I am so good to help the outside, 3 years, not only didn't get a penny, but I owe her 30,000.

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From Zhengfang Readme:

I am 56 years old, giving a child in the city. At the beginning, I said that waiting for the daughter of Yuanyuan, I went back to my hometown. The three-year-old birthday that I have just passed in front of you, I was originally intended to let her fall into school. I have just received my last year and I have discussed, I heard that the autumn enrollment, the weather is getting colder, the school is more, and the body is weak, I am afraid that she is adapting, I plan to open the spring again.

Just then, I have to go back to my hometown for half a year, and I will go home from 185 days to 365 days. Hey is a big one, I will not be able to be wronged, and I promised. When the summer evening, I learned from a few treasure moms, and Yuanyuan was a child. This is impossible, our same life is so long, Yuanyuan is pregnant, I don't know? I am afraid that I have already heard it, but I still asked it. The characteristics of the other party and Yuanyuan can be above, it should be true.

When Yuan Yuan was killed, the bones were born to nine fingers, and the fetal heart was unstable, and the child was safely caesarean section. Cutting, it can be said that it is born two. When he talks about the second tire topic, Yuanyuan always said: Whoever wants to love the second child, I don't want to be, I am sin. At the beginning, I promised to help her, some of the reason is that Yuanyuan said not to two. There is no absoluteness, but I have been said that Yuanyuan forgot the pain of the original pain and changed his mind.

Foreign women are pregnant is a great event, but my heart is not a taste. If Yuan Yuan is born in the second child, let me continue to help her, I am a little, how is it? But I also have a home, in order to help the Hero Yuan, I have a lot of hands in more than two years, and my daughter has not returned to the mother. Later, I changed again: If Yuan Yuan is really planning to have a second child, maybe she has already arranged, and I can't worry about me. Even so comfort yourself, but my heart is still not practical.

When you are so big, Yuanyuan should tell me that I have been in a few months, I haven't listened to her pregnancy. My heart slowly put down, it is estimated that the man is not the Yuanyuan. When Yuan Yuan was born, my sister found me, I want to let me go to the father to see the child. I am a idleman, grandson, kindergarten, do not use me. My sister said: Reassuring, will not let you see, let Yuanyuan give you salary, how much money is given, they will be higher than the market. My heart is refused, this is not a matter of money, I am her little, I still need to make money. But I am old, the body is not good, seeing the child is not easy, seeing is good, if there is a touched, everyone is not going.

Yuanyuan said that it is difficult to say: Xiao Yan, I am really difficult, otherwise I am not embarrassed to come to you. My mother-in-law is not good, I can't see my child. My mother helped me bring my children, and I can't come up. I can find this job is not easy. If I miss it, it is difficult to find such a job in the future. You will help us in these two years, wait for the kindergarten, you will go home. Yuanyuan said again, the babysitter found in the outside is really unfuditive, I am a child, hand it over to me, she can feel relieved. Yuan Yuan said that this is said, I will not refuse, let alone Yuanyuan is also wedger.

At the beginning, I accompanied a car accident, and the perpetrators escaped, and it takes seven million to move surgery. Our family conditions are not good, can't get so much money. It is Yuan Yuan to send us money in the night, and the wife is moving smoothly. Later, my son married to buy a house, and Yuanyuan lend us tens of thousands. For Yuanyuan, I am grateful, I am also helpful to help this. Yuanyuan's husband and wife discussed well, intended to let 丫丫 three years old, then he is six months, so that I just take two and a half years of children. Yuanyuan also said that the 120,000 yuan of money we owe her home did not have to be returned, and they arrived at two or two of the wages.

This can be high than the babysitted salary on the market. I have spent several Yuanyuan refused to make a step, and I have to give me this salary. Otherwise, she is embarrassed to trouble me. Such a high salary, I have a must-seek to Yuanyuan.

Before New Year's Day, Yuanyuan approved that I took my child back to my hometown. I heard that she was hospitalized in a few days. I quickly took the child to the hospital. The hearing is: Yuanyuan lives, the boy, six pounds of four two. I squeezed a smile, and I said that I couldn't say it in a word. If it is not a scar on the stomach, I must think that they are the generation / pregnancy. I recall carefully. I haven't found it with a pregnant woman in these months. Yuanyuan has been wearing loose clothes, and there is no symptom of pregnancy. Later, I only knew that when Yuan Yuan Huaoyou, the pregnant belly was very unambiguous. However, she rarely returned to my hometown, I have never seen it. Even the birth check, Yuanyuan is lying to work overtime, so it can easily pass me.

