"The woman, the son-in-law has money, and I have to pay 500,000 to your brother." "Mom, he returns"

Although today's society advocates equal men and women, there are still parents who are heavy men. The girl lives is very unfortunate in the family of heavy men's light women, because they can't get their parents' care and attention, after the birth, parents always let them take care of their brothers, long time, she turned into a puppet magic.

When most men got married, I didn't want to marry a priest. The girl was a wife. Such a girl is poor, I can't grow up in a family full of love, my parents are not willing to have some things in them. Paying, but with them, many excessive requirements, but these girls did not dare to refuse, she thought that as long as they met the requirements of their parents and brothers, even if they made everything worth it.

Indeed, if your wife is a helper, it will not be happy after marriage, because the parents and brothers in her heart are the most important, do not consider your interests of this small family, long time, husband and wife The feelings are not winning, and this marriage cannot continue.

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Parents heavy men.

Li Lan is born in a family of heavy male light women, parents don't want to see her daughter. After your brother was born, parents always said to her: "You are a sister, you have to take care of your brother." In order to get the attention and care of his parents, she also said that her parents said, what to think of it first They are both yourself, there will be pocket money will also buy your brother.

After graduating from junior high school, parents said to Li Lan: "Daughter, home is really unable to study, we are hard to earn the money is not enough for your brothers and brothers, you are also to marry, read So many books have not been used, don't study, come back to help us work! Although she still wants to go to school, she is really unwilling to cause trouble to parents, I promised the parents' request.

After dropping out of school, Li Lan helped his parents to do all kinds of housekeeping live, but also to pick up your brother to go to school, busy is not available. She didn't want to have lived such a life, so she went out after adulthood and earned money.

Because her degree is not high, I can't find any high-paying work after coming to the city, I can only go to the hotel as a waiter. She met her boyfriend Lin Kai in the process of work, Lin Kai is a child from the countryside. I don't study early in the early morning, and now I have a small amount of achievements.

Parents ask for a high price.

Lin Kai's love is the love of Li Lan, and she began to pursue her crazy, and Li Lan also felt that Lin Kai was a suitable marriage object. After marrying him, a family can live a worry-free life, so I promised him. The pursuit, two people officially become men and women.

It has been in contact with Li Lan, so Li Lan will take the parents with Lin Kai, seeing her daughter and her boyfriend dressing and bright, still driving the car. , Li Lan's parents were very happy, thinking that daughters must be a golden turtle, and a family finally had to live a good day. When talking about the wedding, Li Lan's parents told Lin Kai to have 500,000 lottery, saying that they have grown hard to raise Li Lan.

After listening to Li Lan parents, Lin Kai's heart was somewhat uncomfortable. How to marry a daughter in the local area, there is 500,000 lottery gifts, this is a good gift, but he is very good with Li Lan. I can't get two scattered because of this lottery money, so Lin Kai will promise to give so many gifts.

After listening to Lin Kai, I was very happy after Li Lan's parents. They felt that the future son-in-law can really have money. If you don't want to agree, you have to enjoy it, you can't follow it.

Boyfriend proposed to marry.

After two people returned to the city, they started to organize wedding. But the parents came to call Li Lan at that time: "Daughter, you let the son-in-law buy a car, your brother is going to be an adult, you are a sister. It should be sent to him a car as an adult ceremony. "After listening to his parents, Li Lan said with Lin Kai directly. After Lin Kai listened, he said speechless. He said to Li Lan: "I am a wife, or a wife, is it a wife? I have promised to give your parents 500,000 lottery, why also give it to Your brother buy a car? "

Li Lan said that Lin Kai said: "Since you decide to marry me, you should take care of my family, meet the requirements of my family, give my brother, there is nothing, you don't miss the money, as for these ? "Listening to Li Lan, Lin Kai said:" This is not a matter of money. I have never heard of my wife to buy a car, I have to buy a house in the future, I have to pay for my younger brother. Woolen cloth?"

Li Lan said that Lin Kai said: "I am a sister, take care of your brother, if my brother is married, I have no money to buy a house, I can't stand by my sister."

After listening to Li Lan, Lin Kaichi recognized her true face. Li Shi is a german, a girl who is like this, is unable to live a happy life, so he said to Li Lan: "In this case, you still go find a marriage object that can meet your requirements. I can't afford it, retreat. "

The two people have been married, and Lin Kai raises a retreat. Li Lan certainly can't accept it. She said to Lin Kai: "Just let you buy a car to my brother, you will make a retreat with me, is it a bit What is the small top? You are also a boss, no difference, why is this so much? "Lin Kai said:" It's not my little gas, you are a priest, you will also take your parents and The younger brother is in the most important position. I will not consider our interests of our small family, so I decided to stop the loss in time. "Lin Kai's attitude is very firm, the two people finally canceled the wedding. Li Lan did not dare to tell his parents this matter, and the parents will accuse her. But in a few days, my mother said to her: "The woman, the son-in-law has money, I have to pay 500,000 when I am picking up," After listening to my mother, Li Lan cried against her mother: "Mom, he Return. "

After listening to Li Lan, the mother hurriedly asked: "How to retreat, is it what you did?" Li Lan said to the mother: "I don't, I let him buy your brother. The car, he is not willing, so he will retreat. "After listening to Li Lan, the mother did not comfort her, but said to her:" It's really useless, even a man can't help, 500,000 flying to the hand , How can I have a daughter you use this? Hurry and give me a golden turtle, otherwise, don't return this home. "After that, she hangs. Leave Li Lan, a man crying on the phone.

The priest demon girl is poor, but it is hateful. They become this because the family environment is caused, and people usually hate her weakness and her dare to resist, in the face of the various unreasonable requirements raised by parents and brothers, they all agree, at all, do not consider The same is true after marriage, that is, such a behavior ruined the happiness they have.

The girls can not be a prisoner, if the parents have some young men, they must do their best to do it for themselves. Study hard, through their own efforts to live, stay away from this unfair native family, don't In order to ask the parents and your brother, I will pay my own, even if you pay all your own, they will not be grateful to you, I will only think that you have to do everything, so selfish Does loved ones really worth cherishing?

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