan this year, my parents were happy for eight days, but in the end, I didn't have home.

As a man, you must always put your own small house in your heart, take the responsibility of the top beam column, and care more about your wife. Wife is not easy for his own integration into a new family, we should be more cherished. At the same time, I also told the woman a fact that it is best not to marry the Phoenix male.

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