Zhen Yuan Yuan agreed that I was still very happy to live in a few days, before Yuanyuan refused to let me return to my hometown overnight, every time I went to day. This is a big time, actually because she is approaching the expected date of birth, and I have to go to the hospital to produce. Yuanyuan said that she is an accident pregnant, since it is a fate, she can't bear it. I am sigh: Yuanyuan, no matter what, you should not hit me in pregnancy. As for why I hit me, Yuanyuan did not explain, just cry. I am distressed that she is in the month, can't bear to make her, anyway, the children have been born, and they can't stop back. There were still 45 days from the New Year, and the celebration of my resentment, since I went to Yuanyuan, I didn't have a New Year at home. The first year of the first year has nothing to wean, Yuanyuan does not have a holiday, I can't get the child home.

The second year of the Yuanyuan mother-in-law is overflowing, he is in bed, I take care of a child an old man, and I will not open it. Last year, I caught up with the epidemic and didn't let it move. Although I am angry, I still take care of the month of Yuanyuan. Going home for the New Year, or wait for the Yuanyuan to say it. The Bao's full moon liquor office is very successful. I took the Yuanyuan happy, and she told her to return to my hometown for the New Year. Less than ten days from the New Year, there are many lives that need to be packed. I didn't expect that I just finished it, Yuanyuan's face came down: Xiao Yan, do you see my current body, can I cope with two children? When 丫丫 is naughty, the second treasure is so small, and the child is helping. Can you throw me a no matter?

You are also the same in this New Year, waiting for me to adapt, I will give you back. Yuanyuan didn't wait for me to respond, hugged the child back to the room. I originally thought that I finally went to the head, Yuan Yuan gave birth to the second child, I can't het. I sigh, but also, then wait for you to learn, I will go back, and it is not bad for a month.

Dinner Yuanyuan didn't let me prepare, and I brought back from the outside, and I also had my favorite pork glutinous rice intestines, and the taste was soft, and it was better than the taste of the hometown. For the winter, the old age will give me a year. I didn't have time to go back in that year, my wife is specially filled, let my son send me. Yuanyuan took the food and threw it directly. Yuanyuan said that she had to save milk, and there was no place to put it in the refrigerator. I took out to clean it. I am a buning, and I can't do anything about it. It's not a pork. If you love to eat, buy it again. I have no money on my body. How can I pay for the pork intestines?

At the beginning, the living expense Yuanyuan was given once a week, and all the things of all the things were bought. She only bought her like to eat, never considered my taste. Yuanyuan is basically vegetarian in order to keep your body. Buying some meat is only enough to give 丫. Only when he is at home, there will be meat in the meal, but you can come back to eat one or two meals a week. Now that pork is not cheap, they are actually gone.

In the late righteous month, Yuanyuan sent you to kindergarten, and I will follow her. Yuanyuan saw me as a look at me: Xiao Yan, do you really don't understand or confuse? You don't listen to inquiry, there are a few like you, you can get this salary. Do you make some money to help? Is it good? You will help me with the Bao Bao, waiting for the second treasure kindergarten, you have to go, I will never stop you. What is good to go home, isn't the conditions here? Here, I won't treat you.

Speaking of Yuanyuan's attitude towards me, this month is good, but before that, I really think I feel grievances. Now I grew up, I can play toys on the side, I only need to prepare three meals a day, and other housework simply sweeps. In addition, I have to take my family to do housework, but also take care of Yuanyuan's mother-in-law. When he was one and a half years old, Yuanyuan mother-in-law suddenly had a blood, he was in bed, and life can't be self-care. She has a caregiver in hospital, and she cares for her to take care of her after discharge. I have to feed, scrub the body, massage, I have to take care of the unstable walk, I am tired, I don't dare to move my arm. The clothes require me to wash, the washing machine is clean. Yuanyuan went out, I have to iron her clothes to wear. On time, three meals on a day, the weekend, Yuanyuan asleep, I have to ensure that I have a meal after they get up, I have a break in the cold, and I am so hungry. I have to learn some quick food breakfast practices to solve the problem. But everything is dust, Yuanyuan wants to give me a face, I can't talk to me for a few days, I am ridiculed with such a high salary, even this point is not good.

