"Do you know" Original: Lin Yin Cream dares to work on the waves, not because Wang Ruver has performed three mistakes

Today, many women are aware, between husband and wife, even if feeling better, some things can not do, there are some things not to say. If one does not understand the business of marriage, two people's feelings become fragile, easily alienate even rupture.

"Knowing no" original, the woman's husband guides wife is required, as Ruo Vladimir's wife has not been spoiled Sheng-hung, but is hold in mouth concubine Lin Sheng-hung cream how to squeeze the heart. As a result, Lin's wife generally hold in the mouth cream made with pomp, filled the whole house no big or little, regardless of Dishu, wives inevitably struggle, Wei Ming-lan's biological mother is the oldest maternal aunt in this struggle in a dead two life .

Sheng-hung of course wrong approach, but Ruo Vladimir actions is also a problem. She did not realize, Mrs. Wang Ruo Vladimir biological mother saw it, and did not personally said to her, but by the mouth of Liu Kun home to slowly persuade. She has three major mistake:

Wang Sheng-hung married, is indeed a royal Sheng-hung climb. Wang is Zanying generations of people, when the old lady was filled Qiuqin door, the old man has gone Sheng, Sheng-hung just Jinshi, did not think the marriage has become.

Vladimir combination Ruo Sheng-hung and belongs to the parents Meishuozhiyan, not based on feelings, Sheng-hung map, but their own future. When two people have the wedding charming scenery, Ruo Dover is to be the envy of their girl to marry well and sisters, but I do not know since when, more and more indifferent to her Sheng-hung, was Lin took the opportunity to hold in the mouth frost advantage of the loophole.

This should begin with the superiority Vladimir Ruo Sheng, the domineering and capricious. She married Sheng, Sheng-hung could not wait to send the two through the room, over the years has always been one of her dominance. Plus Sheng old lady very polite to her, Sheng-hung also courteous with her, she began arrogant up.

For example, started to talk is how Wang, Wang how the old man, she show off the strength of her family, a long time, Sheng-hung inevitably feel no face, very offensive.

Sheng-hung transferred to Terengganu, the first cousin SVB past RBI pack If the prince Vladimir says so:

"Victoria has not yet become an official Big Brother, but homemaker properly, very thick family wealth, money is not looked down on him. I was lord and her family are doing brother officer, and will be able to look after his sons, cost him some money too nothing matters. "

SVB helped make trouble, also Ruo Eph think it should be, obvious despise. Liu Kun home quickly advised her mind can think of, do not say in front of Sheng-hung, because the relationship between Sheng-hung and SVB good for SVB should thank fishes, otherwise Sheng-hung will lose face.

If the prince himself was born Vladimir everyone, marry marry Sheng-hung regarded as low, so Sheng, count on her superior. Liu Kun family also said:

"Men do not like women who do little bowed to the ground, who would not want a gentle satisfying Po Yi? Lords are not useless useless, the outside who do not speak our lord promising? Your wife once, twice, to see the child face to classic from time to time under the classic face, how to master intimate with you? how can not afford circumcenter? "

Lin happens to hold in the mouth like Books, of frost, along Sheng-hung of Italy, with Sheng-hung also talk about poetry, compared with Ruo Dover, this woman Sheng-hung will inevitably be tempted.

To face the man, not only to preserve man's self-esteem, women themselves will be more face.

Sheng-hung of money, people, and things Ruo Vladimir control everything, and never acts, she thought the Long Zhu Sheng-hung of the heart, just want to hold firmly in hand by the government. Power and money in hand, I think everything is all right, but I do not know she has been in the Sheng-hung push it.

That Lin Sheng-hung and hold in the mouth frost had an affair she did not know, until things are irreparable, and then naughty not work. If the prince Vladimir step wrong, wrong step, so that day by day grow in frost forest hold in the mouth.

Even she had said, when the mother is not married but just taught me how housekeeper director, but never said how governance aunt. The aunt also not fight, curse not, it is stuck.

Visible If the prince Vladimir failing like beaten people, thought to make up for mistakes with how to solve the problem. Originally because money and power, Sheng-hung is not in her, the most important thing is Long Zhu Sheng-hung of the heart. Lin hold in the mouth cream, you are the wife had, naturally governance, scolding would be counterproductive.

Lin hold in the mouth because of frost will play weak, she told Sheng-hung is free love, have emotional foundation, and this is the bastard Sheng-hung, naturally know how difficult concubine chamber. Over the years, a something, she was in front of Sheng-hung, she is crying again plead, Sheng-hung soft heart easily, and can last major issues to minor ones, and so willing to spoil Sheng-hung, nursing her If the prince Vladimir angry no there is no way.

However, Sheng-hung in the little things confused, the event still carry so clear, he is not in love brain, more attention to family, future, heirs. So he will be too concubine room, nor will how about Fred's wife Ruo.

If the prince Vladimir Although there is no trick that Hu Mei Lin frost hold in the mouth, but she got a good hand, if she can realize their own problems, not only for the forest-based cream hold in the mouth, but to the interests of Sheng, or even to Sheng Hiro's interests, no matter how pampered forest frost hold in the mouth also arrogant it up.

If the prince Vladimir did not mind, personality is careless, to go straight. She did not know how the wind blows, the old lady of Sheng Sheng-hung and not looked down, and say anything. She is also an emotional woman, what happened, seeking only to vent their emotions, never considered what kind of consequences.

Wang Ruver is quite grievances for Mrs. Mr. Mr. Because of Lin Yin Cream. But a "filial piety" is big, even if it is not the old lady, the old lady teaches him, and it is not good. So, as a daughter-in-law, you can't pay attention to the old lady. For Wang Ruofu, even if she is dissatisfied, she is even more unscrupulous in front of the old lady. I have only two or three times a month. I will be cold face, I can't say a few words; as a gustlery, she is not Worried about the eating of Lao Lao's wife, all lost to the old lady.

Many people in Quanzhou secretly draft her, and the wife who had to say this to her. She did not respect her mother-in-law, it was easy to be pigeons others, and their reputation will also become bad.

Moreover, the old lady is not the kind of evil, Wang Ruof is like the old lady, the old lady naturally will not biased her, thinking for her.

Shengmao is full, Wang Ruver is too much, others will say she is heartless, but the old lady is different, and the old lady will be paved to Lin Yizhuang Zhuangzi store. If the old lady comes to say two sentences, it will definitely Square. However, Wang Ruver always disrespectful to the old lady, lost the opportunity to suppress the forest with the old lady.

At the same time, there is also a glimpse, and you can't say that it's not in the past, and you will not like her. Yes, Wang Ruo is very wronged, but she didn't consider the idea of ​​people around, dare to do it, this character is too easy to suffer in the back house.


After Liu Kun's persuasion, Wang Ruver has understood where he is wrong. Liu Kunte said again:

"Yes, you have to honor the old lady, even if you can't make a minced province, you have to ask for an additional three, even if you do it. The better the six girls, the more I want him to think of how it is dead, but also looks for you, the days are long, the heart of the heart is coming back. "

Lin Yin Cream dared to hurry, not because Wang Ruof was committed to three mistakes. Due to the words of Liu Kun's family, Wang Ruoff made a mistake, she wants to win the forest, and cannot make changes.

In fact, the operation of marriage is the same, the feelings are good, play their own role, two people work together to make this home better.

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