Once, I am directly smoking, and Yuanyuan cried and apologized: Xiao Yan, I am stinky, I am disappointing, but my temper is coming, I can't control it. Don't be seen with me. One month after apologizing, Yuanyuan took me very good, took me shopping to buy clothes, come back, do housework, and ask me cold. How long does it take? She will be inexplicably temper, and I have a laugh with others, and I'm cold face. I have to comfort myself, not two and a half years. Time is very fast, wait until I will go home.

In the middle of the night, I woke up. Heating is not good, always lack of water. I got up and drink water, pass through the Yuanyuan bedroom, I heard that there is talking. I thought that the second treasure got up again, just want to ask if I want to help, I heard the content of the conversation seems to be related to me. I listened carefully, I was cold half. I have always thought that Yuan Yuan Huai Erbao is just an accident, and she didn't expect that they have already planned to be planned. So she didn't tell me that when I was pregnant, I also secretly sneak it, and I have to avoid me. In order to leave me to see the second child, they dragged the post-learning time for half a year. If Yuan Yuan is a caesarean section, it is estimated that he will prepare the second child. I am not sleeping overnight, I can't believe it, and the foreign women will count me like this. The next day I will show up Yuanyuan: I am older, I really don't have to take care of two children. Besides, the old man is not very good recently, the half of the body buried into the loess, I don't know how long it can accompany him. I want to go home to accompany him, accompany your son. I didn't go home for a few years, and my grandson didn't know if I also met. The number of people returning home is also less, and the time at home is short, I always feel that I am not at home, this home is not complete. Nowadays, I am going to school, my mission is also completed. Yuan Yuan also left me three times, and I have done it. She immediately changed its shape, the speed of the speed, so that I am so bad.

Xiaoyan, since you don't care about relatives, then we must understand. The brothers still pay attention to the accounts, let alone, we are now an employment relationship. Are you saying? First of all, you are not a professional nanny, you can't get such a high salary, I am inquiry, now there are ordinary bays on the market, one month 2800, I will press 3000, this is always. 2 years and a half, 90,000 yuan.

Not 3 years? I replied. Yuanyuan stopped pressing the hand of the calculator, white me: still a little, a little 情 分, isn't this half a year? The line is line, then it is calculated 3 years. Do you have a good care? He has been a cold in these years, and it is always a cold. I have a few hospitals every year, and the medical expenses are about more than 30,000. We are half of our family, you will bear 10,000.

In the past few years, you have a total of electric cooker, a rice cooker, a soymilk, a water dispenser, with a total price of more than 40,000, I will give you an affection, pay 10,000 yuan. In the past few years, your eating is free, but every year, you will give you and the cousin sister, the New Year's red envelope, add up to 20,000, these money is also buckled from your salary ... I stayed Lang Yuanzhiyi, the computer pressed, but did not believe that this is the exotic woman who went to help me.

I think I don't think I don't want to get this result. I am sick and sick, and the hospitality is also shared? And those home appliances are smart products, I have never seen it, let alone. Yuanyuan only taught me again, I remember this. The salary was just what they said, and it was about four thousand in a month. I thought that Yuan Yuan's trust in me. For the trust, I can do more. In this way, I not only didn't make money, but I still fall in a disease, I will not say that I have 30,000 left.

I am so angry, and Yuan Yuan said that as long as I put money, I can go home. If you don't pay attention to the money, continue to see the child there, until the second treasure on kindergarten. If you come to this step, I must not continue to stay here, but I will go to me 30,000 yuan to give her, I have no texture, and there is no fare to go home. At the beginning, we set the salary, just talk about it, no no, if it is, it is, it is ok. Finally, I still called my son and let him pick me up. I also don't care about my relatives, just want to leave here.

Yuan Yuan chased me again all day, and I said that I said that I didn't believe it, and I was uncomfortable, and I totally ignored the exert between us. I directly find Yuanyuan, ask her: Do you say this? If you really want to make trouble, I am not afraid of a wife. I also know where your company is, do you want your colleague to know your place? This year is really a whistlemony, Yuan Yuan saw me, the dumb is not mentioned before. The son also wants them to give more wages, I shook her head, forget it, so. The old man said that this relative is yellow. Yellow is yellow, some people, academic qualifications and characters are really unparalleled. Some relatives are really not ashained. I will wait for my little days after I am.

Gently, I am gone, just as I am gently, I waved a sleeve, and the road will come later. When the time is like a reverse tour, I have not returned, and I am sighing, it is better to have a rushing, but the filament, the love is broken, and Apo will work together with you, join hands, and make fun of the future.

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